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You have just come across the opportunity you've been waiting for. Recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and the FOX News Network, FreedomStarr Communications, Inc. (FCI) proudly offers you the BEST Internet Business Opportunity available

Whether you could use an extra few hundred dollars per month, or up to an additional $5,000 or more monthly, look no further. FreedomStarr's FREE "Share the Wealth" opportunity in the exciting $100 billion telecommunications industry is your key to the financial independence that you deserve. Utilizing the USA's 5th largest fiber optic network, we are the first and only long distance company to implement "Web Billing", which allows you to view your phone bill, updated periodically, on your own, password-protected web page!
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  If you haven't done so already, we'd like to encourage you to read over the important details of our residual income program and then go to the Sign Up section to get your FREE FreedomStarr web page and registration.

OR, if you're simply interested in SAVING MONEY on your long distance calls, and you'd like to be able to see your call records on the web, please click HERE.

All that we ask is that you make an effort to sign up at least one person a month, using your web page and the instructions for success which we will email to you. In return, we will create a web page for anyone submitting from your web page, etc., etc... 

We will do all this for you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE for your entire downline network.

All you have to do is fill in the brief registration form and click the submit button! 


Questions? Email Your FreedomStarr Sponsor!

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We are pleased to offer a telecommunications services, carefully selected for value, quality, and broad appeal to the marketplace. Enjoy your visit to our site, and we look forward to serving you!

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