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Yay! Page three of adoptees! This is where the
"Action Figures" are!
(leave mouse over pic for full description of each
action figure)

resident andrew spy-guy daniel- ::mission:impossible theme in bkgd::

sheep deanna- she even "baa"s for you! If you poke her draco drogen- With new and improved breathing-fire-action! "What? I dont have a blowtorch!" music diva fenomka- she sings all your favorite songs! including turntable sounds and one person conversations(tm)! Batteries not included

govnt agent gumby- including headset and "i am not at liberty to say" karate chop action! ranma girl gwen- panda not included G.I.Kei- includes real woking weapons "These things arent loaded-::evil smirk::"

Super-Sayjin Luana- Help her get all the dragonballs before scary Gohan doll does! OuterAreaUnderCoverNinjaSpyMarejia- Includes sharp metal sword!(not shown) ages 3+ kimono girl naze- dress her up and play with her hair! just like Barbie...Only better. Including sharp hair pins

evil raven- ever wonder what evil incarnate can do? well, find out with Evil Raven(tm)! Use her sharp-pointy-trident to poke people! goddess reluna- serve her and tend to her every man-whore needs. "Bow Down!" Includes Goddess-man-whore-seducing-action!

naturally high hippie- watch her laugh for hours and hours without inhaling glue once! sparkles the pixie queen- "Glitter!" yep, sparkles glitterizes you without you having to ask. Includes light-blinding action! rockin accordian guy steve- no, its not scuba steve! Its RAG Steve! he plays all your favorite songs on his nifty accordian! Get his friend Music Diva Fenomka to sing along! Sailor Zion- the lost sailor soldier from the ever popular Sailor Moon series. with destructive tendencies action! (we are not responsible if you, your family, or your house go up in flames)

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