Charlie’s…er… Andrew’s Angels

Colby: “Guys, wake up!!”
        Mike and Daniel groaned as they were still half asleep.
Phil: “C’mon! Rise and shine! We don’t want to be late, do we?”
Mike: “*groan*”
Daniel: “zzz”
        *  *  *
Gwen: “zzz”
Raven: “zzz”
Rachael: “zzz”
    *  *  *
Aki: “Dude, wake up!”
Draco: “Kei, up! Now!”
Kei: “Whatta-who?” Jigga-what?”
        Aki sipped her iced cappacino.
        *  *  *
Toni: “zzz”
Erica: “zzz”
Bethy: “?”
        *  *  *
Cyrene: “Dude!”
Deanna: “Uh?”
Kim: “zzz”
        *  *  *
        The girls sat on the couches waiting and chatting, while the guys surrounded the desk.
Mike: “Shh!”
        He switched on the intercom and they still waited.
Andrew: “Good morning, Angels.”
Girls(but Toni and Kei): “Good morning, Andrew.”
Toni: “Good morning, Charlie!”
Kei: “What? Hmm? Did I miss something!?”
Andrew: “*sigh* I’m not Charlie and Kei, pay attention!”
Kei: “Alright!! Wait…what?”
Andrew: “*sigh* Angels, there’s a chicken on the loose.”
Gwen: “What about this chicken? It’s just a chicken, right?”
Draco: “Yeah, it’s not like it’s trying to take over the world!”
Andrew: “Correction. It is trying to take over the world.”
Toni: “Man, that’s one smart chicken! *laughs*”
Andrew: “Riiight… Anyway, take a look at the screen…”
        A screen slowly came down from the ceiling.
Toni: “Whoa! It came out of the ceiling!”
Draco: “Yes, Toni, it came out of the ceiling!”
Rachael: “Is that all you wanted us to see?”
        A video started playing.
Rachael: “Oh, no, that wasn’t all.”
        The video showed a small yellow bird with a crown.
Andrew: “There’s the chicken. The leader of this whole plan.”
Raven: “Is that a Burger King crown?”
Erica: “It does say Burger King!”
Bethy: “Wait, it’s holding a sign… Chickens don’t have nuggets?”
Kei: “They don’t!”
Andrew: “You need to find this chicken! But, it’s hidden. It found out that we were
        watching it. You need to find his accomplices.”
Cyrene: “Who are his accomplices?”
Andrew: “Anyone who speaks chicken, but chickens!”
Cyrene: “No kiddin’?”
Andrew: “Angels, good luck!”
        The intercom clicked and Andrew was gone.
Kei: “Hey! I thought I already owned the world!”
Draco: “Yes and they’re trying to take it from you.”
Kei: “Those bastards!! I’m gonna-“
Daniel: “Kei, wait for it.”
Draco: “You’re so cute in your bondage pants!”
Kei: “Minus two-thirds of the bondage!”
Colby: “Uh… guys?”
Deanna: “Oh, yeah, so what are we going do?”
Kim: “Find their accomplices and they’ll lead us to it!”
Raven: “It’s not that easy, Kim.”
Toni: “The cow house!! *laughs*”
All: “What!?”
Toni: “They don’t have chicken there, do they?”
Draco: “Do they?”
Raven: “I haven’t seen chicken on their menu before.”
Toni: “See? They’ve gotta like chicken there, right? *laughs*”
Gwen: “Alright, let’s check out the steak…er…cow house!”
Raven: “Doncha’ think that some of us should stay back?”
Aki: “Okay, once you find a suspect, bring them back here.”
Phil: “All of us will go except Angels #2.”
Kei: “What!?”
Aki: “Kei, we get to torture them.”
Kei: “Hm? Yay!”
Rachael: “Alright, let’s go!”
        *  *  *
        Steakhouse #1
Raven: “Hurry up, Mike!”
Gwen: “Yeah, you’ll never make it as a chef!”
Rachael: “C’mon, Mike!”
Mike: “Wait!! It takes time to actually cook a cow!”
Raven: “I’m hoping he didn’t mean a whole cow…”
        *  *  *
        Steakhouse #2
Colby: “Toni! Pick up the order!”
Toni: “Alright! Can you believe someone tipped me a twenty? *laughs*”
Bethy: “A twenty!?”
Toni: “Yeah, can you believe that? *laughs* It musta’ been by accident! *laughs*”
Erica: “Must have…”
        *  *  *
Steakhouse #3
Kim: “Wow, Phil, you got another compliment from a customer!”
Deanna: “And another!”
Cyrene: “And another!”
Phil: “Wow! So many in one day!”
        Kim, Deanna, and Cyrene applauded.
        *  *  *
Kei: “When are they gonna come back?”
Draco: “With suspects?”
Aki: “For the hundredth time since they left, I dunno!!!!”
Daniel(coming into room): “Hey, we got our first suspect!”
Draco: “It’s about time!”
Kei: “I call first suspect!!”
Draco: “Aww!!! Super-psycho-fuck-monkey!! I call second!”
Aki: “O…kaaay?”
Daniel: “First room on the torture.”
        Kei ran out of the room, happily.
        -1/2 hr later-
Daniel: “Draco, second room!”
Draco: “Alright! Super-psycho-fuck-monkey!”
Daniel: “Shibby.”
Aki: “Wiggity-wiggity!”
        *  *  *
Kei: “So, tell me… Where is your boss?”
Suspect1: “What boss?”
        Kei was pacing back and forth in front of the tied up suspect, but stopped.
Kei: “Where is your boss, dammit!”
        The suspect was tied in a chair and had explosives tied to him.
S1: “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
Kei: “Oh, so ya’ wanna play that way, huh?”
S1: “!?”
Kei: “Apparently, I didn’t tell you about this-“
        She walked over to a large object, which was cover with a white sheet.
Kei(pull off sheet): “Prepare to meet your maker! ::points:: See this line of buttons? ::runs
        finger above buttons, teasingly:: There’s one button- Just one certain button out of
        all these buttons that can detonate all those little explosives that are tied to you.
        Aww, poor little suspect-bastard…”
S1: “::sweat drop:: eh?”
Kei(mischievous look): “Heh-heh. Let’s find out which one it is… shall we?”
        *  *  *
        The second suspect was tied to a chair.
Draco: “Where the hell is your leader?”
S2: “I’m not telling!”
Draco: “Fine!”
        Draco placed a strip of duct tape over S2’s mouth. Then, she pulled out her CD player. She put on her headphones and started listening to Metallica.
S2: “mMmMM?”
Draco: “I can’t hear you!!”
        Draco then began poking him.
        *  *  *
Daniel: “Aki, your suspect-er- torture toy.”
Aki: “It’s about time!”
        *  *  *
        The other Angels and Bosleys came back to HQ and waited.
Gwen: “When are they gonna be done?”
Cyrene: “I dunno! They must be having fun, though.”
        *  *  *
Kei: “Could it be… this one?”
S1: “!!!”
Kei: “Nope… Is it… this one?”
        *  *  *
        S2 held on annoyed look on his face as Draco kept poking him.”
        *  *  *
        The final suspect was gagged and tied from the ceiling.
Aki: “Aww, you hate heights, don’t you? Well, I’ll make it better! ::Aki’s one person
        conversation modetm :: …No- it’s crazy like a fox!! Wiggity-wiggity!!..”
        *  *  *
        Hrs later
Kei: “How about… this one?”
S1: “!!!”
Kei: “Nope… Aww! This one?”
        *  *  *
        Draco still poked.
        *  *  *
Aki: “-mental hyena!!”
        *  *  *
Raven: “Are you sure they’re trying to get info from them?”
Daniel: “Yeah. I even made them… aww, dammit!”
Rachael: “You didn’t make them promise to just get the info, did you?”
Daniel: “I forgot! I’m sorry! ::Daniel’s puppy-dog looktm::”
Gwen(cover eyes): “Ahh! Can’t look!! Must… not… give in!!!”
        *  *  *
S1: “I don’t know what you’re talking about!! Really!!”
Kei: “Aww, that’s not the answer I was looking for!”
        She pushed a button and the explosives went off.
        *  *  *
Deanna: “Ah! What!?”
        *  *  *
Kei(surprised): “Oops. I thought it was that one!”
        *  *  *
Aki: “See? Aren’t you glad you got me?”
S3: “MrmmrnM!!”
        *  *  *
        Draco kept on poking.
        *  *  *
        Kei found the others in a room.
Kei: “I… kinda’-possibly-might have- just a little- sorta’- kinda’… killed him? Bu-but,
he didn’t know anything! I swear!”
Kim: “What!?”
Colby: “How do you know he didn’t know anything?”
Kei: “He said so.”
Phil: “Then, why’d you go and kill him?”
Kei: “It was an accident, duh!”
Daniel: “This isn’t gonna look good on your record!”
Kei: “I’m… sorry?”
All: “*sigh*”
Kei: “What!?”
        *  *  *
Aki: “So, I says to the guy, ‘It’s Broadway and Third, not…’”
S3: “MM! MM!”
Aki: “What? You’ll tell me? But, I hadn’t finished!! Fine!”
        She pulled off the bandanna that gagged him.
S3: “I’ve been trying to tell you that I have no absolute clue on God’s green earth what
you’re talking about!!”
Aki: “Really?”
        *  *  *
Draco: “Super-psycho-fuck-monkey!!”
        Draco ripped off the duct tape.
S2: “Ah!!!*gasp*”
Draco: “So?”
S2: “He’s at….El Pollo Loco!”
Draco: “What?”
        *  *  *
Mike: “El Pollo Loco?”
Kei: “That’s a chicken place in Cali!”
Gwen: “Chicken place?”
Kei: “They eat chicken!”
Phil: “I see! He’s getting rid of all the chickens so he’d be the only one!!”
Draco: “To the bat-cave!!”
Raven: “Bat-cave?”
        *  *  *
Kei: “That was fast!”
Draco: “Hey, we live in Oregon!”
Kei: “Oh, yeah!”
Raven: “And we have our special-super-fast-in-cognito-jet!! Patent-pending.”
All: “Oooh-aaahhh…”
Rachael: “So, where in Cali are we?”
Gwen: “I think Orange County.”
Aki: “Can we find No Doubt!!?”
Colby: “Maybe later…”
Toni: “So, where is the ‘crazy chicken’?”
Phil(pointing): “There’s one!”
Deanna: “Huh! Whatta ya’ know!”
        *  *  *
Aki: “::humming Mission Impossible theme song::”
Draco: “Will you stop that!!”
Aki: “What!?”
Kei: “Heehee.”
Daniel: “Shibby.”
        The five entered the restaurant as civilians who were just getting something to eat.
        *  *  *
Gwen: “May I take your order?”
        Gwen, Raven, Rachael, and Mike posed as the people taking the orders.
Aki: “Yes…I would like….no, I want….no, wait…”
Raven: “What do you want?”
Kei: “That’s not very polite!”
Raven: “So. Why the hell should I care?”
Kei(eye twitching): “grrr…”
Rachael: “And what else?”
Draco: “That’s it.”
Rachael: “And what else?”
Draco: “T-that’s it!”
Rachael: “And what else?”
Draco: “Don’t make me climb over this counter!”
Mike: “…”
Daniel: “Right on!”
        *  *  *
Bethy: “Please drive up to the window.”
        Bethy, Erica, Toni, and Colby worked on the drive-thru.
Erica: “Your change.”
Toni: “Thanks Colby. Your order ma’am. *laughs*”
        *  *  *
Kim: “Why did we get stuck with cleaning tables while, Deanna and Phil got to ‘make’
        the food?”
Cyrene: “You’re asking me?”
        *  *  *
Gwen(to Raven): “I’m going to take my ‘break’, now.”
Raven: “Yeah, I think I’m going to take mine, too.”
        Rachael and Mike followed.
        *  *  *
Gwen(into a tiny mic piece): “Yo! We’re gonna check this place out…”
        The four went into the back and searched the rooms and closets.
        *  *  *
Kei: “::gasp!:: Ah!!! Don’t take my fries!!!! Dammit!!!”
Draco: “Hey, you weren’t eating them!”
Kei: “Well, maybe I was saving it for my panda!”
Aki: “You don’t have a panda!”
Kei: “Oh, yeah.”
Daniel: “Uh…panda?”
        *  *  *
Rachael: “It’s all your fault, Mike!”
        The four were tied to chairs.
Gwen: “Why?”
Raven: “Damn.”
Mike: “….”
Guy in black suit: “Ha! We know what you were up to! You can never get to our leader!”
Raven: “Your leader’s a chicken!”
GIBS: “Shush!!! You can never get to him!!! Here he is!”
Gwen: “Wait a minute…what? Didn’t he just say…”
        A chicken popped up onto the desk that sat in front of the five.
Chicken: “braaaack…”
Rachael(loud whisper): “Hey, Mike! Guess what!”
Mike(loud whisper): “What!”
Rachael: “You’re an ass!!”
Mike: “Oh!”
GIBS: “Just stop that and listen to the chicken!”
Chicken: “Braaaaack…”
Raven: “Um…we can’t understand him…”
        *  *  *
Kei: “::gasp!:: This is SO not about the fries!”
Aki: “You got that right!”
        Kei, Aki, Draco, and Daniel were held back by guys in black suits.
Draco: “Shit!”
Daniel(to GIBS): “You guys suck! And this is so not shibby!”
        There was a hard thump and the guy that held Kei was unconscious on the floor.
Kei: “And that’s… kickin’ your ass!”
Draco: “I’d applaud if I could.”
Aki: “Same here.”
Daniel: “Uh…little help?”
Kei: “Oh, yeah! Almost forgot!”
Draco: “No, I got it!”
Aki: “It’s alright!”
Daniel: “Oh, wait!”
Daniel: “Whoops!”
Bethy: “Uh…Someone….help?”
Kim: “We’re in somewhat the same situation.”
Aki: “Okay, split up!”
        Daniel and Aki went to help Bethy and the others, while Draco and Kei went to help Kim’s group.
Aki: “Whaaaaa!!!!!!”
Kei: “ACK!!”
        Both groups were surrounded by gangs of guys in black suits.
Daniel: “What’s up with the ‘Men in Black’ look?”
Draco: “Uh….where’s that blowtorch, Kei?”
Aki: “Red team go!!!”
Draco: “I’m not even going to say it!”
Kei: “I still don’t get that blue thing!”
Draco: “Iiiiii’ll tell ya’ later.”
        *  *  *
Raven: “’If we’re going to have hot lesbian sex, can I be the butch one?’ ‘Fuck, no, man!
        We take turns!’”
Rachael and Gwen: “I saw a squirrel, it was going like this! ::spazing:: Spaz-spaz-spaz!”
GIBS: “Shuttup!”
        He backhanded a slap on Mike. Mike had a very confused and surprised look on his face.
Mike: “Why’d you do that!?”
GIBS: “He did it!”
Mike: “The chicken!?”
        *  *  *
        Unconscious guys in black suits lay all over the floor.
Aki: “Well, that was easy…”
Erica: “Let’s go find Gwen and the rest.”
Aki: “We’ll go get the SSFICJ (patent-pending) ready.  So, you guys beat up that chicken
    and meet us outside!”
Kei: “Aww! I wanted to kick some chicken ass!”
        They split up.
        *  *  *
Gwen(untied): “Well, that was incredibly easy!”
Toni: “Damn straight! *laughs*”
Raven: “You didn’t need to kill it, Rachael!”
Rachael: “That thing had it coming!”
Erica: “Oh that poor chicken!”
        They hurried outside and finally got back to HQ and waited for Andrew to congratulate them, but nothing came.
Kim: “Where’s Andrew!!!”
Gwen: “Where’s Bethy for that matter!?”
Draco: “Oh, no!”
Raven: “Please tell me she’s not off making out with him, again!!!”
Kei: “Okay!…….”
All: “…..”(insert cricket sounds here)
        *  *  *
Kei: “…okaaaay? I’m sticking to x-men stories!!!”
        *    *    *    *