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Episode Zero: Kotoro Maxwell
Act 0, Scene 1

        A.C. 187 [L1 Colonies]
        A six year-old girl sits out in the rain, clutching a stuffed tiger and has her face burried into it. A silver chain around her neck, glistened from the glow of the street light. The town was dark and empty. The stores were closed for the night. Everyone has gone home. Except for the little girl who was sleeping.
girl[sees mysterious,shadowed figure of a boy in her dream,hint:duo-kun!]~ "Y-you...why...where are     you...? I
        want to see you..."
        A shadow fell upon the sleeping girl.
        *  *  *
        The sun's light pulled the girl out from her dream world. It was late morning and her eyes slowly opened. But, she noticed she was in a bed. She looked around the room, moving just her eyes while she still lied down.
girl~ "Not again! Why do people always take me when I'm asleep?"
        She flipped over to her stomach and buried her face in the pillow.
?: "You shouldn't do that, y'know..."
        She turned her head toward the voice with half ofher face still in the pillow. There, next to the bed, stood a girl about the age of fourteen(looks somewhat like Suu from "Clover" by CLAMP).
girl2: "You could suffocate by doing that."
girl1: "..."
girl2: "My name is Atashi. What's yours?"
girl1(quietly): "...Kotoro..."
Atashi: "Kotoro.....hn....oh! I was the one that found you andtook you here. I'm deeply sorry if you didn't like it, but
        we really would like it if you stayed here with us... You'd better get up before     breakfast is gone!"
        Kotoro sat up in a flash.
Kotoro: "Breakfast?"
        Atashi chuckled.
        *  *  *
        Kotoro and Atashi entered a room. The room seemed a little run-down. There were cracks in the walls, broken lights, ruined chairs. There were people in the room, but they looked no older than sixteen. There didn't seem to be anyone older than that anywhere.
Atashi: "This used to be an abandoned building."
    She pointed to a boy at a stove.
    "That's Avas. He was the first... He started this...group, I guess you could say..."
    She pointed to a boy off in a corner.
    "That's Raine(Rain)..."
    She pointed over to a girl at a table that had books and papers under one of the legs.
    "That's Skai(Sky)...."
    She pointed to another boy, around fifteen, with goggles on his head and was sitting on a ruined     couch.
    "That's Ryou..."
    She continued to 'introduce' people until finally...
Avas: "Breakfast is done!!"
        Everyone crowed around Avas. He turned around with a plate with sliced baked apples. Everyone started reaching for them.
Avas: "Hold it! Our newest member-possibly-should have first choice!"
        He made his way through the 'crowd' to Kotoro which was standing out far behind the rest of them. He squatted down to alteast be eye level to Kotoro.
Avas[holding plate to her]: "Here... Will you stay?"
        Kotoro hesitated. Atashi urged her to take one. Kotoro started to reach for the smallest slice, but Avas shook his head.
Avas[pointing to another, much bigger than the other piece]: "This one..."
        Kotoro's eyes grew wide and she happily took it.
Kotoro[blushing]: "Arigatou!"
        Avas smiled.
        *  *  *
        [later in the afternoon]
Atashi: "Kotoro! C'mon!"
        Kotoro rushed and took Atshi's hand.
Kotoro: "What are we doing?"
Atashi: "We're going to get some food. Then, we can go to the park."
        Kotoro became extemely excited. They(everyone) came to the market part of the town. Where Kotoro began to sleep the night before.
Avas[pointing to fruit cart]: "There..."
Ryou(mischievously and evil sparkle in eyes): "Target sighted!"
        Atashi pulled Kotoro into an ally way.
Kotoro(as innocent as humanly possible): What are we doing, now?"
Atashi[peeking around the corner]: "Shhhh...just wait..."
Man: "Come back here!!!"
        The others raced by with their arms filled with apples and other kinds of fruit. Atashi still peeked over the corner into the direction that the others came from.
Atashi(quietly): "One.....two.....three!"
        She rushed out pulling Kotoro along with her. They bumped right into the man that was chasing after them.
Man: "Excuse me, Miss. You're not hurt, are you?(Looked up at the fleeing bunch)Dammit! (Looked     back at Atashi and Kotoro) Huh!? They're gone!"
Kotoro[being pulled by a running Atashi]~ "So, they had this whole thing planned out!?"
        *  *  *  *  *  *
        Act 0, Scene 2
Kotoro: "You guys steal, huh?"
Atashi: "That's the only way we know how to live. No one will hire us to work for them, so we can't get the money
        to pay for anything..."
Kotoro(as innocent as humanly possible,again): "Oh....I don't have a 'mummy OR a daddy. How come     you guys don't either?"
        Atashi sat down and looked into her eyes.
Atashi(softly): "We're just like you....you're a 'war orphan' aren't you?"
        Kotoro nodded looking slightly clueless.
Atashi(softly): "Well, so are we...."
Kotoro: "Oh....!"
        Skai called Atashi over. Kotoro was alone. Her necklace was hidden under her shirt. She pulled it out and stared at the small, wooden cross at the end of it. She turned around to see Ryou standing just two or three steps away from her.
Ryou: "Hey, Kotoro!"
        He held something in his hand.
Ryou[holding up hand w/object]: "'Check it..."(slang people! SLANG!)
        A blade popped out of the object. He held it up to Kotoro's face. Her eyes filled with terror. A huge grin appeared on his face.
Ryou(deep, rough tone): "Run..."
        Her eyes grew wide, then she turned around and ran as fast as she could.
Avas[(just suddenly appears, I guess) hits Ryou on the back of head]: "Ryou!!"
Ryou: "What!?"
        Kotoro continued to run.
Kotoro~ "What's going on?"
        Kotoro suddenly tripped and fell(eyes closed as she does so).
Kotoro: "Ow..."
        She opened her eyes as she was still lying on the ground.
Kotoro: "?"
        There was someone standing infront of her. She she looked up. It was a boy with dark brown brown hair and dark blue, cold eyes. He stood there glaring down at her. Then, he stuck out his opened hand to her. She slowly took it and he helped her up.
Kotoro(quietly): "Arigatou...."
        He didn't answer. Ryou was looking for her.
Ryou: "Kotoro! Kotoro! Oh, there you are!"
Kotoro: "Eh!?"
        Fear struck her, again, as she turned around to see Ryou. The boy was still there, but was standing behind her, now.
Ryou: "Don't worry, Kotoro, I won't hurt you... yet..."
        He laughed.
boy: "Eh!?"
        Kotoro quickly hid behind the boy, trying to use him as a wall between Ryou and her.
Ryou: "Who's this? A friend of yours I suppose? I'm gonna have to hurt him as well for... well... being here! Avas did
        say to find you, but he never said to bring you back. I could hurt you now or wait until later, but, hey, who's
        gonna know?"
        He pulled out his knife, again.
Ryou: "So, who's it gonna be?"
        Avas and Atashi came running.
Avas: "RYOU!!"
Atashi: "Don't you dare do anything!!"
Ryou: "Aah, dammit..."
        Avas and Atashi finally reached them and Avas confiscated the knife from Ryou while Atashi glared at him. SMACK! Ryou's cheek turned red from Atashi. Avas pushed Ryou along while Atashi followed. Kotoro started to run after them, but slowed down, stopped, then, turned to face the boy. She studied the boy's eyes, again. Then, turned around and ran to catch up with the others.
        *  *  *  *  *  *
        Act 0, Scene 3
    [One year later, A.C. 188]
Ryou: "How long do you expect to keep this thing?"
        Ryou held up Kotoro's stuff tiger and waved it at her.
Kotoro: "Forever!!"
Ryou: "Pfff! Forever!? You can't keep this thing forever!"
Kotoro: "Why not!?"
Ryou: "'Cause you can't live forever! If you can't live forever, then you can't keep this raggedy thing     forever! It's not like you CAN live forever!"
Kotoro: "!..W-well...maybe I can!!"
Ryou: "You cannot! No one can live forever!"
Avas: "Hey! You guys, stop it! And besides, you're saying 'forever' too much! Now, it's like I don't even know what
        it means anymore!"
Kotoro: "I'm sorry..."
        Ryou didn't say anything.
Avas: "Hey! And Ryou, give that back to her! If she wants to keep it for all eternity, then she can!"
Ryou[rolling his eyes]: "Fine!"
        He held out the tiger to her and Kotoro grabbed it in a flash and she stuck out her tongue at him and punched him in the arm.
Ryou: "Ow!"
        Avas laughed histerically. Kotoro blushed.
        *  *  *
        Kotoro peeked around the corner into an almost empty room. She was amazed to what she saw.
Kotoro~ "Wow! Atashi!"
        Atashi was graceful on her feet. She danced and danced until she spotted Kotoro. Kotoro tried to hide herself behind the wall.
Atashi[smile on her face]: "Kotoro! If you wanted to watch, I wouldn't mind!"
        Kotoro slowly came out of her not-so-good hidding place to comfront the graceful dancer.
Atashi: "C'mon! I seriously don't mind! Hey, I'll even teach you if you want!"
        Kotoro gasped and ran to her and hugged her.
        *  *  *
        Kotoro's steps were less then perfect and it definitly showed. Especially since Atashi was dancing right next to her with the same steps or atleast what the steps were supposed to look like.
Kotoro[while dancing]: "I'm not getting it!"
Atashi: "Yes, you are!"
        Avas was leaning against the doorway watching, now. Ryou stood next to him.
Ryou: "What are we watching?"
        Avas didn't answer and Ryou left. Nothing seemed to get to Avas then. Only the dancing. But, he seemed to only be watching Atashi.
Atashi: "Alright, you look tired. Why don't you take a break?"
Kotoro(out of breath): "No! I...don't...want... to stop!...C'mon... keep... teachiing me!!!"
Atashi: "No, Kotoro! I'll keep teaching you if you rest a while!"
Kotoro: "Fine..."
        Kotoro ran over to Avas with a huge smile.
Kotoro: "I was dancing!"
Avas: "I saw! You were fabulous!"
Kotoro[blushing]: "Hee-hee!"
        She ran off to get some water to drink while Atashi came over to Avas.
Atashi: "She seems so determined!"
Avas: "Yep...And that's a good thing, too..."
Atashi: "Sure is...."
        They smiled at eachother adoringly. Kotoro suddenly came running back.
Kotoro: "Help! Help!! HELP!!!"
Avas: "Kotoro, what is it!?"
Kotoro: "My tiger!!"
Atashi: "What about it?"
Kotoro: "It needs to go to the hospital!! NOW!!!!"(wow, she's so demanding!)
Avas: "Why?"
Kotoro[crying, now]: "*hic*It's-*hic*It's-"
Atashi: "Why don't you show it to us?"
Kotoro: "*hic*Okay-*hic*C'MON!!!"
        She ran to her room with Atashi and Avas behind her.
Kotoro: "HURRY!!!!"(Kei:"It's probably dead by now!!")
Atashi[entering the room w/Avas): "Okay, okay! What is it?"
Kotoro: "*Hic* LOOK!!!!!"
        There, lying on the bed, was her stuffed tiger in many, many pieces.
Kotoro: "C'mon! He needs surgry'!"
Atashi(softly): "Oh....Kotoro....We can't....we can't fix it....."
Kotoro[crying more, now](angrily): "Why?"
Avas(softly): "It's in too many pieces...."
        She couldn't believe what they were saying. She was completely heart-broken. Atashi went over to her to comfort her.
Atashi(softly): "I'm sorry..."
Avas: "This couldn't have happened on it's own, though... Someone must have done it! And I know exactly who it
        *  *  *
        Ryou stayed in his room for the rest of the day and the week because of his so-called murder. And Kotoro punched him, again, everyday that week.
        *  *  *  *  *  *
        Act 0, Scene 4
        [Four years later, A.C. 192]
        Avas stood against the wall in Kotoro's room.
Avas: "So, how ya' holdin' up?"
        Kotoro was sitting on her bed and held her left hand which was bandaged.
Kotoro: "Pretty good..."
Avas: "Seriously! I don't know what's with him... You'd think Ryou would know better! He's not a child anymore!"
Kotoro~ "Niether am I..."
Kotoro: "I-it's okay! Really!"
Avas: "But he nearly cut off half of your hand!"
Kotoro: "But, he didn't, did he?"
        Avas looked at her with a smile and was slowly shaking his head.
Avas: "Why are you trying to protect him?"
Kotoro: "Huh!? I'm not protecting him!"
        The slightly opened door moved and a small wolf pup peeked around the corner.
Kotoro: "Kuma!"
        Kuma galloped, on his short legs, over to Kotoro. She picked him up and held him.
Avas: "I think I'm going to go talk to Ryou. Y'know, it makes me wonder where he gets all these knives."
Kotoro: "I guess we'll never know..."
        Avas walked over to Kotoro. He sat on the bed and put his arms around her. She blushed.
Avas(softly): "I'm sorry..."
        He kissed the side of her head, gently. He let go of her and left the room, shutting the door behind him. Kotoro flopped down onto her back with a huge smile on her face.
Kotoro: "*sigh*!"
Kuma: "Arf!"
        *  *  *
Avas: "What are we going to do with Ryou?"
Atashi: "I dunno..."
Avas: "And I can't believe we let Kotoro keep Kuma...."
Atashi: "I know, but we couldn't tell her she had to let it go..."
Avas: "Yeah....Heh. Look at me... Am I acting too much like a father?"
Atashi: "Hmm... I'd actually have to say that you do. But, I think she  needs someone like that around...And besides,
        you're doing a great job...."
        He smiled at her.
        *  *  *  *  *  *
        Act 0, Scene 5
Avas: "C'mon! Hurry!"
        The gang ran as fast as they could to get away from the shopkeepers in the market place. Kuma came along with them.
Kotoro[her necklace flowing out of her shirt]: "We didn't do anything, did we?"
Atashi: "They know us too well, now!"
Shopkeeper1: "Come back here!"
        The keepers soon gave up and watched them flee.
Shopkeeper2: "Instead of stealing, they could get a job and pay for everything."
Shopkeeper3: "Yeah, but no one will hire them. I'm willing to give the oldest one a job in my store, but he never
        asked for one. I'm not actually sure if he wants one, though."
        Avas had a stern look on his face.
        *  *  *
Raine: "I think we're safe, now! Can we stop!?"
Avas: "..."
        They stopped even though they we still in the large part of town. But, it was erie.
Kotoro[necklace over her shirt]: "Avas... where are we?"
Avas: "I...Oh, crap! We better not be..."
Atashi: "What's the matter?"
Skai: "Yeah, what's wrong?"
Ryou: "So, this is the place!"
Cloud(*notice a theme?*): "We should get outta here!"
Avas: "You're right."
        They began to escape from the dreaded place, but it was too late. They've been spotted.
?: "Well, what are you guys doing here?"
Avas: "Dammit! We're too late..."
?2: "Got that right..."
Atashi: "Avas... what's going on?"
Ryou: "Heh-heh. Now, to show how tough we can be..."
Skai: "Hey! What do you mean by that!?"
Raine: "No, I don't want t-"
?3: "Awe... Don't want to play with us?"
        Kotoro was completely clueless to what was happening until people crawled out of the shadows of dark alley ways.
Avas~ "We can't fight these guys and watch out for ourselves! Kotoro can't possibly be able t-"
?: "What's the matter Avas? A little scared?"
Avas: "Shut up, Corin! We all know that you were always the coward!"
?2: "Are you going to take that Corin!?"
Corin: "Shut up, Yuki! How dare you say those things, Avas! If you want to prove that I'm a coward, then
Avas: "Huh?"
        Corin stood infront of Avas and Corin's allies lined up. Each infront of one of Avas's team even Kotoro.
Avas: "Dammit! Kotoro, run!"
        Kotoro couldn't move.
Corin: "Heh. I don't expect to spare anyone of you guys..."
        Corin charged at Avas. His crew took that as a sign and did the same.
Kotoro: "!"
        Kotoro shut her eyes. Suddenly, she felt something on her arm and it pulled her to the side. She was too scared to open her eyes, but she heard pain and something hitting something else.
Kotoro~ "What's going on!? Why does it feel like someone's.. right....here...with...me..."
        She could hear screams, pain, and defeat, but she could keep her mind on what was happening in the streets to her friends.
Kotoro~ "...this person.....seems....familiar....but......who is it?"
        The noise on the sreet slowly died and silence started grow.
Kotoro: "I-is it over?"
        She asked this without even knowing if that person was there or not and didn't even know if they would answer.
?: "....Not yet..."
Kotoro[eyes flashing open]: "Huh?"
Kotoro~ "Wh-what? There's something about that voice...! I-I....."
Kotoro: "RA!"
        She suddenly pushed the person away from her and rushed to find that the fight was over. She had been pulled into an alley and now, she stood at the opening of it. Corin's team appeared to be gone. Her heart seemed to stop beating.
Kotoro: "Avas...? Atashi...? Guys...?"
        She couldn't believe what was happening. They all were on the ground and didn't appear to be breathing. Not even one breath. Atashi's eyes were shot and lifeless. She rushed over to each and everyone of them as she spoke.
Kotoro: "Hey, c'mon! Quit playing....guys?"
        She began to realize what happened, but was angry.
Kotoro(angry,worried,unsure, slightly panically): "C'mon, guys!! Get up!!! We have to go!!!...Please?"
?: "They're gone...."
Kotoro: "No! They're not! Please, guys! This isn't funny!! C'mon! PLEASE!?Kuma!! Where are you!?"
?: "Like I said. They're gone...."
        Kotoro got up from squatting next to Raine and glared at the person who was still in the alley.
Kotoro(angrily): "Why....? Why did you have to pull me into that damn alley!!? Huh!? WHY!?"
        The person didn't answer, but stepped out from the alley's shadow.
Kotoro: "...It's you...isn't it?"
        It was the same boy that she met in the park years before. They both didn't say anything, so he left Kotoro standing out in the street. Time passed by and she just stood there. She heard a bark and Kuma came running towards her.
Kotoro: "Come on, Kuma... I guess we're the only one's who's going to be home, tonight..."
Kuma: "Arf-arf!"
        Kotoro took one step and collapsed onto the blood-stained street. Kuma barked and howled for Kotoro to get up.
        *  *  *
        Kotoro slowly opened her eyes. Sun light poured into the unfamiliar room of white walls and sheets.(wow, her little religious expirience, here)
Kotoro: "W-where am I?"
?: "You're in the hospital, dear."
Kotoro: "Huh? Who are you?"
        There was a woman next to her bed. She was dressed in just white.
Kotoro: "Are you a nurse?"
Woman: "Of course I am. You know, you were pretty lucky."
Kotoro: "Huh?"
Nurse: "You were the only one that survived from what happened out there."
Kotoro: "I know...and I'm not lucky..."
Nurse: "Don't say that! Of course you were lucky! And what do you mean 'you know?'"
Kotoro: "I wasn't apart of the fighting that killed them..."
Nurse: "That's what happened? A fight?"
Kotoro[breaking into tears]: "Yes! I couldn't help them at all!"
Nurse: "But, you would be dead with the rest of them..."
Kotoro: "So...Atleast I'd be with them....That's why I'm not lucky. They're all gone because of me!!"
        The nurse sat on Kotoro's bed and took her in her arms, trying to comfort her.
Nurse: "It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself."
Kotoro: "Why couldn't I have gone with them?"
Nurse: "Because you have too many things to do..."
Kotoro: "!?"
Nurse: "...God has kept you alive because you have things to do in life...He has plans for you..."
Kotoro~ "Huh? God?"
        *  *  *
        Kotoro was released from the hospital that same day and was on her way to the kennel. According to the nurse, Kuma was put there.
Kotoro~ "God? God wanted me to live!? For what? She said because I have things to do...What kinds of things?
        Why did I meet that boy, again? Was it fate? Am I supposed to meet him, again? Is that part of God's plan for
        She finally reached the kennel and got Kuma back. Now, it was time to go home. To an empty, lonely home.
Kotoro(depressingly): "Kuma, God saved us....but why?"
        *  *  *  *  *  *
        Act 0, Scene 6

        Time passed by slowly and Kotoro still lived in the empty, run-down house. She changed her life unwillingly and most of the time it was unnoticed. Her carefree spirit died along with her innocence on that cruel day that she witnessed her friends die in the hands of fate. Everyday, Kotoro practiced all the things that Atashi had taught her to do, except dancing. It was too hard for her to practice the steps without remembering those who died for no reason. But, the guitar that Atashi had taught her to play, cleared her mind from everything.
        Then the day came that Kotoro had to let Kuma go. Kuma was full grown by then, but still lived a short life. She hid herself from others behind a mask that only wanted lonliness and isolation. Kuma was the only soul that really knew her. He wasn't human so he couldn't speak to others but his own kind. That didn't matter, now, he was gone.
        By the time Kotoro was twelve, all of this had passed through time's scheme. All of the townspeople knew about her being by herself, but some didn't care to do anything about it. Others knew exactly what to do. They gave her the chance to go to school and meet people. Kotoro took it, but refused to make friends because of the mask she wore. Some of her classmates often thought she was strange just because she prefered to be alone. Others thought she was rebelious and independent because she never talked to anybody, even teachers.
        The school had dorms and everything for the students. Except, Kotoro wanted more. She didn't know what she wanted, but she yearned for it. She seldom paid attention in class( sometimes she would even skip class), but thought of other things. The comment from the nurse stuck in her mind and she often pondered about what she meant. And the boy's cold, dark blue eyes seemed to haunt her everyday and she wondered why she even met him.
        She was thirteen, now. She had brought that guitar with her and played it in her dorm whenever she got the chance. The other students would be able to catch every song that she played and they loved it. By now, it was as if she were a professional musician. She was able to write words to go with the melodies she created.
        The topics discussed in school never really interested her. But, one day, she over heard a couple students discussing the Earth. She wanted to know more about it and what was it like there. She hesitated to ask someone about it. But, she made up her mind to ask one of her teachers, thinking that they would know something about it. She learned so much from a certain teacher that she was rather fond of. She told Kotoro so many things about it. Such as the oceans. Kotoro fell in love with the stories and myths that the teacher told her of the sea.
        Kotoro didn't play her guitar at all that day when she was in her dorm. She lied on her bed and all she could think about was the Earth.
Kotoro~ "I want to go....see the Earth for myself...."
        She fell asleep while she thought of the Earth. She woke up and couldn't forget her dream during class.
Kotoro~ "What was that about? Does it have something to do with my future? It must have something to do with it!
        Why would I have a dream about the Earth and him? There's just has to be! If I wasn't meant to know him,
        then why did I even meet him at all!? There's gotta be something! That settles it! I'm going! I want to know
        more about this! So, I'm going to find out! And I promise I'll find him, too!"
Girl: "What's with this new girl? It doesn't seem like she wants to know anybody."
Boy: "It makes her kinda' mysterious. I think it's pretty cool."
Girl: "I think it's pretty strange. And don't you mean that you think she's pretty?"
Boy[trying to act like it's not true]: "What!?"
Girl: "Too bad, though. It looks like her mind is occupied with other things. Or other people..."
Boy: "What!? How can you tell?"
Girl: "See that look in her eyes, Marcus? That's how..."
Marcus(depressingly): "Oh..."
        *  *  *
        With her cross around her neck, Kotoro boarded a ship that headed to Earth with help from her teacher that inspired her. Kotoro's desire soon became less, but it was still there and she still wanted whatever it was. She had a feeling, though, that she will find it...

THE END (corny ending, ne?)(hey! I already apologized in advanced!!!!! Shut up, you!!!!!)