A Cruel Ending
Smiling darkly
The sparkling blade made it's way towards flesh
that warm liquid that tastes so sweet
that feeling of victory
of ultimate power
that fulfilled dream
to spill another's blood on his hands
limp with death
cold and still
laying there, on that dusty floor
not a floor for killing
not a floor for sorrow
not a floor to stain with another's hatred
but stained it is
with her blood
with his anger
with the pain and agony of a brutal defeat
no joy
no hope
no view of another day to see
no dawn hath come to save that poor soul
from forever to eternity
lost amid others
taken at his sword
at his hand
but no blood will he spill
no wound shall he brandish
no scorn, no real empathy
for those souls he has taken
there is no pity
every last one
all deserved their fate
all save one
but that
his only flaw
his one true love
lost at his own hand

A cruel ending
to a love so sweet