What is Death?

What is death?
The eternal rest
a comfortable place
don't have to worry about being lonely
don't have to worry about friends
don't have to worry about anything
cause I'd be dead
what a wonder that would be
just to die
total relief
total and utter freedom from everything
from all the shit of life
from all the crap I have to deal with
a slit wrist here
a noose there
nothing special
I don't deserve anything special
I don't deserve life
fuck me
fuck every single thing about me
I'm a freaking quazy moto
freaking frankenstein monster
I should have died long ago
so why didn't I?
Why do you leave me here to suffer?
To put up with this?
I don't need it
I don't need a single freaking part of it
what do I need, you say?
I need to die
to leave this place
no more shit
no more lies
no more hate
no more anything
I'd be better
I'd be dead
I'd be gone
and anyone else can just go fuck off