kei maxwell Rock on!!! Oh, rock will live, dammit! Through all that crappy pop and hip-hop. rock will survive and claim victorious!!! Ya' think pop will reign forever? Ha!!!! Pop can't handle it!! There's a reason why rock bands come off hard. because they are hard, dammit!!! *snort* pop...gag me...

Her outfit is quite Britney early days when she didn't seem so much of a slut. but, the baggy pants and visible underpants is like Gwen Stefani. I like Gwen Stefani. Very cute. Don't like Britney. Britney bad. AH! my virgin eyes!! sorry, i just had to add that in. Oh, that's a guitar in case you were wondering. yeah that silvery thing. yeah, that's a guitar.

*G-boys stroll in*
Duo: "Ah!! Bare skin!!!!"
Other four: *jaws drop open*
Duo: *grabs a sheet out of nowhere and covers Kei up*
Kei: "Duo! Oniichan!"
Duo: "Don't give me that 'oniichan' thing!"
*Relena strolls in*
Heero: "I coulda had that!?"
Relena: "What do you mean by that?"
Heero: "It means, I coulda had that!?"
Relena(pouty): "You mean, you don't like me anymore?"
Heero: "Sorry, am I supposed to like my stalker?"
*Relena runs out of the room crying*
Heero: *Runs around gleefully* I'm FREE! I"M FREE!"