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I signed up...just to get this link...and a kougra!
Ashura_in_cognito!!! uh... ne ways...

jpaw: amphigouri

Yes, that is the g-boyz as the Montague boys in "Romeo+Juliet".
The Leonardo De Caprio vers. Go check this place out! The pics are SO
great! See Heero star in Mission Impossible! and... Quatre as
Aniken Skywalker!!! This place is great! Go see! Go see!
>^_^<This guy ROCKS!!!!
tainted panda

My new site. I like it much better than my other one.This one's more of a personal site. not to mention my art site here:


Reluna's site.Very awesome. What can I say!?
broken glass

Broken Glass. Luana's site. Along with Jadet...A Fanfiction archive!
I've never had time to read them, but I bet they're great!!!

Check out some more of Marejia's artwork!
The DigiArmor Museum. Sparkles'(The Pixie Queen) site.
Learn everything about Digimon stats and more!

Fenomka's Domain. Check out Fen's site. Artwork, poetry, stuff...
and, and, AND Led Zeppelin!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!

boy meets boy

Boy Meets Boy. Like The Gay Odd Couple, Only Sexier. Must see!!!
Harley's so cute!! Go see! Go see! Hilarious!!! Comics!!!!
Warning: Yaoi, some nudity(not really)

Heero is not Toast(H.I.N.T.). Really! He isn't toast.dammit!!
Great site! Cute chibis!!!!! Torture Relena..go torture. fun! >~_^<
Warning: Yaoi and Anti-Relena
(Yah! Anti-Relena!!!!Awww! 1x2!!!!!how cute!!)

motion blur

Motion Blur.Great site! GW site, of course! So cool!!!!!
Warning: Yaoi and Anti-Relena
 (Yah! Anti-Relena!!!!Awww! 1x2!!!!!how cute!!)
evil ppl unite! (pic modified, sorry!)

Evil PPL Unite!! Us evil? Was there any doubt?

Boys don't cry

Boys don't cry. Atleast not these boys. Duo Maxwell Shrine.

Illusions of Innocence. Aww, a shrine to little Quatre!^_^
I love Quatre. He's so cute!!!

Ami's little library

Ami's Little Library. Great site for WinAmp skins.

Mind Education

Mind Education. Gundam Wing site, if you couldn't tell.

DreamWeaver. An art site by Augie, a friend of mine.

Luna's Palace. Sailor Moon site by Sailor DAX and Th' Silv' Great art page!

GW Approved

GW Approved. Get your site approved by a GW chara. or all!
Hell, I did. Damn straight!


Silvertales. Amazing artwork!!!! Warning: Yaoi included

Aimee's Studio

Aimee's Studio. Incredible artwork! Anime, yerfs, gargoyles...

Yerf. HUGE place for a bunch of yerf artwork. If ya' don't know what
a yerf is, go check it out. i'm pretty sure you'd find out pretty quick.

Black Cat. Amazing artwork! Even one of Buffy Summers!!


Pendako. More amazing artwork. I'm SO jealous!!!!
Wait 'til I send out my butterflies..i mean....uh...

Rose Reflections. Utena site.

Blood Soaked and Honor Bound. Great Utena site!


Poly Karbon. Great place for Art tutors and artwork !

First Band on the Moon

First Band on the Moon. What!? I can't put a fansite for a band
on here? It's a really good band, though!!! Very....Foo Fighters-Blink 182-something else-ish.
I didn't even put an Incubus link, okay! That's gotta count for something!

And thus, i bid thee farewell.
*ahem* no more links. but more will come or just go to links on other people's page.

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