Hey, guys! Welcome to the scrapbook, which was originally an actual scrapbook
done by Draco(as you should already know). Reluna(you're so cute^_^)
 suggested to put it up on this site
and whatta ya' was an incredible idea! So, here it is....
(the background makes me....dizzy!! @_@;;;; Sorry for putting so many
pics on the same page(and making them so big)
(meaning longer upload for those who don't have fast connection)(Gomennasai)!!!!






Page 2!!!!

Treize Approved

Uh...(nervously)heh-heh..he's lookin' at me funny! ^_^;;;;;;;

Disclaimers? For this part? If it's everyone one on this site
there are no disclaimers!!!!! HA!!!
But, for you assholes who somehow broke in, NO TOUCHIE!!! and Shinigami
will be ready in a moment to escort you to HELL!! Where I will be waiting to decide your fate!!!!!