okay, so yeah... this is my little fanficcy about Kei, Heero and the other gw charas.
it's a vampire story! i like vampires...^_^ (mostly b/c of Anne Rice)
it's kinda' short and flows alittle quickly, but it was for this thing for school and it could only be two pages and
i had to make it this shoet so-so-so-there! damn CIM. damn you to hell!!!
But i liked it so i decided to make a huge story about it!  /-/_-\ooo'<
(don't give me that look, duo!)

Shattered Innocence: The Damned

Chapter 1: “Wilted Flowers”

        Kei stood on the balcony of the large white house.  Her long, sienna brown hair flowed with every breeze. Her intense green eyes stared blankly at the space in front of her.  She was engulfed in her own thoughts. It seemed like millions of thoughts had swallowed her whole.
        Earlier, that morning, it seemed like a typical day. The sun rose brightly and made the sky wash to various shades of blue. The house was quiet as usual, considering that, even though being only seventeen of age, she was the only one who lived in that house.
        Kei had awoke to a knock on the door.  She threw on her robe and rushed down the large staircase to the elegant mahogany doors. She opened them with a large tug. There was no one, but a vase of gorgeous flowers. She looked up from the flowers to the grand, metal gate that guarded the house. He disappeared. She saw someone, but they had left too quickly for her to get a good look at them.
        She picked up the vase and went back inside. Kei placed the vase of flowers on the dining room table.  She stepped back to admire them. They were the most breathtaking flowers she had ever seen.
        She left the flowers to get dressed and to start working on a new song for her long-awaited album. When, she came back to the flowers, they were wilting quickly. You can actually see them dying, she thought to herself.
        She, then, noticed a card. She picked it up and read it. Fear struck her and her heart began to beat faster and faster.
        The vase suddenly tipped over and fell onto the floor. Blood leaked out of the vase and soaked into the carpet. What the hell? She thought, again.
        All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her neck, as if two fangs were digging into her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. Except for her whispered whines of despair. Everything else after that was a blur to her.
        The whole morning replayed in her head over and over again. It was twilight, now, as she still leaned against the balcony’s rail. She couldn’t believe she was one of them, now. One of the damned.
        A dark figure came up behind her. “I can’t believe you did this to me, Heero,” she said with barely any emotion.
        Heero’s cold, ice blue eyes stared at her. His dark, chocolate brown hair fell over them as if he wanted to hide his beautiful, alluring eyes. He stayed silent.
        “Now, I feed upon people for all eternity?” She questioned.
        “Of course,” Heero uttered in a low, monotone voice. “You are a vampire.”