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Shattered Innocence: The Damned

Chapter 2: “The Choosing”

        Duo waited for the gate to open. He stood, then paced, then stood still, again. He rolled his violet-blue eyes and sighed. He pushed back his long, light brown, braided, hair and folded his arms. He tapped his foot impatiently.
        “Kei!! Open up!!” Duo shouted.
        Finally, the gates opened and Duo strolled into the front yard. He got to the doors and opened it.  He walked in and closed the door behind him.
        “Kei, your favorite brother is here to see you!”
        No answer. He raised an eyebrow and began looking for her in the enormous house. Her bedroom, nothing. The studio, nothing. The tv room, nothing. The kitchen…
        “There you are! I’ve been- whaaa!?” Duo was surprised to see her with Heero.
        “Duo?” Kei looked up at him.
        Heero just glared at him. Duo was completely confused.
        “Heero, why are- wait… I see what’s going on! Ha!! Heh-heh… I never would have guessed. So, what happened with Relena? Hm, hero?” Duo spoke teasingly.
        “Duo?” Kei asked again in a melancholy tone.
        “Huh?” Duo became serious and confused, “This isn’t what I think it is…is it? Maybe I’d better go…”
        He began to leave, but caught a glimpse of something odd on Kei’s neck. Two small, purple bruises. He left without asking. Kei would never tell him what happened. He left the house and headed back home.
        Heero stared at her intensely with those ice blue eyes, which made her feel uneasy.
        “People watch you everyday,” he continued, “and you’re uncomfortable by me staring at you?”
        “Excuse me for getting a little twitchy. Anyway, how can you tell? I wasn’t showing it, was I?”
        “Didn’t you notice a difference about your surroundings?”
        “I-I…I did.”
        “Your senses become more susceptible to everything."
        “I’ve noticed… So, why’d you pick me?”
        “I’m going to need a better answer than that.”
        “…Vampires choose their chylde for different reasons. Different interests.”
        “Why me? What was your reason for choosing me? Your interest in me?”
       “Huh? You could be happier with anybody else…Relena or Duo-”
        “Not true.”