Evil Twin
The X-men lounged around the mansion of their school, run by the Professor. It was a relatively peaceful day. Gwen is watching a very active TV show in her room above the Rec. room. Getting a little too into the show, she accidentally turns on her mutant power and falls through the floor. Just before ghosting through the pool table she remembers to turn off her power.
Gwen: (thud) ouch!
Naze: Do you mind?
Andrew: We’re trying to play pool here!
Gwen: (sheepishly) sorry.
Gwen rolls off the pool table, hopelessly ruining the game and onto the floor. Thud. Raven goes to help pick her up. Across the room:
Gumby: If you do that one more time!!! GRRRR!
Sparkles stood in front of Gumby blinking innocently. Holding a second plastic container full of white sparklyness. Draco, crouching in the corner of the room, looked put out and as sparkly as Gumby, Tony and Raven.
Tony: Gesse! Calm down. He wasn’t trying to get you this time.
Gumby: GRRR! (lunged for Sparkles’s container)
Raven: Enough all ready!! (leaves Gwen only half up and jumps in-between Gumby and Sparkles, flexing metal claws menacingly.
Gwen: (thud) ow¦
Daniel and Kei come into the seen.
Daniel: Um guys? (everyone looks at him) If you’re done fighting, the Prof wants to see us.
The X-men gather around the Professor in the debriefing room.
Professor: X-men we had a problem¦
Naze: (cutting in) Its not Scruffy again is it?
Professor: No. It’s
Kei: (cutting in) Not my butterflies! I just checked. They’re all there!
Zion: Darn! I want people to die!
Professor: The problem is
Draco: (still sparkly and cutting in) Not Asshole!
Kei: I wouldn’t mind beating him up again.
Draco: (nods) Neither would I
Professor: (picks up a block of wood and bangs on the table) Ahem! (x-men come to attention again) If you would let me finish!
He glares at the room kind of in general. The x-men try to look apologetic and subdued. Well all but Gwen who grins wildly at him. Getting Raven, Zion, and Draco to grin at him too. The Professor attempts to look really mad at them, but they don’t believe him… well maybe a little bit. The Professor brings up a hologram on the hologram-creator-thingy-in the center of the table.
Daniel: Hey! That looks like you Bagel.
Professor: (muttering) My names not Bagel.
Marejia: Why are you wearing a dress?
Sparkles: A SPARKILY pink dress! Weeeeeee! (those around the over excited Sparkles are now sparkly, again. Gumby makes a lunge for Sparkles.
Luana: Is that a feather boa?
Sounds of Gumby pummeling Sparkles go on in the back round. Most just ignore it. Gwen, Raven and Draco make a dive at Gumby trying to pull Gumby off of Sparkles. The five are out if sight rolling around on the ground.
Reluna: Is that an English book in your hand?
Andrew: And a ball of clay in the other?
Draco, Raven, Gwen, Gumby and Sparkles reaper. Draco restraining Sparkles, while Gwen and Raven protect Sparkles, giving Gumby evil stares.
Aki: Mr. Bagle (interruption my name’s not Bagel!) did you have a night on the town and now the cops are after you? Is that the problem?
Professor: NO! This is my evil twin. The cross-dressing art teacher formally known as an English teacher.
Everyone: OOOOOOHHHH. What?!
Professor: He’s a very twisted, sad, sad little man. And he is gathering all the evil mutants he can find to him. He is planning world domination as well as the doom of the human race!
Zion and Draco: Hey! That’s my job! (both look across the room at the other in a comical, stare down contest)
Professor: You must stop him and save the human race!
Draco: Wait a minute
Zion: Why would we want to do that?
Naze: Ya. Why would we want to help them? What have they ever done for us?
The crowd of X-men all agree that saving the human race is not incentive to go after the Cross-dressing art teacher formally known as an English teacher.
Professor: *sighs* Fine. Then go stop CDATFKAAET so that you can later go and take over the world and do what you please with the human race.
A moment’s hesitation
Then all agree to go stop CDATFKAAET.
Professor: Good. Now he has already gathered TBITHW to his side, as well as Asshole.
Steve: I thought you said he was gathering mutants?
Professor: He is
Aki: Asshole isn’t a mutant.
Professor: CDATFKAAET has all ready sent out TBITHW and Asshole into the city to gather more evil mutants. Your job is to go, find them, and stop them.
The x-men split up into three groups to go after the bad guys. Reluna and Andrew opt out to stay and guard the professor, school and pool table.
Kei, Daniel, Draco and Zion find That Bitch in the Hall Way prowling around in well a hallway at Sunset high school.
Draco: Stop Bitch!
Kei: Ya! We’re gonna kick your butt!
TBITHW: Waahhahaha! You can never stop me!
Zion: Get her!
The x-men rush forward to defeat their foe! The Battle lasted a few hours. Mostly because Draco enjoys playing Cat-and-mouse with her victim, and the others went along with it as well. Also, Kei accidentally touched Zion bare handed and absorbed some of her power. Leaving both confused and Zion kind of dizzy.
Meanwhile! In an ally behind a pizza place, Aki, Luana, Marejia, Steve and Naze come upon Asshole.
Naze: Stop you fiend!
Steve: (to Naze) He’s not doing anything, and he’s corned.
Naze: So?
Luana: Can I get him?
Aki: Wait a bit. Where’s you boss?
Asshole: Boss? What Boss? What are you freaks talking about?
Luana: Now can I get him?
Aki: (to Luana) hold up man. (to asshole) You do to know what we’re talking about!
Naze: Ya! So spill.
Asshole: I don’t know what the F*** your taking about!
Luana: Now??????
Aki: Now’s good.
Needless to say, Asshole is left battered and bruised in the back of the ally.
Meanwhile, meanwhile!!!
Tony, Raven, Gumby, Sparkles and Gwen spot a suspicious looking metal dome from the T-bird plane thing, (which they are using to search the city from above).
Gwen: That looks new
Raven: Yes. Suspiciously new
They go down to investigate! Inside they find CDATFKAAET!!!!!
Sparkles: SPARKLY!!! And fuzzy!!! (POOF)
Raven: Gumby! Leave him alone.
The X-men group stands, sparkly, as CDATFKAAET comes to the center of the room to get a better look at them all.
CDATFKAAET: I see you’ve found me. Who are you?
Tony: We’re the X-men! Mutants guided by Professor Bagel! (Bagel: my name is not Bagel!!!!)
Gumby: And we’re here to stop you!
CDATFKAAET: Stop me? From doing what?
Gwen: Our job! That’s what!
CDATFKAAET: And just what is your job?
Tony: We don’t have to tell you!
Sparkles: Do you think I could barrow that some time?
Raven: Sparkles!!! Get back here!
Sparkles comes sheepishly back from examining CDATFKAAET feather boa.
Gwen: (to Coble) I’m ashamed of you! Fraternizing with the enemy!
Sparkles: (whimpering) but… but… fuzzy!!! (sniffs)
Tony: Come on guys. Are we going to stand here and talk all day bout boas, or take care of this guy?
The X-men begin to their attack with explosions, fireworks and battle cries. Raven extents her claws and take’s a flying leap at CDATFKAAET.
CDATFKAAET: Not so fast!
Ravens claws bend painfully back on them selves. Raven drops to the floor writhing in pain. Gumby comes and knells down next to her.
Gwen: Hey! That wasn’t very nice!
Tony: Nether is this!
Tony lobs a metal incased grenade, one of her special ones, at CDATFKAAET. It turns in the air and heads back for Tony. With a gasp of surprise Tony and Sparkles skatter. Gwen turns on her mutant power and the grenade passed harmlessly thorough her.
Gwen: How are you doing that?
CDATFKAAET: I too am a mutant. I have power over all metallic objects.
X-men: oohh.
Sparkles: Ok then. That this.
Sparkles loses a tone of fire work in close range to CDATFKAAET. They pass harmlessly through him.
Gwen: Hay! You can Ghost too?!
CDATFKAAET: No. Fools! I’m not really here! Wahhahahahahahahahaaaaaa
The hologram of CDATFKAAET fades away. Leaving the x-men to return home with more questions then answers. And strong desires to beat something up!
* * * * * * * *