Will the Real Twiggy Go Infect Someone?
(A continuation of Sheep, Sheep, Butterfly)

Outside on the porch, Naze, Toni, Steve, and Sparkles were lounging in the shade on a beautiful sunny day. All was peaceful… tranquil… it was just one of those kick back and relax days.

Naze: No, I don't want any in my book!
Steve: Well then put it away, cause here they come!

In an instant, Naze was covered with little bits of glitter. Toni laughed while Naze just grumbled and tried to wipe it all off. Steve handed the nearly full bottle of glitter back to Sparkles as he skipped around shrieking in delight.

Toni: What is he on…
Sparkles: *Yelling* Grass!
Toni: *Sigh*
Sparkles: *Hop* Rock! *Hop, crunch* Acorn! *Hop, squish* Uh… don't want to know what that was…
Toni: *Noticing Kei running frantically from the garden* Well whatever you're on, it's nothing compared to what she's doing…
Naze: *Still wiping off the glitter* What?

Everybody stops to look at Kei as she runs by them.

Naze: Kei, what are you doing?!
Toni: Maybe she's exorcising!
Steve: Exorcising?
Sparkles: Glitter!

Sparkles was suddenly covered with shiny specks of glitter as he held an empty plastic container that used to hold the sparkles. Kei disappears back into the garden. Moments later, Reluna, Andrew, Marejia, Luana, and Gumby come running into the garden, all with confused looks on their faces.

Reluna: What the shmuckles was Kei doing?
Andrew: She just ran right by us screaming about some twig.
Sparkles: *Thinking to himself* ~ Twig… Twiggy! That must be what she was doing. I better go find out. ~
Marejia: - and yeah, that's just weird.
Sparkles: ~ Shoot, I should stop thinking when other people are talking. I'm missing out on all the good stuff! ~
Luana: - being playful with Mike.
Sparkles: *Outloud* O-K, I'm leaving! *Walks off*
Gumby: What, we weren't talking about you, we were talking a-
Sparkles: I DON'T want to know!
Gumby: *Finishing his sentence to himself* About the bunnies…
Steve: Bunnies? Where?


Sparkles walks into Kei's room trying to find out why she was so psychotic over Twiggy.

Sparkles: Dang it's dark in here… and I can't find the light switch! *Stumbles over Incubus CD's* Ow… I've got to fix this darkness problem. *Starts making fireworks glow in his hands* Oh, there's the switch- what the… Twiggy's gone! No wonder Kei was so upset!

As Sparkles stands in front of the glass case filled with black butterflies, which had blue flames on their wings and antennae, the sound of footsteps approaching catch him off guard as he quickly hides under Kei's bed. Kei walks into the room, followed by Daniel, Gwen, Zion, Raven, Draco, and Aki.

Daniel: Oh, THESE butterflies!
Sparkles: ~ Wow, he knows what they are… wait, someone probably told him. ~
Gwen: We're doomed, doomed!
Kei: Look, there's Scooter, and Bif, and Twiggy, and Brandon, and Puffy, and…
Sparkles: ~ Twiggy… ~
Draco: You forget, we're immune.
Sparkles: ~ She said Twiggy… ~
Gwen: Oh… so then it's just people who are gonna die…
Aki: Yep.
Sparkles: ~ I know she said Twiggy… ~
Zion: Whoo-hoo!
Sparkles: ~ Wait… did she say Twiggy? ~
Daniel: Wait… did you say Twiggy?
Sparkles: ~ Sigh. ~
Kei: Did I?
Daniel: So, you really aren't missing a butterfly, are you?
Kei: *Hesitating* …No… I - I guess not… ah-hah-hah-hah!
Sparkles: ~ But I'm sure Twiggy wasn't in there when I looked… ~
Raven: You made us look for nothing?!
Zion: People aren't gonna die?!
Kei: *Pouts* I thought I lost one…
Sparkles: ~ You're not the only one that thought so. ~


Everyone had gone back to what they were doing. Those that were in Kei's room went and met up with everyone else back in the Rec. Room. Everyone that is, except for Sparkles. It didn't really matter though, because nobody else really noticed he was gone.

Kei: *Somewhat bored* So… what does everybody want to do now?
Zion: I wanted to see the people suffer…
Raven: *While sucking pudding through a straw* You'll get your chance. *Continues sucking* Until then, smack!
Zion: What was that for?
Raven: I don't know.
Gwen: Do you ever know?
Raven: No… shut up!
Steve: Bunnies!
Raven: You are a bunny.
Gwen: You are a subtitle!
Luana: Get in the hat!
Gumby: *Loudly mumbling from the couch* I'm trying to sleep…
Draco: *Yelling in Mike's ear* GET UP!
Gumby: *Doesn't even move* No.
Draco: I give up.
Raven: You give up too easily. Unlike me who will never stop until I get it done! *Continues sucking*
Aki: Wiggity-wiggity!
Gumby: Bunnies… I wonder what Colby thought when we were talking about getting food for the butterflies. Where is he anyway?
Zion: Where in the who with the what?
Gumby: I asked where-

Before Gumby can finish his question, a thunderstorm starts outside. Lightning nearly knocks the power out, but didn't.

Kei: Hey, the CD player stopped! And it was my favorite Incubus song!
Daniel: Get in what hat?
Gwen: Anyway… I would hate to be out in that storm. You'd have to be pretty stupid to be out there.


Sparkles: I must be pretty stupid to be out here.

Sparkles was outside in the thunderstorm all alone, walking down dark alleyways humming Japanese Digimon music to himself.

Sparkles: I know that Twiggy was missing, but it was back when Kei looked. Hmm… *Something crashes behind him* what the? Who's there?! I don't know karate, but I'll shoot you with my dazzling light show…

From behind a trash can steps… Sparkles?

Sparkles: Wha- bu- you're… ME!
Sparkles Clone: Yes, I am. I believe this belongs to you. *Holds up a jar with Twiggy inside*
Sparkles: Twiggy! I knew he was gone! But… who are you?
Clone: You, of course. I snuck right by all your other so-called friends. They all gave me weird looks as I walked by. Don't know f**king why, though.
Sparkles: Maybe it's because I don't swear! Hopefully they realized that.
Clone: Nah, I don't think they did. They didn't seem to notice when John came to the door and I kept saying a***ole. He almost spoiled me stealing Twiggy, the b***h.
Sparkles: They didn't? But I'd never say that… they didn't notice? Huh… they didn't even notice anything different. They probably didn't even notice I was gone… and stop cussing!
Clone: H*ll no! *Grabs Sparkles, gags him and handcuffs him to a pole* Enjoy your time out in the rain! Wait, you will. I'm going back to cause some more mischievous mayhem… bwahahahaha!
Sparkles: ~ Didn't even notice… *Sniff* ~


After what seemed like hours, Toni appeared from above on top of the building where Sparkles was tied. Using her explosive power, she managed to break Sparkles free.

Sparkles: Thanks Toni, I didn't know anyone would find me… or even know I was lost.
Toni: Nah. After what happened between you, Gumby, and the bunnies-
Sparkles: Oh great, I was involved in a threesome…
Toni: I meant… uh… oh forget it. But after you ran off and didn't return, I knew something was wrong. So I came looking for you. It sure beats playing Poker with them. The guys seemed to be losing, a lot.
Sparkles: Well… thanks. But we've got to get back! Some clone of me stole Twiggy, tied me up, and said he was going to cause more mischievous mayhem!
Toni: Well then why are we waiting here?
Sparkles: Glitter!

Sparkles was holding in his hand another empty plastic bottle, but this time, no glitter came down.

Toni: No glitter? Man, you have bad aim.
Sparkles: If only you knew…


Sparkles and Toni arrived outside the Rec. Room a little after midnight. At first it seemed like things were locked up tight, but when Sparkles tried to use his keys, the doors didn't open.

Sparkles: Oh great, the doors are jammed! I think my clone is up to something in there.
Toni: Then lets crash through a window!
Sparkles: Um… they all have iron bars over them.
Toni: Weird, they never were covered before. Then how about the skylight?
Sparkles: Yay…


Inside the Rec. Room, the skylight shatters with Sparkles and Toni falling to the floor. All around them lay their friends, who all appear dead.

Toni: *Screech*
Sparkles: Hey, that's my line. And wait a second… ha, just as I thought. These aren't our friends, but clones. *Points* And there are the clones of us! Well let's go find where everybody is and get Twiggy back!
???: You'll never get Twiggy back!
Sparkles: Gasp, it's the b-word in the hallway!
Toni: B-word?
Sparkles: I don't cuss.
Toni: Oh.
TBITHW: Well, it seems my illusion was no match for you. I'll just have to work harder at getting you to crumble…
Sparkles: Whatever. Chew on this! *Shoots his fireworks at TBITHW *
Toni: *Throws explosives at TBITHW* Spicy hot!
Sparkles: Spicy hot?
Toni: Shuttup.

After throwing several more explosive objects at TBITHW, and nearly ruining the entire lab, Sparkles and Toni finally stop and throw the half-unconscious person into the dumpster outside. Then after searching the institute, Sparkles finally finds the guys in Gumby's closet and the girls locked in Kei's room.

Raven: You were gone?
Zion: She was?
Gwen: You were?
Draco: I didn't know he was gone.
Naze: Who was gone?
Reluna: Somebody was gone?
Andrew: What?
Steve: Bunnies!
Marejia: Oh no, not this again.
Luana: Wait, I thought that Mike-
Gumby: Don't look at me, I was locked up for the past couple hours. Daniel, Steve and Andrew just moaned the entire time when we were in the closet. It wasn't really all that enjoyable, especially with Sparkles being gone.
Sparkles: What, you wanted to be stuck in a closet with me?
Gumby: Well…
Sparkles: No, don't even think of answering.
Daniel: Wait… what hat?
Kei: Incubus! They're on the radio!
Sparkles: Hmm… hat… closet… both big enough for more than one person… oh, I almost forgot!

At that moment, Sparkles grabs Gumby and shoves him and himself into a nearby closet. The group hears Gumby groaning and Sparkles laughing. When they step out, Gumby is covered in glitter.

Toni: Wait, I thought your bottle was empty!
Sparkles: It was. See, I don't have bad aim.
Toni: Bu- you- you threw that glitter outside an hour ago. How the… huh?

Sparkles just stands there with an innocent little smile on his face.

Sparkles: If only you knew…