Ra mpa ging Mu tant
Guest star: John as Asshole

               The doorbell rang.  Draco rushed down the stairs to the door.  She opened it to find someone not to her liking.
Draco: “What the hell do you want? Actually, what the fuckin’ hell are you doing here? How did you find this    
Asshole: “Shut up.  I’m looking for Aki.”
Draco: “Well, she’s not here so, fuck off!”
            Draco slammed the door in his face. Aki walked in.
Aki: “Who was that?”
Draco: “Some asshole…”
Aki: “You did slam the door in his face, right?”
Draco: “Yep!”
Aki: “Good.”
            *  *  *
            The doorbell rang, again, and Kei decided to answer it.
Asshole: “Where’s Gumby?”
            She stood there looking at him with a blank expression on her face.
Asshole: “Did you hear me? Where’s Gumby?”
            She didn’t answer.
Asshole: “Can you talk at all or are you deaf!!??? Now, where the hell’s Gumby?”
            She still didn’t answer.
            Suddenly, the door slammed in his face, again.
Draco: “That should teach him…asshole…”
Kei: “Heehee!”
Draco: “Why didn’t you answer him or at least call him an asshole?”
Kei: “He didn’t say ‘hello.’”
            *  *  *
            There was a knock on the door. Draco answered it, again.
Draco: “Aww, dammit!  What the FUCK are you doing here, again!?”
Asshole: “I-“
            Draco slammed the door, again, when Zion walked in.
Zion: “Who was at the door?”
Draco: “Some asshole…”
Zion: “What is it? Asshole day?”
Draco: “I know, really!”
            *  *  *
            Draco walked into the rec room and flopped onto the couch next to Gwen and Sparkles.
Draco: “What the fuck is wrong with this guy?”
Gwen: “What guy?”
Draco: “Asshole…”
Sparkles: “Now, which one is it?”
Draco: “Asshole!”
Gwen: “There’re many assholes. There’re even asses, smart-asses, dumb-asses, jackasses, and dip-shits.”
Draco: “Dip-shits? Where does that fit in!?”
Gwen: “I dunno…”
           Raven, Gumby, and Luana walked into the room.
Luana: “What’s going on?”
Gwen: “We’re trying to figure out which asshole Draco’s talking about.”
Raven: “Which asshole is it?”
Draco: “Asshole!!”
Gumby(look of disappointment): “…”
            Toni, Steve, Daniel, Reluna, Andrew, and Naze strolled into the room.
Sparkles: “Which asshole!?!?!?!”
Reluna: “Whoa…I think I’m missing something.”
Andrew: “You’re not the only one.”
Luana: “So, are you guys gonna help us figure out what Draco’s talking about?”
Toni: “Well, ….what’s she talking about?”
Raven: “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”
Gumby: “Actually, it’s WHO she’s talking about.”
Steve: “Well, who is she talking about?”
Sparkles: “Some guy she dubbed ‘Asshole.’”
Naze: “Asshole?”
Daniel: “There’re many assholes.  There’re even asses, smart-asses, dumb-asses, jackasses, and dip-shits.”
Draco: “I know that!!!!”
            The doorbell rang. Draco hopped off the couch and rushed to the door. The others followed her in wonder.
Draco(while opening the door): “You better not be-Asshole!!!!”
Asshole: “What?”
Others: “Oh! Asshole!!!”
            Draco jumped him and started beating the shit out of Asshole. Aki, Kei, and Zion had noticed the crowd around the door and had joined them as they watched Asshole get his ass kicked by Draco.
Aki(making disgust face): “Eh! That musta’ hurt…”
Zion: “I wouldn’t want to be him!”
Gwen: “Asshole!”
Kei(excited look on her face): “Go Draco!!! Beat the crap out of him!!!”
Daniel(to Gumby): “I bet you five bucks that he’s not gonna live!”
Gumby: “Hmm…”
Raven: “Uh…Draco…”
    Finally, Draco was tired out and they left Asshole battered and unconscious on the doorstep.
Draco: “That’s what you get for being an asshole, Asshole!!”
Naze: “Feeling better, Draco?”
Draco(huge smile): “Much better!”
*        *       *       *       *       *       *       *