Seve n Decks of Car ds

Aki: “Does anyone want to play cards? How about BS?”
            She stood in the doorway of the rec room, which was occupied by almost all of the X-men.  No one answered.
Aki: “Fine! I’ll go play solitaire!”
            *  *  *
            Hours past by and it was time for dinner.  They all sat at the dinner table eating, talking, and laughing.
Raven: “Hey, where’s Aki?”
Draco: “Where IS Aki?”
            They left the table to look for her.  They checked every room in the house.
Daniel: “Hey…where’re my cards?”
Gwen: “Don’t you have them?”
Daniel: “No. Well, not anymore!”
Gwen: “Okay, so Aki’s missing and so are your cards?”
            *  *  *
            Draco and Raven entered a dimly lit room.
Draco: “So, what room is this?”
Raven: “It’s the library.”
Draco: “We have a library!?”
?; “Who’s there?”
Raven and Draco: “!”
Raven: “Who’s there?”
?: “I asked you first!”
Draco: “Aki?”
?: “You can’t be Aki! I’m Aki!!”
Raven: “Aki!!”
Aki: “Draco? Raven? What’s going on?”
Draco: “We were looking for you!”
Aki: “Why?”
Raven: “’Cause you missed dinner and we were wondering where you were.”
            Draco walked over to the doorway and shouted that they had found Aki.
?: “Well, she was here all the time.”
Raven: “Sparkles!?”
Sparkles: “What?”
?: “Yeah, what?”
Draco: “Luana!?”
            The others finally made it to the library.
Kei (amazed): “Wow! A library!”
Raven: “So, …what? You two were there at dinner and now you’re here and… what?”
Sparkles: “We found her.”
Draco: “Then, why didn’t you say anything!?”
Sparkles: “Because we started to play BS.”
Daniel: “Are those-my cards!! Don’t you already have a deck or six?”
Aki: “Yeah, but we’re playing BS with Sparkles! We need like a thousand decks and we’re 993 decks short.”
Daniel: “Fine. But I’m gonna need them back. How else am I gonna throw charged cards at people?”
            *  *  *
            The Institute was dark and quiet. Everyone has gone to bed. Kei was sound asleep until she heard a rustling from the hallway.
Kei(half asleep): “What? What the hell’s going on? Guys, shut up! I’m trying to sleep, dammit!”
            The noise settled down and Kei began to go back to sleep. *rustle-rustle*
Kei: “Dude! If I find out who’s doing that, I swear I will kill you!!”
            The noise didn’t stop. Kei dragged herself out of bed to go kick some ass. She walked out into the dark hallway.
Kei: “Hm… there’s no one out here.”
            She glanced down at her watch.
Kei: “It would help if there was some light or something to see what time it is.”
            She went back to her room to check her clock, instead.
Kei: “4:46? Who the hell-?”
            She walked back into the hallway as the rustling continued.
Kei: “Maybe I should have someone with me.”
Kei(sarcastically): “That would be smart!”
Kei: “Shut up!”
            *  *  *
            Gwen’s bedroom door opened slightly. Kei popped her head into her room.
Kei(loud whisper): “Gwen! Yo, Gwen!”
Gwen: “Eh…”
Kei: “Yo!!”
Gwen(half asleep): “What?”
            She looked around her room to see no one and began to go back to sleep.  Kei popped up from beside her bed.
Gwen: “Ah!”
Kei: “Shhh!”
Gwen: “What? It’s-*look at clock* 4:58! What do you want?”
Kei: “Did you hear something?”
Gwen: “Besides you, no. Now, go back to bed. Do I have to tuck you in?”
Kei: “No. But, I heard something somewhere in the hallway.”
            Kei pulled on Gwen to get out of bed.
Gwen: “Fine! Stop it and I’ll come with you.”
            She drowsily got out of bed and followed Kei into the hall. They walked until they found a room with light flooding into the hall. The two girls looked at each other and knew what to do. All of a sudden, they jumped in front of the doorway and was ready to kick ass, but stopped to notice that it was Aki.
Gwen: “This is what you got me out of bed for?”
Aki: “Hi guys! Good morning! I’m playing war solitaire!”
Gwen: “How long have you been playing this?”
Aki: “Since…Sparkles and Luana stopped playing BS. Which would have been around 7:30.”
Gwen: “And you’ve been playing this the whole time?”
Kei: “And you scared the hell out of me!”
*    *    *    *    *    *   *    *