Case of th e Miss ing Cards

            Daniel woke up due to the excessive noise coming from the lower floors of the Institute. He glanced over to a clock, which sat on a bedside table.
Daniel(half asleep): “What! It’s, like, 10:46!! Why do I live with these people?”
            He reached over to the bedside table for something.  He was still mostly asleep and had his eyes partially open.
Daniel: “Where the hell-?”
            He opened his eyes to see that nothing was there, but the clock. He quickly sat up and looked over to the tabletop.
Daniel: “What the hell!?”
            *  *  *
            Most of the X-men were either in the rec room or gathered around the breakfast table.
            *  *  *
            Kei peered into a cereal box. Toni sat at the table laughing while she ate her breakfast. Kei was disappointed to see it was empty.
Kei: “Oh! It’s gone! It’s all gone!!! My world is crashing down!!”
Aki: “Try that one.”
            Aki pointed to a box on the counter, next to Kei. Kei reached over and opened it. She was disappointed once, again and looked as though she was about to cry. Just then, Daniel walked in.
Daniel: “Aki, did you take my cards, again?”
Aki: “No. Why?”
Daniel: “I lost my cards.”
Kei: “Don’t you mean marbles?”
Daniel: “What marbles?”
Kei(angrily): “Exactly!!!”
Daniel: “What’s wrong with you?”
Kei(angrily and dramatically): “Someone ate all the Lucky Charms in this box and ate all the marshmallows in that
            one!!!!!! I want my Lucky Charms, dammit!!!! My world had already crashed down and now it’s going up             in flames!!! I want my Lucky Charms!!!!!!!”
Daniel: “Um…okay! Here.”
            He handed her an un-opened box of Lucky Charms from the top of the refrigerator.
Kei(happily): “Yay!!!!!”
    She ripped it open and poured some into a bowl.
Kei: “Hee! Thank you, Daniel!”
Daniel: “Now, have you seen cards?”
Kei: “No, but I have your necklace!”
Daniel: “….oh, yeah…”
            Daniel left the kitchen to question the others. He stopped off at the rec room, first.
Daniel: “Hey, have any of you guys seen my cards?”
Gwen(leaning on a pool stick by the pool table): “No. Shouldn’t you have them? Maybe Aki has them.”
?: “I only took them once!!”
Daniel: “Wha-!”
            Aki had just entered the room and was standing behind Daniel.
Raven: “Did you check your hat?”
Daniel: “*inhale*…no..”
            He walked over to the coffee table where his red, plaid hat sat upside down.
Daniel: “Aww, dammit!”
Kei(just walked in): “You’re not trying to throw your cards in your hat, again, are you? Speaking of cards, did you
            find them?”
Draco: “No, he didn’t.”
Gumby: “What about under the couch?”
            Daniel checked the couch and found only dust bunnies and forgotten objects that had become all gross and nasty.
Daniel(disgusted): “No!”
Zion: “What about over there?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Luana: “How ‘bout there?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
            Kei stood there thinking to herself with her hand up to her chin.
Sparkles: “There?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Naze: “Or there?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Reluna: “Try over there.”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Andrew: “Here?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Zion: “What about here?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Draco: “Here?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
            After an hour or so….
Luana: “Under here?”
Daniel: “Nope.”
Kei(to Aki): “Could they be in his pockets?”
Aki: “Hmm…Hey, are they in your pockets?”
            Daniel checked his pockets.
Daniel: “Oh, there they are!”
*        *       *       *       *       *       *       *