Spiking, F reaking, and Bea ting

            Zion, Raven, and Gwen stood at the front door and were ready to go out for a little fun.
Zion: “So, is everyone ready?”
Raven: “I am. Let me pose in my black boots that I got at Hot Topic just a couple of days ago so people can get a
            mental picture of how cool these boots are.”
            Raven posed in her black boots that she got at Hot Topic just a couple days ago so people can get a mental picture of how cool those boots are.
Gwen: “I’m ready.”
            Zion opened the door and the three walked out in the night.
            *  *  *
Gwen: “So, where are we going exactly?”
            They walked closely together on the sidewalk of the city.
Raven: “Yeah, where are we going?”
Zion: “I guess where ever.”
Gwen(pointing to a night club across the street): “Let’s go there! That place looks interesting.”
Raven: “Why haven’t I seen that place before?”
Zion: “Because we’ve never been down this way before.”
Raven: “Oh!”
            They crossed the street and headed towards the nightclub.  As they got passed the bouncer and entered the club, they were taken by all the people there.
Gwen: “Hey, that guy’s kinda’ sexy!”
Raven: “Should we split up?”
Gwen: “Sure.”
Zion: “Remember no drinking.”
Raven: “Obviously.”
            Time past by and Raven was ready to go home. She found Gwen flirting with a guy.
Raven: “Gwen, we should go home.”
Gwen: “Hmm? Oh. Raven, Sexy Guy. Sexy Guy, Raven.”
Raven: “Hi….Anyway…where’s Zion?”
Gwen: “I dunno. I haven’t seen her since we split up.”
            They split up once, again to look for Zion.
Raven: “Zion!!!”
Gwen: “Zion!!!”
            They met up, again with no clue where Zion had gone.
Raven: “Where did she go!? Did Schlegal put her in that dungeon, again!?”
Gwen: “Dungeon?”
            *  *  *
            Zion woke up to find herself in a very unfamiliar place.
Zion: “What the hell?”
            She lied in a bed in a very frilly room. The door opened and Zion waited anxiously to see who it was.
Zion: “I hate that guy!!!”
Guy that Zion hates: “What?”
Zion: “What the hell did you do to me?”
GTZH: “Besides spike your drink, nothing.”
Zion: “What the hell for!?”
            Zion lunged off the bed at him and started beating the shit out of him. Hours later, she stopped and left him on the floor unconscious and bruised up.
Zion: “What the hell?”
            GTZH began to morph.
Zion: “*gasp!*”
            *  *  *
            Zion found her way back to the Institute. As she entered through the doorway, everyone crowded around her and was happy to see her safe.
Raven: “Where the hell did you go, last night? You didn’t ditch us for some guy, did you?”
Zion: “No! Someone spiked my drink and I ended up somewhere else.”
Aki: “Do you know who it was?”
Zion: “First, I thought it was the guy that I hate. I hate that guy! But, it turned out that he was really TBITHW
Others: “*gasp* That bitch in the hallway!!!”
Draco: “Dammit, she’s still out there!?”
Zion: “Yeah, but I kicked her ass.”
Draco: “Yay!”
*        *       *       *       *       *       *       *