this was based off of one of the x-men:evolution episodes.


    Reluna strolled through the garden of gorgeous flowers. She was enchanted by all of their beauty and glory. She inhaled their wonderful smells and was completely breath-taken.

Reluna: They’re so-AHH!”
    She collapsed to her knees and held her head.
Reluna: “PAIN!”
    *  *  *
Raven: “Rachael!”
Zion: “What?”
Raven: “Rachael…”
Zion: “…But…I’m using it…”
    Rachael held a red lighter.
Raven: “Rachael!”
Zion: “But…I…”
Raven: “If this Institute burns down, we’re blaming it all on you and we’re going to make
you…go away!”
Zion: “Fine!”
    Zion handed the lighter back to Raven.
    *  *  *
    Kei and Draco were walking down the stairs as Reluna walked in from the garden.
Kei: “Reluna-chan!”
Draco: “Hey, Reluna!”
Reluna: “…”
    Reluna walked right past them, up the stairs to her room.
Kei: “Ohh….”
Draco: “Reluna! Don’t you love us anymore!?”
    *  *  *
    Reluna walked into her room and turned on the light.
Reluna: “Er...Andrew?”
Andrew: “Yes?”
Reluna: “What are you doing in my room?”
Andrew: “Uh…nothing…just waiting for you…”
Reluna: “Andrew! Get out! …PAIN!”
    Reluna collapsed to her knees, again.
Andrew: “Reluna, are you okay?”
Reluna: “Ah!”
    Objects in the room started floating around.
Andrew: “Um…ah??”
    Reluna passed out and laid limp on the floor. Andrew rushed to her side.
    *  *  *
Wolfsbane(Naze): “Is she going to be okay?”
    Reluna was in one of the rooms(unconscious, sorta’) of the lab. She was hovering over the metal table that was in the middle of the room. Random objects floated around her.
Xavier (Bagel): “Maybe…I dunno, is she?”
Storm (Marejia): “*sigh* She will be okay if she loses some of her power. But, only
enough so she can control it.”
Rogue (Kei): “Well, how is she going to do that?”
    All the X-men turned and looked at her.
Rogue: “What?”
    *  *  *
Rogue: “Nooo! Nooo!! I’m not doing it! No!”
    Some of the X-men were pushing her towards the door(that belongs to that one room that Reluna’s in), while the others were pulling her.
Shadowcat: “You’re the only on who can do this!”
Rogue: “No! Get someone else! No!!”
Beast: “There is no one else!”
Rogue: “No! What if I get hit by something!?”
Cyclops: “Then, you’ll get hit by it!”
Rogue: “But…PAIN!!!”
Nightcrawler: “Think about how much pain she’s in!”
    Rogue stopped struggling and they all let go of her.
Rogue (timidly): “Yeah…well…I’m scared…”
Gambit: “The Rogue, scared?! I never thought!”
Rogue: “Hey…shut up! That’s not shibby!”
Gambit: “What!? I’m not shibby!?”
Rogue: “No, THAT’S not shibby!”
Gambit: “Oh! Okay. Just checking…”
Storm: “Did I mention she needs to be focused on something else?”
X-men: “???”
Storm: “Ahem…She needs to focus on something or someone else for Rogue to be able
to drain some of her power.”
Rogue: “………I’m still scared…”
Psylocke: “Yeah, but you’re not by yourself anymore…”
Rogue: “Well, what if I kill her? I can do that y’know…”
Nightcrawler: “I’ll make sure you don’t!”
Rogue: “So, you’re coming with me?”
Nightcrawler: “Yep!”
Rogue: “Okay, that makes me feel better…”
Cyclops: “Wait…what if…Nightcrawler transports Rogue in and out of there and I,
Cyclops, will be the point of her focus!”
X-men: “Uh…sure…okay…”
Cyclops: “You guys were so enthusiastic…”
X-men: “No problem…”
Cyclops: “…”
    *  *  *
Nightcrawler: “Ready?”
Rogue: “Not really…”
Nightcrawler: “Too bad…”
    *Poof*  -:?:-(ß smoke…^_^)
    Cyclops was already inside the room with Reluna.
Cyclops: “Reluna! Can you hear me?”
Reluna: “A..Andrew?”
Cyclops: “Reluna, I need you to focus on my voice…”
Reluna: “...I’ll try…”
    *Poof* -:?:-  
    Rogue and Nightcrawler reached Bethy and Rogue drained some of her power. Rogue became confused and a little dizzy.
Rogue: “um…what?….”
Nightcrawler: “Let’s get out of here!”
Rogue: “Out of where?”
    *Poof*  -:?:-
    Reluna was calm and still unconscious. She fell to the table and was sound asleep.
Cyclops: “Reluna!”
    Cyclops rushed to her.
    *  *  *
    All the X-men (except Reluna and Andrew) gathered in the kitchen for an after mission snack. Raven sliced and apple into pieces with her claws.
Raven: “It’s good to have claws…”
Rogue (munching on a cookie): “Y’know…draining the life out of someone really makes
you hungry afterwards….or maybe it’s because we missed lunch…”
Draco (standing next to Rogue, thinking)~ “Heh-heh…I could poke her right
now and she would never expect it!”
Rogue: “Think, again, Draco…”
Draco: “Damn you and using Reluna’s power before it wears out…”
    *  *  *
Andrew: “Are you feeling better?”
Reluna: “Much better…” ^_^

*        *       *       *       *       *       *       *