Don’t Slip!

Xavier: ::funny look::
Marejia: “O…kaaaay?”
    The two noticed something strange and called all the x-men to gather in the front yard.
    * * *
    Fenomka poked her head in every bedroom to repeat Marejia’s announcement. She wasn’t surprised to see most of them were still asleep.
    * * *
    The X-men were finally starting to gather in front of the Institution. Some were still putting their accessories on.
Draco: “Kei, watch out!”
    Kei was still trying to put on her gloves as she got off the last step of the porch.
Kei: “Hm?…Waiii!!!!”
    She slipped and fell forward and accidentally touched Andrew’s arm with a bare hand.
Kei: “Oof!”
Andrew: “Ack! ::twitch::”
Daniel: “Shibby!”
    Kei quickly shut her eyes to avoid hurting anything with her new temporary power.
Kei(getting up): “Oops…”
Gwen: “Maybe you should start putting on your gloves right after you get up in the
morning… You did that to me last week!”
Zion: “And me the week before…”
Raven: “Me the week before that…”
Naze: “Me before that…”
Gumby: “And before that…”
Sparkles: “And before that…”
Daniel: “And before that…”
Steve: “And me before that-”
Kei: “-Okay! I get the picture…”
Marejia: “Ahem…getting to the reason why we are gathered here…If you hadn’t
noticed…The entire yard has been covered by ice.”
Fenomka(looking down): “Hey! Well, look at that!”
Marejia: “Ahem…But this isn’t the first time something of ours has been frozen over…”
    Gwen stayed suspiciously quiet and had a smirk on her face.
Marejia: “Some things have been iced inside the Institution! Either someone has been
getting into our home without us knowing or one of us gain a new power…”
Kei(eyes still shut): “I didn’t do it!!”
Reluna: “No one was blaming you…”
Gwen: “Yeah…Of course it wasn’t you! It couldn’t have been!”
Gumby: “How are you so sure?”
Kei: “Hey!”
Gwen: “Um…because…I am!…Where…would she get the ice power?”
Gumby: “Good question…”
Marejia: “Ahem!! So, we all have to keep an eye out for anything suspicious…”
X-men: “Right! *glaring at Gwen*”
    *  *  *
    Gwen sat at the computer in the rec room while the other girls suspiciously whispered to eachother.
Fenomka: “What?”
Raven: “She’s suspicious…”
Draco: “Can’t we just ask her?”
Shiney Happy Hippie: “Well, she is shady-”
Raven: “Suspicious!!!”
Shiney Happy Hippie: “Suspiscious…”
Kei: “C’mon! Just ask her!”
Raven: “Fine!”
    Zion walked over to Gwen.
Zion: “So…Gwen…what’s up with the whole ice thing? Do you know something?”
Gwen(smiles): “Maybe…”
Zion: “C’mon!! Tell me!”
Gwen: “Fine…Wait until…later….”
    *  *  *
    The doorbell rang. Gwen rushed to open it with the others tagging behind her.
Gwen: “Hi!”
?: “Hey…What?”
Gwen: “Heh, Zach, you’ve gotta stop icing things…that’s why…they’re kinda’ here…”
Zach: “Oh…sorry about that…”
Draco: “You are not funny!”

*    *    *    *    *    *