By-Laws of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization

Article I:  Title.

The organization shall be known as the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization (C/FO).
Article II:  Purpose
The C/FO shall provide a forum for the promotion of animation and cartoon art, and fantasy and science-fiction drama, in such media as motion pictures, television, comic books, and novels.
Article III:    Membership.
Section A:  Membership shall be available to all who pay the C/FO membership dues.

Section B:  Memberships are for a calendar year, ending in December.

Section C:  Any membership that has not been renewed by the end of the following January shall have expired.

Section D:  Only members have the right to hold C/FO office and to vote on C/FO business.

Section E:  Members may have additional privileges as established by the Board.

Article IV: Officers.
Section A:  A six (6) member Board of Directors shall be elected by the membership to perform the duties of the C/FO.

Section B:  The following officers shall be elected to serve on the Board of Directors:

1:  The President shall preside over meetings, and ensure that the organization is functioning

2:  The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President

3:  The Secretary shall conduct the C/FO's correspondence, maintain the C/FO's records, and
take minutes at the meetings.

4:  The Treasurer shall collect dues and other fees, maintain the financial records, and pay
the C/FO's debts upon the Board's instructions.

5:  The Programmer shall schedule and operate the C/FO's programs.

6:  The Librarian shall maintain the C/FO's Library, including preparing an up-to-date catalogue of its contents, and making this catalogue available to the membership.

Section C:  These officers shall be elected at the December meeting by a majority of the members present and voting, to serve the following calendar year.  If an officer should resign or be removed, a special election shall be held at the next regular meeting to fill that office.

Section D:  Additional officers may be appointed by the Board to fill specified duties.  They shall serve until their resignations or their removal by the Board.  They shall not serve on the Board of Directors.

Article V:  Meetings.
Section A:  The regular meetings of the C/FO shall be held on the third Saturday of each month, at a location established by the Board.

Section B:  All members shall be kept informed of the current regular meeting site.

Section C:  All members in good standing are entitled to attend regular meetings.

Section D:  The C/FO may hold special meetings as established by the Board.

Article VI:  Dues and Other Fees.
Section A:  The membership dues are $12.00 per year.  Members who join after the beginning of the year shall pay prorated dues.  ($11.00 for for those joining in February, $10.00 in March, $9.00 in April, et cetera.)

Section B:  There shall also be a requested attendance donation from members of $1.00 per meeting attended.  Members may make an annual attendance donation of $8.00 instead of donating at each meeting, if they wish.

Section C:  The Board may permit the attendance of non-members at regular meetings.  A non-member may attend two meetings without charge as a guest. Regularly-attending non-members shall be requested to donate $2.00 per meeting attended.

Section D:  The Board may waive any fees for special guests such as program speakers.

Article VII:  Powers.
Section A:  The Board of Directors shall have the authority to conduct all C/FO business not specifically covered in these By-Laws.

Adopted unanimously, March 1991 meeting.
Revised unanimously, September 1995 meeting.