C/FO Rules of Conduct


(a) Absolutely, positively, no talking in the Video Room while the regular programming is being shown!!! This includes, but may not be limited to: comments, questions, jokes, reading subtitles out loud, etc. It is not appreciated at conventions! It is not appreciated here! This rule applies to all!!! (Laughter of reasonable volume and duration is not prohibited.)

(b) All talking is to be done only outside the Video Room or in the Video Room before the program starts and after the program ends, and should be limited during the Business Meetings or special programming. We have two separate rooms. There is no excuse to annoy other attendees trying to watch the program quietly.

 It's simple. No Smoking!
 Eating is permitted provided that you clean up your own mess and eat quietly.
Please refrain from saying anything or doing anything rude or of a sexually explicit nature during the meeting. Act like a reasonably mature human being.
All attendees are responsible for helping to make new attendees "feel" welcomed to the meetings by being friendly, polite, courteous, and getting to know them. This does not give the attendees the "go ahead" to annoy anyone, other members as well as guests, with inappropriate behavior, offensive suggestions, and/or comments.
All items brought to or property of the C/FO are for the enjoyment and benefit of all the members and guests. No one, except for the person or persons responsible, owners, or other authorized personnel are to touch such items, except with the permission of the person or persons responsible, owners or other authorized personnel. This does cover any and all rooms. Publications on display should be examined at, or as near as possible to, the display location, and returned to the display location when examination is finished. You will also be held responsible for any damages that you incur as a result of your actions.
WARNING: If any of the rules are violated:
(1) You will be given a verbal warning for the first offense.

(2) If the rules are violated a second time, you will be asked to leave the Room for the duration of the program.

(3) If the rules continue to be violated for a third and last time during a twelve-month period, you will be asked to leave the building. Your suspension will be published in the minutes, and your membership and/or permission to attend C/FO events will be reviewed by the members at the next meeting.

Passed at the 218th meeting, June 1995.