To My Fallen Brothers

J.H.Wavrecan,Pvt. USMC
copyright 1999

To all my brothers who have fallen ;
here, today, i distinguish upon you the utmost loyalty and respect.
For your dedication, bravery and sacrifice-freedom before family.
It is not easy knowing that when you go to fight for our freedom,
many of you will not return to your families,
never holding them again in your arms,
you love them, and freedom.
And it is for this that we love you; for, you made the most prominant
sacrifice that could ever be made, and yet you still do it.
This is something that only the strongest could ever attempt.
We love our families, truly love them;
yet, we love freedom also.
It has a taste only the strong truly know,
but even the weakest, brittlest of Americans can feel and enjoy.
A sweet taste of accomplishment, but only achieved through
the bitterest of sacrifices.
Through your dedication to country and freedom,
my childrens' children may grow up to know
and enjoy freedom,
and enjoy the rewards of being free.
I thank you.
As God as my witness,
they shall grow up to know how it was
that they were free,
and how you fought to keep them so.
I bestow upon all of my brothers,
who dedicated their lives to keeping us free;
my love, utmost honor, respect, and my life.
Many speculate how it was,
but only you know,
only you have experienced it,
and you have prevailed.
Thank You.

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