What about Gillian? (Anderson!)

Marcus Krause

It's Sunday night in my room
In the darkness and gloom
I hear whistles
And chills run down my spine
I tune in every week
It's chemistry that I seek
Dana Scully makes me feel
That girl's song was real sharp
But I know she missed the mark
She can have her spooky Fox
But Agent Scully is mine!
What about Gillian?
Her love is the real secret agent
I'll never doubt Gillian
She's got my heart in a ziplock bag
I'm lost without Gillian
Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson
And if I had her all alone
I'd whisper that it's scientifically shown
If she and I were to mate
Our children's genes would be great
But if I were in the CIA
I'd steal a sample of her DNA
Then I'd make myself a clone-
A little Dana to call my own
And she blinds me with science
And she displays such self-reliance
And she can still look so alluring
When she does a post-mortem
I've been learning how to fake
To shape shift or somehow break
Objects with my eyes
Or even de-materialize
Cause that way Fox will hunt me down
And then Scully will come around
And I'll show her that his mind is weak
And I've got what her heart seeks
Angel of reason is subtley teasing,
and oh-so pleasing! Gillian Anderson!

Song lyrics from http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/45/marcus_krause.html