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The Sun-Herald, December 13, 1998

Under the headline What Turns you On, David Duchovny won "Favourite TV Actor" in the TV Now awards ahead of a group of mostly Australian actors Colin Friels, Tony Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry O'Connell, John Clarke, Paul Bishop, Martin Sacks and John Wood.

Gillian Anderson was voted second in the "Favourite TV Actress" category. Australian actress Lisa McCune was first while Catherine McClements (Australian) and Callista Flockhart tied for third.

The X-Files wasn't mentioned in the "All Time Favourite Program" section which was won by South Park ahead of The Bill, MASH and Blue Heelers.

In the same issue ...

Good news for Australian X-Files fans. In a story titled Viewers Potty Over Putty Stars it was reported that Channel 10 (Capital) had purchased the rights to Celebrity Death Match which will commence in February 1999. Although the show wasn't mentioned specifically, everyone will now be able to see the match between X-Files and Men In Black.

The Sunday Telegraph, December 6, 1998

In the TV Guide liftout was a story X-Files Faves

X-Files producer Frank Spotnitz says Memento Mori is his favourite episode of the hit spook opera starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

Producer/director Rob Bowman likes 731, while actor Nick "Ratboy" Lea, who plays renegade agent Krycek, is partial to Duane Barry.

The revelations have come to light as fans vote for their favourite episodes, which will form a marathon screening in the US.

No word yet on whether Foxtel in Australia, which screens the series on cable, will follow suit.

Australian fans of the series without access to cable will have to rely on their video store until the next rating period when it will be back on 10.

In Your Say there was a letter from C.G.

I hope channel Ten airs old episodes of The X-Files over the summer. After seeing the X-Files movie on the big screen, I've become a fan. I'm sure there are a lot of people like me who haven't seen them yet, and it would give Channel Ten a ratings boost.

We wish!! Ten refused to screen repeat episodes because of supposed poor ratings!

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