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This is the page where I'll describe my site to you.
Mizu walks onto a big stage and turns on her mike. "Ehhem, testing, 1,2,3."

"This site is dedicated to my story and me!" Mizu says. "Kaira-sama (my creator) also does requests of game sprites for your character from Sailor Moon, but you must include which senshi they look the closet like, fuku, etc." "There will be fanfiction coming up soon, so be patient. And Kaira-sama has asked me to tell you that she will not be able to update often. Why? " Kaira-sama steps onto the stage and grabs the mic from Mizu. "Because I'm in grade ten, which means more exams and less time!!! " Mizu yanks the mic back."Ookee." she says. "That's all for now." she says. "Ja ne." Kaira-sama grabs mic. "Get out of here if you don't know any other japanese word beside syanahra, ja ne, baka, or odango mata!!" she yells.