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Here are a few CCM Quizzes.
Just e-mail me the answers!

Quiz#1 Which Cardcaptor Mizu character are you most like?

1. What is your fav color?
a. blue b. green
c. pink d. purple
e. red f. black
g. orange h. silver
i. gold j. white

2. What is your fav food?
a. yakitori b. undon
c. rice balls c. stir fry
d. yakisoba d. kuriimumi tsumame

3. What is your fav animal?
a. cat b. bird
c. cheetah d. wolf
e. horse

4. What is your personality like?
a. Calm, level-headed, often serious; considerate about
everything;reliable; slow to trust people;observes social rules and customs; restrained action and expression; purposeful.

b. Curious, interested in everything around them; can be
considered fickle; do prioritize their many interests; not necessarily concious of circumstances or the results of their actions; doesn't care about social rules and customs.

c. Sensitive to others around them; excels at most things; tend to be more strict with themselves and those close to them; good at adjusting to various relationships; sentimental; tends to thinks too much about some things.

d. Peaceful and carefree; can be stubborn and strong-willed; easygoing, liked by all; know how to take chances; trustworthy; intellegent, but can make large mistakes.
(thank you ccsvscc for personality info

5. What is your fav flower?
a. sakura b. water lily
c. lotus d. rose
d. lily e. daffodil.

6. What is your fav subject?
a. art b. phys ed
c. music d. home ec
e. math

7. What is your fav anime?
a. Yu-Gi-Oh!
b. Magic Knights: RayEarth
c. Angelic Layer
d. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
e. New Legend of Snow White Pretear
f. Saber Marionette J
g. Slayers
h. Neo Genesis Evaglion