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This is Mizu's first battle costume she wears. It (like the rest) was made by Umi. It consists of a dark green hat with a dark indigo rim, a blue dress (green neck) with a dark indigo rim, a blue cape that is held in place by a blue star, the part of the cape that is on her shoulders is trimmed with dark indigo and the whole cape has a dark green lining on the inside, her gloves are dark blue with dark indigo rims, and her boots are the same color as the dress and have a dark indigo stripe and a dark indigo stripe at the rim.


This is Mizu's second battle costume. It consists of a black long sleved shirt, that is conected to black shorts, by a peice of grey see-through fabric. The shirt is also decorated by a skinny cresent moon. She has dark grey gloves, black boots that go past the knee, and a black hat. The hat and boots are also decorated by cresent moons.