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Here are the Tomeda Junior High uniforms.


This is the girls winter uniform. It has a dark indigo long sleeved shirt (with black stripes around the cuffs), a white sailor bib (with a black stripe around it), a white tie (black stripe), a white skirt (black stripe), knee high socks, and black buckle shoes.


This is the boys winter uniform. It is pretty much the same as the girls, except it has white pants with a black stripe, ankle socks, and black shoes.


This is the Home Ec. class uniform. They wear this whenever they are cooking. It basically is a white apron and bandanna that is worn over there regular uniform.


This is the girls' spring and summer uniform. It has a light indigo shirt, a white tie, a white sailor bib, a white skirt with a black stripe all along it, white knee high socks, black buckle shoes and all the stripes on the outfit are black. There is also a light indigo hat with a white stripe (see boys spring and summer outfit).


This is the boys' spring and summer uniform. It is pretty much the same as the girls, except it the sleeves are not puffed, it has ankle socks, black shoes, and white pants with a black stripe.


This is the gym uniform. The shirt are long sleeved and are indigo, the pants are black, the shoe are white and indigo with white laces, and there are white stripes at the rims of the sleeves and at the base of the shirt.


This is the cheereleading practice uniform. The shirt is baby blue with white and black stripes along the collar and two white buttons. The skirt is black with two indigo stripes around it. They wear ankle socks and the same runners as in the gym uniform. They also have a baton.


This is the cheerleading uniform. It worn at track meets and other competitions. It has a light indigo dress, a sky blue sailor bib that goes down at the back and front and splits in the middle, the bottom of the dress is rimmed in black, it has matching socks, white runners with black laces, and to top it off, sky blue pom-poms. As you can see, Satoo (for more info on characters, check out the profiles section) is wearing a sky blue head band to go with the uniform.

As you can probably tell from the uniforms, the schools colors are: White, Black, and Indigo. Sky blue is not one of the school's colors, but they still use it. There's another thing I'd like to say, yes Mizu's favorite color is blue, but she doesn't really like indigo, even though it is a shade of blue, she really only pefers sky blue.