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Clothing , Accessories and TV Specialised

I decided to split the clothing into two sections, each with own link. One section is Clothing :-High Street and Mail order, and the other, Clothing:-Specialist Tranny shops, of which some will be a mixture of mail order or shops that you can visit or they will offer both services.  Its not aimed at fashion either as I know from experience we all dress for different reasons, some like fashion, some like fetish wear.....some like both :-).   Note of caution.....when making orders by mail order for the first time do a trial order first, assess the quality and delivery service prior to making a serious purchase.

High St Fashion Outlets

If you like to browse the high street shops but like to be in and out as quickly as possible, then check the products online first.
All of the links below do online order, but dont forget it will be in marked wrapping, and you will start to recieve catalogues too, so unless your able to recieve these items without members of your house hold raising an eyebrow or worse, just use them for ideas, and its always better to see what you buy in the real.  But I do hope these links will be usefull.


Dorothy Perkins



Marks & Spencer


Top Shop


Tallgirls  Mail order only.



Shoe Tailor a nice Mail Order site.


Online mail order Lingerie..........great selection and based in the UK

Sexy Lingerie at SurpriseHim Lingerie Store
Exotic lingerie for all types of women. We also carry sexy costumes and shoes at affordable price.


"Lingerie shopping from Angel Bodywear Lingerie.  Sexy lingerie
including corsets, bridal lingerie, bustiers, plus size lingerie, baby
dolls, and more".   Mail order based in the US of A

Cocoon, for the gurls that like Rubber wear.

Wicked Temptations the title suggests :-) lots of skimpy outfits here :-)

2Cute Sexy Lingerie USA, lots more sexy outfits :-)

Thanks to those of you who send me links for inclusion on my home page.  I check the links first to make sure they are suitable for this site.........tch...........prude that I am :-).
I've not used any of the mail order sites I take no responsibility for anything going be wary, my advice would be to do a small order first and then follow up with your main order when you recieve your initial small order.
Anyway keep em coming......I will soon have to re organise the Links pages...but not yet.......Im too lazy :-)



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