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"I have to say I have made lots of mistakes in the past with wigs.  I strongly recommend if you can try and visit a wig retailer before parting with your hard earned cash.  Make an appointment and have a good look at lots of styles, colours and get advice from the person doing the fitting........and make sure you buy a wig that is managable.........curly ones can be a nightmare."
At the bottom of the page is instructions for wig cleaning.



Honky Tonk Wigs are based in the Egham, Surrey,  in SE England.  They are very TG friendly give them a phone call for directions and car parking, the have a discreet car park at the rear of the shop if you nervous about calling in.


Suzi's is based in Lakeside shopping center Essex.......superb site.......and some great prices with a terrific range.....also Tranny friendly....Im very impressed with this outfit.

Contrast   Well I must say the Contrast web site is very good, with lots of styles.  Another point to this company is price, I was amazed at how reasonable the price their wigs on offer.....ok I havent bought one of their wigs so dont know the quality, but from the displays, they look very good.

Great shop based in Kensington West London.  Bit on the pricey side, but they have friendly and helpfull staff.  They also offer a cleaning service for wigs, once again bit pricey, but for me well worth it.

Beesly and Goodman are based in Sandhurst in Surrey.  Not been there myself so cant comment on price, but they do look very good, if you visit you need to make an appointment.


Hair by Mervyn is based close to Peterborough, they look good.....but sadly no online prices....but a very good range, you can phone or email for prices.  For private fittings it appointment only.


Krystyna is based in Cheshire and is a dressing service that sells wigs.  The beauty of this is you can be totally made up and try on lots of wigs until you find one you like.