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Clothing:- High Street and Mail Order

Specialist TV friendly shops and stuff

Specialist shops can be a little pricey, but they do offer that place to go if your not confident about the high street shops.  Some of the shops I've listed are mail order only, one of the shops called Alter-Ego does off a delievery option called Collectpoint Service all the details can be found on their how to pay section.


Doreens Fashion  The new Doreen Fashions web site.  Doreens is located in Leyton, London, on the Lea Bridge Road.  The shop is run by Betty a lovely person and it really is a lovely shop established now for 50 years.   Well worth a visit and a good place to start if your just starting out buying clothes.


TransLife.......Now based in Hove, Sussex, address detail and phone numbers etc can be found on their web link....enjoy your shopping experience with them.


Bosomfriends.........well worth a look.......some very reasonable prices!!!!!!

The Breast Form Store

To find quality breast forms, bras, faux nipples, gaffs as well as other accessories for the cross dressing community, we recommend The Breast Form Store. This store is dedicated to serve you - the Cross Dresser. Their friendly and informative staff are always willing to spend the time with you to make sure you receive the best product to fit your needs.


A great range of corsets etc.....This shop is dear to me, it was the first shop I started buying all my fem clothes from.....way way back in the late 70s...the shop was based by Victoria train station in those days.   You'll now find them based in Brighton.

COVER GIRL Shoes (Reg)
Established 1930
Mail Order/Retail
Shoes/Boots - Wigs - Boned Corsetry
Lingerie - Stockings - Tights
Padding - Made to measure service
Phone: (020) 7354 2883
Send 1.50 for illust.
Boot/Shoe Catalogue
Boots hand-made to measure
Complet Catalogue 5
Coloured Corset Catalogue 6
P.O.Box 29530, LONDON N1 8FE
(Visitors welcome by appointment only)

Cover Girl Shoes is another establishment dear to my heart.......bought my first wig from here in the early 80s.




Great mail order web site........lovely selection and up to larger sizes, also sensible walking shoes with lower heels and at sensible prices....A lot of the items are modeled by gurz like us. :-)

Shop based in Bury, Lancs.  Also mail Order.....fabulous range of shoes....and at OK prices.


Fantasy Girl has shops in Folkestone and Brighton, also mail order.

TransDress is a confidential dress making service based in South Bucks, just off the M25/M40 junction.


Mail Order from the US of A.  Lots of goodys in here.


Mail order .....very expensive.