Be Prepared for When An Official is at Your Door...


1.  If you are a HSLDA member call them immediately.  If you are not, then call your association immediately, and let us know that an official is at your door.


2.  Ask if the official has a search warrant. 

If not, you do not have to give permission to allow them in the house. 

If a police officer states he is investigating an emergency situation, then they may enter without the search warrant.


3.  Be a good listener ‑ it is better to listen than to volunteer information.


4.  Ask questions ‑


     Why are you here?

     What is your name?

     What is your telephone number and extension?


5.   If an official with a police officer insist on coming into your house you tell them nice and calmly ‑ "I am closing the door, it is not locked, you do not have my permission to come in. 

If you open the door and come in, I have not allowed you.  You are doing so illegally;

according to Calabretta v. Floyd, a Civil Rights Lawsuit, and I will seek legal action."