Portfolio Check List


What should I keep in it?

___Samples of academic work  

___Test grades  


___Summary of all courses  

___List of Books Read (including author and titles)  

___List of Films reviewed


___Newspaper clippings

___List of field trips and activities 

___Travel reports  

___Semi‑annual reports

___Evaluations from work 

___Volunteer Evaluations

___Parental Evaluations

___Apprenticeship Evaluations  

___Personal References 


___Articles/poems written  

___Audio tape recordings

___Video tape recordings




___Slides taken of artwork  

___Science projects 


___Classes/Seminars taken  

___Practical Skills List 

___Extracurricular activities‑drama, yearbook, etc. 




___   _______________

___   _______________

___   _______________


A portfolio is defined as a collection of drawings, photographs, etc., representative of a person's work.