Hey everyone! You're probably all wondering what happened to me, according to the page I said it'd be back by March 2002. Well, as you can see it didn't happen. There's an explaination for it.

Basically to make a long story short I hung myself in a bathroom, was found by a friend, got sent to the hospital then in a mental institution. That happened in Feb-March 2002. If you looked at my art before it probably comes as no surprise to you that I tried to off myself, what can I say I've suffered manic depression all my life, I couldn't take it anymore.

After nearly a year picking myself up again, I've decided on reviving A Burden. I love my site and I love all of you guys for your support. I'll try and get it up before 2003. To those who want some art to keep them happy you can still find my newest stuff on The NEW A Burden Deviantart and if you'd like to contact me Heather Breckel