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Crono in fighting pose, ready to attack slash The Chrono Chronicles Slash in his fighting pose, getting readt to pummel Crono

     You're about to enter one of the biggest growing Chrono Trigger Fan Fiction Sites on the Internet.   This site is solely dedicated to one of the most successful Squaresoft Role Playing Games in history.  With its great game play, special graphics, and intriguing storyline, Chrono Trigger has become like a legend  hardcore and new gamers alike.   And, its style makes it easy to play over and over, as there is no 'perfect' game.   There should be a sequel.  But there isn't.  So, Gaspar, Belthasaur, and Melchior have teamed up for the second best thing.  An online sequel.  You make the plot, and you decide what you want.  But, you can also just turn in your own little sequel in our showcase.  We want you to have fun here, so go ahead, and continue one of the most capturing games on the SNES ever.

     With Chrono Cross coming out, we now change our motto to "What it should've been."

     The Wise Men take care of the Chronicles.  Gaspar is the webmaster and coder of the site.  Contact him for coding and site information, server information, and the like.  Belthasaur is story keeper, and is mainly in charge of editing, and sending in stories to Gaspar.   Contact him for story and showcase sequel story questions.  Melchoir is in charge of game information.  Contact him for questions on Chrono Trigger itself, and any fallacies you might find on the site.

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