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Below is the dark history of The Chrono Chronicles and of our masters, the wise men, who created them.  To contact them, go to the Contacting Us section.  If you feel as if something has been left out, please e-mail the appropriate wise man.


  • Story Editor and Reviewer - Elvin
  • Web Design, Assasin and Janitor - Stephen
  • Game Comments and Help - Andrew


     This all started off in Walker Mill, a middle school in Maryland.  A guy  named Elvin had this idea to make this fan fiction web site on Chrono Trigger.  His old site, The EarthBound SaGa, was destroyed by some hackers who messed up the server it was on.  In an effort to do something, Elvin then thought of making a developing story for Chrono Trigger, a game he greatly admired.  He pondered for a long 30 minutes, and got his ideas.  He would have 3 wise men, he being one, and two friends being the others.  The problem was that most did not want to.  He ended up finding two, Andrew and Stephen.  This was after, of course, the passing to high school.  Now, they are freshmen at Oxon Hill, and Elvin has gotten back to working on the site.  He finished the chapters, got criticized, and got the wise men together, and they are now making this site and improving byte by byte the whole site, to make an impression towards the gaming community and to take the game even past its end.