Clinton, China & Scientology

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Subject: Clinton China and Scientology
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This is the revised edition of SERPENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE: how the satanic underground of Scientology seized the Executive branch of the United States Government.:


Scientology's Executive Influence

This article will present a case that the Clinton administration is a front for the Church of Scientology. This is an exercise in investigative journalism published here in alt.religion.scientology. I don't want a career in journalism I just want to live in a free country. If you agree with the facts and concepts I will reveal to you please get in touch with Congressman Bob Barr or Senator Don Nichols who is presiding over the Senate Finance IRS Oversight subcommittee.

A clear planet is a planet governed by Scientology. SCIENTOLOGY IS THE VEHICLE OF THE BEAST. They are closer to achieving this goal than you may expect.

With all of Clinton's dodgy relationships being brought out into the light, why hasn't anyone thoroughly investigated his unabashed endorsements of Scientology? Because they don't know what Scientology is and they haven't asked the million dollar question: is Bill Clinton a practicing Scientologist? That is the missing link between this administration's actions and motives. We know much of what this administration has done, where they've done it, to whom and when etc. But nobody has really asked "why." Why has this President single-handedly disgraced the office and bastardized it with such flagrant disregard for morals and dignity? Why does this administration so viciously attack its critics? Why does this President hold himself above the law?

The Clinton administration MO regarding suppressive persons is exactly the same as Scientology's MO... attack the attacker, investigate the investigator. Look what the White House is doing to Ken Starr, and what they've done to Linda Tripp. Both of them are being investigated. (James Carville -- nuff said) What about Filegate? This whole administration smacks of Scientology.

There is only one explanation as to why the State Department intervened on behalf of Scientology between Germany and the UN with much harsher language than anything aimed at China accusing Germany of religious persecution. The idea that Clinton traded off with Travolta in a quid pro quo agreement regarding the movie Primary Colors is a clever way of distracting everybody from the real question: are Bill and Hillary practicing Scientology and to what extent has Scientology infiltrated the federal Government? "Disinterest is a palpable commodity... In order to hide something one must create disinterest in the place it is hidden." (LRH, Scientology, the "Fundamentals of Thought.") [LRH is L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.]

The majority of good people in this country, both Democrat and Republican, were they to know the facts that most of us know about Scientology, would be outraged that their tax dollars are being used to coddle the criminal, satanic cult of Scientology. It's up to us to let the people know about Scientology's horrors so we can stop our tax dollars being used to advance the cause of Scientology. Add the billion dollar tax break they received to the equation along with the satanic background of L. Ron Hubbard and you've got the biggest media frenzy of all time bar none. Can you see the headlines?


Scientology has one of the best intelligence agency's in the world according to the FBI. That must be respected. They also have many double agents, and I am going to expose some of them to you. But for now let's go back to the 60s and try to imagine what kind of plans scientology would be making in order to achieve its goals. Hubbard instructed them to "infiltrate and control" the government. If they were to postulate how to get a President in the White House they would be very aware that one running as a declared scientologist would have no chance in the USA as it is 95 percent Christian. The only way they could get an agent in the White House would be undercover. It would be an agent masquerading as a Christian which is exactly what Clinton is.

They would use this double agent to fulfill their goals and then towards the end of his Presidency they would find a way to have him more and more openly condone Scientology with an eye towards converting him publicly to Scientology. The President would ideally have an excellent record as far as the economy, but would also have problems caused by aberrations which they could then clear him of in public and thereafter use him as a poster boy for Dianetics. I submit to you that Clinton will eventually publicly admit to having a sex problem and Travolta or some other scientologist will intervene to clear him of this problem thereby converting him in the process.

Cescah made this prediction months ago and recently Star Magazine ran an article which touched closely upon the plan. The article stated that John Travolta was urging Clinton in conversations and and with Scientology texts to try Scientology as a cure for his sexual addiction. It was reported that Clinton was going to examine the texts and give it a chance. Cescah predicted this before it was publicly reported. Cescah now predicts that Clinton will make a statement to the effect that Scientology is helping him, he feels better and by inference all of those Christian ministers, and his lifetime connection to the Baptists church were of no help. Why? So as to bolster the age old Scientology battle cry, "SCIENTOLOGY WORKS." Let's move on.

Is Bill Clinton a scientologist?

The purpose of this investigation is to try to answer that question for you. Nobody I know of has seriously made this postulate yet, but once you do many things begin to make sense regarding the Clinton administration in general and specifically its sheltering protection of the so called Church of Scientology.

If Bill Clinton is a scientologist his allegiance is to the church of Scientology and not to the USA. According to Scientology the laws and Constitution of the United States are abberated and are not within the ethics of Scientology. Therefore, if Clinton is a scientologist his dismantling of the military branch of the US Government combined with his China policy is seriously frightening. Scientology and communism have a lot in common, and Scientology would think nothing of imposing martial law upon the people of this country so as to force them into dianetic processing. How many of you know that the Clinton administration is close to giving a naval base in Long Beach, California to the Chinese Coast Guard (COSCO)?

[The spirit of this message is correct, but the info is outdated and slightly inaccurate. Clinton did indeed intercede repeatedly and personally on behalf of the Chinese. Clinton told the CIA to butt out. Clinton fought Congress to give this strategically located port to a communist Chinese shipping company.

But Clinton and the Chinese lost. The property is going to the Port of Long Beach. The United States people and their representatives and the veterans won.

Had Clinton gotten his way, this would have opened an even bigger back door into the U.S. for the Chinese than they already have. This puts the Chinese contributions to Clinton's campaign in serious question.

By itself this doesn't prove that Clinton is a Scientologist, but it does show that he may be under the influence of something or someone.

By the way, Cosco is the company which owned the ship that took out the pier in Alabama, killing over a hundred people. Apparently it is also known for smuggling machine guns. These are public facts that were known at the time Clinton was sticking his neck out for Cosco. That was also about the same time he was sticking his neck out for Scientology. ]

Does it make any sense that China should have a military installation here on our soil? Clinton also had members of China's Police Dpt. over here to observe our police. Add these facts to the missile technology scandal and the Chinese campaign finance scandal and "red flags" should be going up in your mind. Does this not scare any of you? There is only one way for Scientology to "clear the planet" by the end of the century as Miscavige has vowed. He can only do that by martial law. Is there anyone reading this who thinks David Miscaviage does not have nocturnal emissions dreaming of just this situation? You better pay attention to this article people. We are in more trouble than you can imagine. Clinton is a scientologist.

"I'm proud to announce the opening of a national museum of Scientology on the mall." Bill Clinton said this at the annual Grid Iron Club dinner in March 1998. It was reported in the March 24 Chicago Sun Times by Lynn Sweet. It may have been said in jest, I wasn't there, but what's funny about Scientology? Nothing. The endorsement by Clinton serves to associate this President and therefore the entire Government, and in turn the United States with Scientology in a publicly acceptable manner. I do not believe that any President in their right mind would support Scientology. This is a group that had 11 of its top officials convicted of spying on the US government. L. Ron Hubbard was accused by his son of being forced into satanic rituals and orgies when he was a boy. There are numerous Lisa McPherson type deaths.

Scientologists have been successful and they are growing. The people criticizing them should have much more respect for their sinister achievements and their power. Could any of us get away with murder as often as they have? Could we get a billion dollar tax break and a full tax exemption? Scientology has power. How much power they have we do not know, but I believe they have more than most people here would imagine and that Xenu and other weird parts of Scientology are used as disinformation which serves to distract people from the truth. Most people think of Scientology as a bunch of kooks, not a totalitarian regime intent upon ruling the world. They thrive in this way through the public perception of them as glorified dungeons and dragons players and the people in this newsgroup with their xenu birthday cards etc., aren't doing much to help. Stop laughing at them and start respecting their achievements as acts of power regardless of which side of the yin yang symbol they gravitate towards. Scientology is a dark united front with heavy representation in all levels of government. Wake up people! This isn't funny it's dangerous. Don't laugh at the snake because it's going to bite you in the leg if you're not careful.

If Clinton is a scientologist there is only one obstacle for them to overcome.... the military. They may have infiltrated politics and the media, but the military is a cult of its own with a long established mind set that will never be penetrated by Scientology. That is why Clinton needs China. Forget about Xenu, don't ever mention him again because you're wasting your time and everyone else's. The real issue is not what Scientology believes, but what it practices.

I have some information that has not been reported that will definitely convince many people in this newsgroup that the Clintons are scientologists. Please suspend judgment until you read what I have to say. The first few points are old news but let's look at them anyway. Like a lawyer arguing before a jury, I will ask you to not judge each point point I make separately but rather look at "the totality of the circumstances." When you do connect the dots you will see a terrible picture emerge:

  1. Clinton is represented by David Kendall. David Kendall is employed by the DC law firm of Williams and Connoloy who also represent David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology.
  2. Clinton has stated that he was roommates in College with a scientologist and that he was impressed with them.
  3. Clinton's 1996 inauguration speech began with the sentence, "We're going to build a bridge to the 21st century."
  4. Travolta has stated that Clinton approached him about the problem in Germany for Scientology. If Clinton was aware aware of the Germany situation before he met with Travolta he should also be aware of Scientology's record since our government security was breached by Scientology's intelligence agency in the 70s. Shouldn't Germany be afraid of the same thing?
  5. Sandy Berger said on Meet The Press to Tim Russert that the reason Clinton got involved on the Germany/Scientology issue is that "Clinton is a bear on freedom of religion" and that Scientology is "being persecuted for its beliefs not its actions." That was a bold lie that all of you should have written to your Congressman and Senators about. Anybody who is informed truthfully knows that Scientology's actions are extreme and illegal. Our Government should know that better than anyone considering the 1979 felony convictions of 11 top level scientologists. None of this makes any sense unless Clinton is a scientologist. The Primary Colors association is clearly a brilliant stab at disinformation on their part. Scientology created that scandal. They covered everything up with that. The media was not interested in the truth about Scientology they just wanted to know if Clinton was selling favors as per the norm for him. Without the Primary Colors controversy Clinton and the State Dpt. could not have intervened on behalf of Scientology. Primary Colors was just the cover for the truth. The truth is that the Clinton administration has helped Scientology ascend to its greatest level of acceptance ever. There are people trying to expose Scientology all over the world while the United States Government goes ass backwards to try to help it grow. Wake up people!
  6. The "hands of hope" fiasco with Hillary.
  7. In the March 1997 issue of "Ethique et Liberte," a French Scientology publication, Bill Clinton contributes an article about drugs. This serves to legitimize Scientology in France. Doesn't Clinton know that the head of the French Scientology chapter was convicted of second degree murder on November 22, 1996? Of course he does, the article was damage control.
  8. The tax break for Scientology came in 1993, the year Clinton took office. Primary Colors wasn't created at this time so what gives? This IRS decision was in direct opposition to a Supreme Court ruling in 1989 in a 5-2 decision in "Hernandez vs. Comm. of IRS" which ruled that Scientology did not deserve tax exempt status.
  9. The Justice Department is helping Scientology in Clearwater regarding Lisa McPherson.
  10. The State Dept. refused to comment when asked about Madeleine Albright's apology to Germany for the State Dpt's accusations which were over the express wishes of Congress.
  11. Greta Van Sustern's hubby, big time Scientology lawyer, John Coale is representing Julie Hyatt Steele in her law suit against Mike Isikoff, the Newsweek reporter who first broke the Lewinsky scandal. Steele has also just been indicted by Ken Starr for obstruction of justice in the Clinton impeachment.

There are many more connections between Scientology and Clinton which will be discussed later.

What the hell is going on here? You can't tell me that the Government is ignorant as to Scientology's history. The way Scientology has been treated since Clinton took office is uncanny. There was a complete Government change of position in 1993, the year Clinton took office. Alarms should be going off in everyone's head. If I'm right, and I know I am, we are in big trouble. But if I'm right, then just by writing this article and publicizing it here their plans are being stifled. They can forget about healing Clinton in the future because now that you've read these words you can also be sure that they have read them too. Not that they are going to back down, but at least one of their plans has been thwarted. I'm going to thwart another one now, perhaps the most clever deception ever created by Scientology for the purpose of laundering dianetics.

Part Two:


I am now going to enlighten you as to Scientology's most important intelligence operation and how they have succeeded in changing mainstream psychology from the outside to embrace Hubbard's Dianetics.

In the pages that follow, I'm going to show you how Scientology has taken one small, alleged breakthrough in neuroscience regarding evolutionarily learned, instinctual alertness in defense mechanisms in rats, and twisted it into a whole new hot bed of psychology. By filtering this extremely limited study through a well known and respected neuroscientist down to Daniel Goleman, a Harvard Ph.D who is basically a reporter (former senior editor of Psychology Today, and present lead Psychology writer for The New York Times) and finally further filtered through Hillary Clinton in her 1996 best seller "It takes a Village," Scientology has essentially laundered Dianetics through legitimate science in the same way one would launder money through offshore banks.

But their big problem is the same as many who have been caught laundering money, they left a trail. The trail is impossible to see if you don't know what you're looking for and that is why their spin has been incredibly successful. There is no reason to think that they are preaching Dianetics as neither of them has ever claimed to support Dianetics. The only reason I discovered this was because I already believed that Bill and Hillary were practicing Scientology by the time I read "It Takes a Village." I was drawn to the book because of its scary title. According to Hillary, "It takes a village to raise a child." She doesn't think people are capable of doing it on their own.

I read the book knowing I would find some proof to bolster my belief that Scientology controls The White House. When I stumbled upon pages 52 to 65 of Hillary's book I had an insidious shit fit. When I came to the chapter in It takes a Village called, "The Bell Curve is a Curve Ball," I knew I had stumbled onto the most damning piece of hard evidence I have to give you. As you will soon see, it is obvious that Hillary has a huge role in laundering Dianetics through people who are known in general mainstream Psychology and neuroscience. So my investigation led me to her main source, Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence. This book is clearly propaganda for Dianetics therapy but it uses slightly different terms to say the same thing as Hubbard, but in the true Hubbard style it also lies about its content and research.

When I did a web search on "Daniel Goleman and Scientology" I found a very interesting scathing reply to it by a Ph.D who thoroughly and firmly refutes the book as pure quackery. His refutation is limited to Goleman's unsubstantiated affirmations regarding IQ studies. IQ is a big problem for Scientology. Steve Farron wrote the refutation and you can read it in its entirety at "farron.htm (175k)" Farron states that he doesn't understand why someone like Goleman would blatantly lie as he goes on to show that Goleman uses creative footnotes to disguise the blasphemy of scientific procedures and research.

When I read Emotional Intelligence I found the footnotes to be fraudulent, uncheckable, and extremely misleading. Knowing what to look for, I also found every aspect of Dianetics in its new disguise as "Emotional Intelligence." In order to fully understand this subject matter, I studied neuroscience as to emotions in depth. That research scientifically affirmed what my instinct and logic had already established: Scientology is pushing Dianetics/Emotional Intelligence into the mainstream quickly and successfully. There's already over a thousand web sites about Emotional Intelligence, it's being studied in many universities, and there's an "institute for applied emotional intelligence." But the inconceivable thing about it is that the plan probably started many years ago when the people they are using as "special operators" were still in college. Get ready to go on quite an interesting trip now....

"It Takes a Village" is the cipher if you will, the Rosetta Stone of this case. The village includes Government and if you know what to look for ---- you'll see that the village includes Scientology too. Once a person is recruited into the higher levels of Scientology nobody really knows where they go or what they do. This is a secret society as to its highest levels. They have a paramilitary and much cash. People are sent on missions like special forces operators. In the pages that follow I am going to prove to you that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Daniel Goleman are Scientologists who have the special operation of infiltrating the mainstream with Dianetics. Dianetics should be looked at as a double agent itself. I am going to expose Dianetics' cover. It is now being implanted in the mainstream as the newest hot topic in psychology.... Emotional Intelligence.

They have taken calculated risks that "norms" would never be able to put all of the pieces together until it's too late. They were wrong.

Traditional forms of medicine, especially psychiatry and psychology, have always maintained that Hubbard's auditing is a dangerous form of hypnosis/psychotherapy. Scientology considers those fields to be suppressive and as such are "fair game" and must be destroyed, discredited, or altered by Scientology. For years Scientology has been waging war against these fields in the media and courts cleverly citing the past horrors of psychiatry regarding lobotomies and shock therapy etc. as proof of the dangers involved. This is clever and is part of the global brainwashing. But for Scientology to succeed it needs to be recognized as a mainstream therapy which really works.

This is the big problem for them. They know their limitations very well and they are extremely fluid. They know they will never be able to get mainstream approval by going only in one direction so they figured out another plan to supplement their attack. The new plan is truly a masterpiece of evil deception. Their new strategy is to infiltrate the mainstream with their concepts through the use of doctors, researchers, reporters, and other various "authorities" who are working undercover as double agents in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, the media and the government.

In a moment I am going to review basic dianetics because such a review is necessary to comprehend the big picture I will now draw for you.

A major stumbling block in Scientology's plans for "a clear planet" is the general public perception that Dianetics is nonsense. This perception has been shaped by Hubbard's flogging at the hands of people in all fields of traditional medicine. Those fields, especially psychology and psychiatry, have consistently maintained that Hubbard was a fraudulent liar whose "analytical studies" were total fabrications and that Dianetics does not work.

Dianetics claims that any person can unleash the true power of their mind simply by submitting to dianetic auditing. They claim that this therapy can solve all of man's psychological and physical dilemmas. Their theory is that every physical and emotional painful event leaves its mark in the mind as an imprint called an engram. The engram differs from a normal memory in that it acts like an entity which hijacks the emotional responses of an individual just like a demon would if it were to possess a person. This entity is a perfect photograph or movie of the painful event which takes in every single thing that the mind perceived through the senses at the time of the painful event. In contrast a normal memory is much weaker and less vivid and has no force or power over the individual. The reason Hubbard gives for this is that painful events shut off our analytical mind while activating our reactive mind, and therefore we don't have the ability to use reason since the engram can't be viewed and analyzed by the rational mind.

This was Hubbard's big thing: the existence of two minds in one head. The reactive mind is moronic in that it records every perception as equal to every other perception without cognition. Hubbard claims that this mind is what takes over when we are knocked unconscious by pain and that this also happens to different degrees when we are emotionally in pain. Hubbard says that this was the way evolution prepared us for those troubled moments in that our analytical brain would be overloaded with electrical charge if it had to absorb these events. So evolution provided our brain with a cut off switch. The analytical mind gets cut off and the reactive mind takes over.

The recording of what happens during these times is the engram. Hubbard claims that engrams are the single reason for society's ills. By repeatedly "returning" the "pre-clear" to the painful event he can be audited and cleared of the bad effects of the painful event. The first engrams occur in the womb and during birth so everybody who walks the Earth is born with an engram in an "aberrated" state. This is why they believe our entire society and laws to be aberrated.

Unconsciously, the engram is reactivated when the pre-clear comes into contact with restimulating data. Restimulating data is anything that is similar to the photo of the perceptions the reactive mind stored during the painful event. Hubbard claimed that this is the reason people suffer and have emotional problems. The engrams have never been filtered through the analytical mind and so they continue to hold the "pre-clear" prisoner until they are audited. Once all of the pre-clear's painful moments are audited he attains the level of "Clear." During auditing the pre-clear tries to bring these painful moments from the engram bank into the analytical mind where they can be rationally analyzed. When the pre-clear can recount the painful events without the E meter wobbling, the engram is then said to have "lifted" and the pre-clear is free of its aberrative power. When all of the engrams "lift" the pre-clear attains the status of CLEAR. Once someone is cleared their IQ is supposed to jump way up. Hubbard claims that intelligence is not genetic in any way.

From Dianetics:

"The action of the analytical mind--or analyzer--is everything anyone could want from the best computer available. It can and does do all the tricks of a computer. And over and above that, it directs the building of computers. And it is as thoroughly right as any computer ever was. The analytical mind is not just a good computer, it is a perfect computer. It never makes a mistake. It cannot err in any way so long as a human being is reasonably intact.... If a person says, 'I cannot add,' he either means that he has never been taught to add or that he has an aberration about adding. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the analytical mind. While the whole being is, in an aberrated state, grossly capable of error, still the analytical mind is not. For a computer is just as good as the data on which it operates and no better. Aberration, then, arises from the nature of the data offered to the analytical mind as a problem to be computed. The analytical mind has its standard memory banks..... Like the computer, the standard memory banks are perfect, recording faithfully and reliably... The amount of material which is retained in the average standard memory banks would fill several libraries. But the method of retention is invariable. And the potentiality of recall is perfect.... Now, before we introduce the villain of this piece, the reactive mind, it is necessary to understand something about the relation of the analytical mind to the organism itself. The analytical mind, charged with full responsibility, is far from without authority to carry out its actions and desires.... [T]he analytical mind can effect any function of the body it desires to effect. In excellent working order--which is to say, when the organism is not aberrated--the analytical mind can influence the heartbeat, the endocrines...., selective blood flow... All glandular, rhythm and fluid functions of the body can be at the command of the analytical mind. This is not to say that in a cleared person they always are. That would be very uncomfortable and bothersome... People have always been intuitive about the 'full power of the mind.' Well, the full power of the mind would be the analytical mind working with the standard memory banks... [and the organism itself]. Here, then, is the composite of a sentient being. There is no chance for error... Here is the realm of pleasure, emotion (emphasis added), creation and construction and even destruction, if the computation on the optimum solution says something has to be destroyed...." (continued below) (pages 61-67)

Now this is where Hubbard is really clever in the brainwashing department. This last sentence is laying the groundwork for his world domination plans. The idea is that a "clear" will always choose the optimum solution for survival. The goal of Scientology is "a clear planet," but that isn't possible unless everybody submits to Scientology processing through Dianetics. Therefore, the optimum solution for survival and therefore "a clear planet" must include destruction of the laws which prohibit Scientology from being forced down our throats. As such, the Constitution must be destroyed or overcome. Now watch what comes next-----

"The dynamics underlie the activities of the analytical mind. The urge towards survival explains all its actions... The nearer man approaches this optimum, in an individual or in a whole society, the more honest may be its moods and actions. (Emphasis added) Sanity depends on rationality. Here is optimum rationality and therefore optimum sanity. And here also are all the things man likes to think man should be like or, for that matter, what he has represented his better goods to be like. This is the clear. This is sanity. This is happiness. This is survival. Where is the error?'

(pages 67-68) Ok, now we come to Hubbard's masterpiece---"the reactive mind." This is really the whole thing coming at you. Once we review the language Hubbard uses we'll jump to It Takes A Village, and you'll really know what the hell is going on in the White House.

Chapter two


"...If there ever was a devil, he designed the reactive mind." (page 70) (This is Hubbard being cute. As his son Ron Jr. stated, Hubbard believed he was satan.)

"...The reactive mind is possessed by everyone. No human being examined anywhere was discovered to be without one or without aberrative content in his engram bank, the reservoir of data which serves the reactive mind. What does this mind do? It shuts off hearing recall. It places vocal circuits in the mind. It makes people tone-deaf. It makes people stutter. It does anything and everything that can be found in any list of mental ills: psychoses, neuroses, compulsions, repressions... And it is the only thing in the human being which can produce these effects. It is the thing which uniformly brings them about... If there ever was a devil he invented it. (There he goes again) Discharge the content of this mind's bank and the arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases... and the whole catalogue of ills goes away.... If one were looking for something like demons in a human mind--such as those one observes in some inmates at madhouses--he could find them easily enough. Only they are not demons. They are bypass circuits from the engram bank. What prayers and exhortations have been used against these bypass circuits."

(pages 71-73, Emphasis added)

Remember the term "bypass circuits." To use the idea of "bypass circuits" for handling painful moments is exclusive to Dianetics. Don't make the mistake of assuming that this is legitimate science. It isn't. It's Hubbard, and Goleman's Emotional Intelligence is taken directly from Dianetics as you will soon see:

"...There are two things which appear to be--but are not--recorded in the standard banks: painful emotion and physical pain. How would you go about the building of a sensitive machine upon which the life and death affairs of an organism depended, which was to be the chief tool of an individual? Would you leave its delicate circuits prey to every overload, or would you install a fuse system? If a delicate instrument is in circuit with a power line, it is protected by several sets of fuses. Any computer would be so safeguarded..."(page 74)

Ok, I'm going to ask you to read the last paragraph again and remember it. Because when we get to Hillary this is big--

"The action of the analytical mind during a moment of intense pain is suspended. In fact, the analytical mind behaves just as though it were an organ to which vital supply is shut off whenever shock is present. "As an example, a man struck on the side by a car is knocked 'unconscious' and, on regaining 'consciousness,' has no record of the period when he was 'knocked out.' This would be a nonsurvival circumstance. It means that there would be no volition on the part of anyone who was injured, and this is the time when the organism most requires volition. So this is nonsurvival, if the whole mind cuts out whenever pain appears. Would an organism with more than a billion years of biological engineering behind it leave a problem like this unsolved? Indeed, the organism solved the problem. Maybe the problem is very difficult, biologically, and maybe the solution is not very good, but large provision has been made for those moments when the organism is 'unconscious.' The answer to the problem of making the organism react in moments of 'unconsciousness' or near 'unconsciousness' is also the answer to insanity and psychosomatic illnesses and all the strange mental quirks to which people are liable and which gave rise to that fable 'it is human to err.' Clinical tests prove these statements to be scientific facts: 1. The mind records on some level continuously during the entire life of the organism. 2. All recordings of the lifetime are available. 3. 'Unconsciousness,' in which the mind is oblivious of its surroundings, is possible only in death and does not exist as total amnesia in life. 4. All mental and physical derangements of a psychic nature come about from moments of 'unconsciousness.' 5. Such moments can be reached and drained of charge with the result of returning the mind to optimum operating conditions."

(Emphasis added pages 75-76)

"The reactive mind does not store memories as we think of them. It stores engrams. These engrams are a complete recording, down to the last accurate detail, of every perception present in a moment of partial or full 'unconsciousness.' They are just as accurate as any other recording in the body. But they have their own force. They are like phonograph records or motion pictures, if these contained all perceptions of sight, sound, smell, taste, organic sensation, etc. The difference between an engram and a memory, however, is quite distinct. An engram can be permanently fused into any and all body circuits and behaves like an entity. In all laboratory tests on these engrams they were found to possess 'inexhaustible' sources of power to command the body. No matter how many times one was reactivated in an individual, it was still powerful. Indeed, it became even more able to exert its power in proportion to its reactivation. The only thing which could even begin to shake these engrams was the technique which developed into Dianetic therapy.... "This is an example of an engram: A woman is knocked down by a blow. She is rendered 'unconscious.' She is kicked and told she is a faker, that she is no good, that she is always changing her mind. A chair is overturned in the process. A faucet is running in the kitchen. A car is passing in the street outside. The engram contains a running record of all these perceptions: sight, sound, tactile, taste, smell, organic sensation, kinetic sense, joint position, thirst record, etc. The engram would consist of the whole statement made to her when she was 'unconscious': the voice tones and the emotion in the voice, the sound and feel of the original and later blows, the tactile on the floor, the feel and sound of the chair overturning, the organic sensation of the blow, perhaps the taste of blood in her mouth or any other taste present there, the smell of the person attacking her and the smells in the room, the sound of the passing car's motor and tires, etc. These would all be considered something on the order of a 'positive suggestion' [as used by a hypnotist]. But there is something else here which is new, something which is not in the standard memory banks except by context: pain and painful emotion... A reactive mind computation about this engram, as an engram, would be: the pain of the kick equals the pain of the blow equals the overturning chair equals the passing car equals the faucet equals the fact that she is a faker equals the fact that she is no good equals the fact that she changes her mind equals..... Every single perception in this engram equals every other perception in this engram... [A]ny perception in the engram she received has some quality of restimulation . Running water from a faucet might not have effected her greatly. But water running from a faucet plus a passing car might have begun some slight reactivation of an engram, a vague discomfort in the areas where she was struck and kicked... When the engram is [thoroughly] restimulated in one of the great many ways possible, she has a 'feeling' that she is no good, a faker and she will change her mind...."

(pages 82-91)

In a family, each member will of course have certain quirks and idiosyncrasies which will serve to restimulate each others engrams. When "normal" people like us don't do Dianetics, according to Hubbard, we are forever subject to psychotic derangement and psychosomatic ills as "emotional illiterates." "A thetan establishes various systems of control so that he can continue to operate a body and through the body operate things in the physical universe, as well as other bodies." (From Scientology, the fundamentals of thought, page 80). He's blatantly describing some form of "possession."

Keeping in mind the quotes from Dianetics you've just read let's take a look at some Dianetics as it appears in It Takes a Village by Hillary:

"Any discussion of how the brain's processes affect cognitive intelligence tells only half the story about the first blossoming of intelligence. The other half is how we behave in our relations with other people--what is now being called our 'emotional intelligence...' Now that I have read Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence," I am better able to understand what back then I could only wonder about. Goleman brings to our attention new breakthroughs in psychology and neuroscience that shed light on how our 'two minds'--the rational and the emotional--operate together to determine human behavior." (Emphasis added pages 61-63)

TWO MINDS?! This is Hubbard's Dianetics with a new wardrobe, new language:


"...People who cannot control their emotions are often prone to impulsive overreaction. They may be quick to perceive threats and slights even when none are intended, and to respond with violence. They are, in Goleman's phrase, 'emotional illiterates...' As with cognitive intelligence, the development of emotional intelligence appears to hinge on the interplay between biology and early experience... Some experts speculate that the brains of emotional illiterates are hard-wired early on by stressful experiences that inhibit these mechanisms and leave people prey to emotional 'hijacking' ever after." (Emphasis added, page 63)

"Most of us don't habitually react with impulsive violence, but all of us 'blow our tops,' give in to irrational fears, or otherwise feel overwhelmed--hijacked--by our emotions from time to time. Why do we, as thoughtful human beings, allow emotional impulse to override rational thinking?..." (page 64)

"...As Goleman explains, the temporary 'hijackings' are ordered by the amygdala, a structure in the oldest, most primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the physical seat of our emotions..." (page 64)

The amygdala is a fancy way to describe "the reactive mind," or "the emotional mind." It's a front that sounds, to the uneducated reader, like science, but it's actually science fiction. (Don't ever forget that Hubbard was a science fiction author who got paid by the word for writing dime store novels. Scientology is Dungeons and Dragons played on a grand scale.)

Through "the amygdala" they're trying to give their "emotional mind" the appearance of having a real physical capacity in the brain. Of course it's just speculation unsubstantiated by Goleman or Hillary, or anybody else for that matter. It's just another way of legitimizing Hubbard's "reactive mind" concept. Giving the reactive/emotional mind an address in the brain is good public relations for their theories:

"...This brain structure acts like a 'home security system,' scanning incoming signals from the senses for any hint of experience that the primitive mind might perceive as frightening or hurtful. Whenever the amygdala (emotional mind) picks up such stimuli (restimulators), it reacts instantaneously (reactive mind), sending out an emergency alarm to every part of the brain. This alarm triggers a chain of self-protective reactions... Even the memory system switches into a faster gear as it scans its archives for any knowledge relevant to the emergency at hand. The amygdala acts as a storehouse of emotional memories..." (page 64)

So we have seen the analytical mind show up as the rational mind and the reactive mind has showed up as the emotional mind, and now we see the reactive mind engram bank make an appearance. All we need now is the engram and we'll have a full house:

"...And the memories it stores are especially vivid because they arrive in the amygdala with the neurochemical and hormonal imprint that accompanies stress, anxiety, or other intense excitement. 'This means that in effect, the brain has two memory systems, one for ordinary facts and one for emotionally charged ones,' Goleman notes..." (Emphasis added page 64) There's the engram, but still we're just getting warmed up here. They get bolder and bolder:

"...And he adds, 'A special system for emotional memories makes excellent sense in evolution, of course, ensuring that animals would have particularly vivid memories of what threatens or pleases them. But emotional memories can be faulty guides to the present. Problems arise because the amygdala often sends a false alarm, when the sense of panic it triggers is related to memories of experiences that are no longer relevant to our circumstances. For example, traumatic episodes from as far back as infancy, when reason and language were barely developed, can continue to trigger extreme emotional responses well into adulthood. The neocortex--the thoughtful, analytical part of the brain--acts as a 'damper switch for the amygdala's surges.' Most of the time the neocortex is in control of our emotional responses. But it takes the neocortex longer to process information. This gives the instantaneous, extreme responses triggered by the amygdala a chance to kick in before the neocortex is even aware of what has happened. When this occurs, the brains built in regulatory process can be short-circuited." (Emphasis added page 65)

Now look at this paragraph from "Dianetics" again:

"How would you go about the building of a sensitive machine upon which the life and death affairs of an organism depended, which was to be the chief tool of an individual? Would you leave its delicate circuits prey to every overload, or would you install a fuse system? If a delicate instrument is in circuit with a power line, it is protected by several sets of fuses. Any computer would be so safeguarded..."(page 74)

Goleman is another Hubbard in that he's preaching the same exact thing just couching it in different terms and he is a liar about his research too. That book is a scam just like Dianetics because it's written by a Scientologist. He cites authority in the book with no degree of authenticity. It's all smoke and mirrors, but it's a great win for them as they prepare the way to legitimize Hubbard.

Goleman primarily relies upon some new research by Dr. Joseph LeDoux of New York University's neuroscience department. The quotes above are from Hillary's book quoting Goleman's. In order for Dianetics to be embraced by the main stream they must change what the mainstream believes is real without mentioning Hubbard or Dianetics. Once they change the mainstream reality they can thereafter show that Hubbard was right all along. If the lies Goleman offers in his book were true, Hubbard would be ahead of his time. But Goleman is a liar and I can prove it. Hillary's book summarizes only the parts in Goleman's book which are clearly Dianetics. The main concepts they must implant are

  1. a two mind theory
  2. the engram bank
  3. the engram
  4. auditing as therapy to "lift" the engrams

So far we've seen Hillary mention the first three. You must understand that until Goleman's book, the only place in the world you could find the concepts Hillary wrote about were in Dianetics. It's even more suspect when you grasp the fact that these dianetic concepts are the only parts of Goleman's book she concerns herself with.

Goleman establishes these concepts in the first few pages of his book and for the duration consistently refers back to them as if they were incredible new breakthroughs in neuroscience. Let's look at a quote from page 15 of Emotional Intelligence :

"The amygdala acts as a storehouse of emotional memory, and thus of significance itself; life without the amygdala is a life stripped of personal meanings.... More than affection is tied to the amygdala; all passion depends on it... Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscientist at the center for Neural Science at New York University, was the first to discover the key role of the amygdala in the emotional brain...."

Now look at what he says in small print within the long footnote on page 312 which corresponds with that last sentence on page 15:

"[Ledoux's] findings, and others reviewed here, are at the frontier of exploration in neuroscience, and so remain somewhat speculative--particularly the implications that seem to flow from the raw data to an understanding of our emotional life."

From the beginning of the book Goleman gets the reader excited about these new discoveries implementing them within the main text of the book and thereafter he refers to these discoveries over and over again (the specifics will be discussed thoroughly in the next few pages) throughout the rest of the book. These new discoveries are the glue that makes the reader believe the rest of the theories in the book, but hidden within a long footnote at the end of the book is an explanation that the criteria the entire book was based upon are entirely speculative. How sinister is that?

"Joseph LeDoux is part of a fresh breed of neuroscientists who draw on innovative methods and technologies that bring a previously unknown level of precision to mapping the brain at work, and so can lay bare mysteries of mind that earlier generations of scientists have found impenetrable. His findings on the circuitry of the emotional brain overthrow a long-standing notion about the limbic system, putting the amygdala at the center of the action and placing other limbic structures in very different roles." (EI pg. 15)

Now let's look at the footnote which corresponds to this on page 312 which is once again buried in the middle of a very long paragraph:

"The most current thinking is that there is not a neatly defined single, 'emotional brain,' but rather several systems of circuits that disperse regulation of a given emotion..."

Emotional Intelligence is completely and utterly dependant upon these alleged new breakthroughs that Ledoux discovered but within the footnotes Goleman makes it clear that these alleged findings don't even exist. The footnotes are protection from people he anticipated might attack the book. He can point to the footnotes and say that he wasn't misleading anyone at all. But anyone who really looks at this with an open mind can see the deception. Why would somebody as successful as Daniel Goleman do this? That's the big question.

In a textbook on neuroscience called "The Cognitive Neurosciences" (1997), LeDoux contributes Chapter 69 on the topic of emotion. In it LeDoux describes some of his work on this topic of the "emotional mind." The main problem for neuroscientists who attempt to study emotions are that they must also allow for consciousness in their studies. Can one have an emotion without being conscious of it? Emotions like love, hate, worry, elation etc., all imply feelings too which are based in subjective thought. LeDoux sees this as a big problem so his research has focussed on the emotion of fear because he believes that fear is u...

They must establish an emotional/reactive brain which encompasses all emotions if they are to legitimize Hubbard's "two mind theory." However, there is nothing in the form of research, even speculative research which proves this at all. Without a reactive mind and engrams which can be audited all of Dianetics is shown to be anatomical bullshit. Without Dianetics Scientology is nothing. The problem for LeDoux and Goleman is to establish "the reactive mind" as the emotional mind. LeDoux is the scientist who made "the big discovery," Goleman is the reporter who exposed it to the mainstream, and Hillary is the prophet to bring it to housewives all over the world. Hillary can write about it without giving any citations other than Goleman. Anybody who reads Goleman's work as a result of Hillary will probably not be able to decipher the meaning of the footnotes and will certainly not go to the trouble to check LeDoux out.

What did LeDoux find? After reading his book, and his journal publications I can summarize his discoveries quite easily. He did a study which showed that rats who were conditioned to jump over a wall to avoid a shock to their feet when a tone was sounded at the same time as the shock was administered, continued to jump after there was no shock administered with the tone. Some of the rats had their brains screwed with so that the part of their brains which held memory was altered and yet some of the rats still jumped when the tone was sounded. From this "major breakthrough" LeDoux claims to have established "the emotional mind." It's his "speculative opinion" that fear is the first emotion that must be conquered because everyone experiences it:

"Although there is considerable disagreement among emotion taxonomists as to which emotions make up a core set of so-called basic emotions, most if not all lists include fear... Considerably more work is needed... If we could only nail down neural mechanisms of an emotion as important as fear, that itself would be an important achievement... Although it has been difficult to study the contribution of the amygdala to emotion in humans, due to ethical considerations and due to the lack of sufficient population of patients with brain damage restricted to the amygdala, there is some evidence for existence of similar mechanisms in humans..." (The Cognitive Neurosciences pages 1058-1059)

Contrast this with what Goleman and Hillary wrote in their books. LeDoux, the main source for Goleman, clearly states that they haven't discovered anything at all as to humans and yet Goleman's book claims that the amygdala is the "seat of all passion." LeDoux has never even come close to making any claims about any other "emotion" other than fear and as to fear he admits all of the data is extremely speculative:

"[U]ntil we understand the underlying systems that generate specific subjective emotional states, we will not get very far in understanding how emotions arise."

(TCN page 1059) I couldn't understand how LeDoux could have checked Goleman's work and approved of it knowing how it misrepresents LeDoux's published data. The only good reason is if they are in cahoots. LeDoux's entire agenda is based on unearthing the mysteries of fear and he claims that his study proves that fearful emotions are hardwired into the amygdala as emotional memories which lead to emotional hijacking. However, he makes it clear that the type of fear his research is restricted to is that which results from fear conditioning as it effects the fight or flight response. He believes one can feel fear as an emotion without being aware of what one is afraid of. This leaves the question open, has he found anything out about fear or has he simply helped prove what we already know, that evolution has provided us with defense mechanisms which are instinctual and help to heighten alertness when there is danger present?

All of his studies are concerned with rats and so how can we say that rats feel fear? That cannot be established. All he has proved is that rats become alert when they encounter a dangerous perception. Whether we can call this an experience of the human emotion of "fear" is a huge leap. To go from this to a complete new reality that there is an "emotional brain" that governs all of our emotions is complete garbage but that is what Goleman has done with LeDoux's alleged findings.

Check out how clever Goleman can be:

"When [the amygdala] sounds an alarm of, say, fear, it sends messages to every major part of the brain...." (Emotional Intelligence pg. 16)

That is so cleverly deceptive. LeDoux, Goleman's main source, restricts all of his findings to fear and only one aspect of fear, fear conditioning in rats, and from that Goleman creates a best seller all over the world which tells about the new breakthrough finding of a second mind, the emotional mind, and he accomplishes this twist with just a few words. In the quote above, Goleman makes it seem like he is picking the emotion fear out of, say, the entire group of emotions Ledoux "discovered were controlled by the amygdala," while the truth is that fear is the only emotion LeDoux has ever studied. This is what Scientology is all about, clever deception. LeDoux is involved because he allowed Goleman to represent his work in this way. And LeDoux is guilty of using the phrase, "emotional mind," in an extremely irresponsible, reckless and unscientific manner since that term is the nucleus for the massive "emotional intelligence" movement.

LeDoux has many critics in regard to even this limited idea of fear as an emotion. I can't summarize for you just how much all of this is truly a lie because there are many books and journals which prove that Goleman is lying. But once you know what they are doing it's easy to pick out the pattern. Reading Goleman's book was hilarious after I figured it out. All of his major references, examples and "new major breakthroughs" are from unpublished manuscripts, or speeches given at seminars, and also from personal interviews that he did. Of course none of those sources can be checked by the reader. And yet, his book was apparently embraced by the public as a marvel and the reviews are tremendous.

Many truly scientific studies indicate that some fears and phobias are actually genetic results of evolution. This theory is called "preparedness" and it is a big problem for them because if these fears are genetic they aren't caused by "engrams" and they can't be "lifted"/healed by Dianetics. Goleman doesn't mention "preparedness theory" in his book.

Once they thoroughly spin this idea of emotional Intelligence/emotional quotient into the mainstream, as they are effectively using Hillary to do (the people reading her shit sure aren't going to check this stuff out in true Psychiatry journals) then someone will write a book about how Hubbard was right all along. That's there plan. Once they've established "emotional intelligence" as the new politically correct version of truth they will be able to convince the masses that Hubbard was a true genius, ahead of his time etc., a true messiah of the mind.

And it's working. The reviews of Emotional Intelligence were fantastic:

"[It's] received higher praise from the press and, consequently, greater popularity with the public than any other non-fiction book published in the English language in the past several years, maybe in any language. In September 1997, two years after its \ publication, it was still the best-selling non-fiction book in many countries." (Steven Farron, Ph.D., appendix 1)

Emotional Intelligence also attempts to fabricate a theory that IQ tests are obsolete due to LeDoux's discoveries. Goleman goes on tp commit scientific blasphemy upon a thoroughly researched and highly irrefutable book called, The Bell Curve, which proves that the standard IQ tests are very good at predicting success in both school and life. This is a big problem for Scientology because it means that their concepts are bullshit. Either intelligence and success are determined by genetics or they aren't. If IQ is proven to be an effective measure of intelligence and potential for success than Hubbard's allegations that Dianetics can take anyone, "clear them," and then watch their IQ rise enormously to the point of genius is of course bullshit. But that's the name of the game. If IQ is genetic, and IQ is an actual high correlative predictor of success Dianetics can't deliver the goods and Hubbard's concepts will never be embraced by a majority of people necessary for a critical mass of consensus. So, all Scientology can do is try to spin the truth into what it wants the truth to be, therefore causing an effect which tends to diminish legitimate/"suppressive" science. So they postulate a way to spin the truth and then, knowing that most people won't check it out, they boldly lie about the topic with bravado taking their cue from their leader Hubbard. Emotional Intelligence is Dianetics in disguise:

"It is typical of Goleman not to cite any source....only an unpublished manuscript... The only conclusion that can be drawn from the fact that Goleman did not try to refute the massive, uniform evidence for a very high correlation between scores on these tests and IQ is that he could not. Instead, he relied on the lie that the correlation is slight and assumed that the reviewers of his book would be extremely partial towards his views, totally ignorant about its subject and too lazy to find out even the most basic facts about it... The source Goleman cites for the correlation between IQ at age four and SAT scores is 'a personal communication from Phil Peake.' I have read many scholarly books and articles and have never seen an unpublished (and therefore uncheckable) communication used even as corroborating evidence, let alone the only cited reference for a crucial argument, but as the reader will see, Goleman uses this type of evidence often." (Steve Farron, appendix 1)

This essay Farron wrote is extremely informative, well written, and backed up with tons of authority. In it he discusses why, The Bell Curve is the commanding authority on IQ:

"A year before the publication of Emotional Intelligence, The Bell Curve created a tremendous uproar... Its main thesis is that IQ tests predict not only occupational success with remarkable accuracy but also whether a person will be a criminal, get married, divorced, have an illegitimate baby, be a good mother etc., in other words, emotional intelligence. The Bell Curve bases this thesis on meta-analyses of a total of over a thousand studies of civilian employment databases that were carefully compiled by the US Defense Dpt.. of the military careers of cumulatively nearly a million people, and an extremely intensive ongoing study conducted on over 12,000 people for twelve years... 'There can be little or no doubt about their findings on the predictive power of IQ in relation to success and failure in contemporary US society. (C. Finn, Commentary, January 1995, pp. 76-80)." (Steve Farron, appendix 1)

Let's see what Hillary says about this in her chapter/smear called "THE BELL CURVE IS CURVE BALL":

"It has become fashionable in some quarters to assert that intelligence is fixed at birth, part of our genetic makeup that is invulnerable to change, a claim promoted by Charles Murray and the late Richard Herrnstein in their 1994 book, The Bell Curve. This view is politically convenient.... But research provides us with plenty of evidence that this perspective is not only unscientific but insidious." (page 59)

Wow! Look at her go. Her "research" is mostly confined to Goleman's book which is truly unscientific and bogus. They were gambling that her endorsement of Emotional Intelligence would give it enough momentum to wash over any truthful criticism and it has. In that same chapter she gives an interesting case study in "Dianetics":

"...I also studied children at the Yale Child Study Center. One of the people I was privileged to work with was the late Dr. Sally Provence, a pioneer in the field of infant behavior. I remember watching her work with a mother who had brought in her seventh-month old son because he was having trouble eating and sleeping. The mother was at her wits' end and feared she might hurt her baby. She didn't understand what was wrong with him, but instead of writing him off as a 'bad' child, she'd had the wisdom to seek help. Under Provence's gentle questioning, the woman revealed that her first pregnancy, which resulted in the birth of a girl, had been a joyous experience, and her daughter was an 'easy' child. But her second pregnancy had been strained by marital and other tensions in her life, which had persisted. Dr. Provence helped the woman to see that even though her son had a different and more difficult temperament than her daughter, the problems she was having with him stemmed mostly from his keen awareness of her feelings of distress when she was around him. (She's making the case that the mother and child were restimulating each others engrams) The two of them were caught in a cycle, and as the months went by, the baby's prospects for healthy development were spiralling downward." (It takes a Village, page 53-54)

"dwindling spiral: a phenomenon of the ARC triangle whereby one breaks some affinity, a little bit of the reality goes down, and then communication goes down, which makes it impossible to get affinity as high as before; so a little bit more gets knocked off affinity, and then reality goes down, and then communication. This is the dwindling spiral in progress, until it hits the bottom--death--which is no affinity, no communication and no reality." (From, Scientology: the modern fundamentals of thought, page 67)

Her example, if you know what to look for, shows Dianetics at work. The mother has no problem with her "easy" child because there were no engrams formed during the birth of that child which would cause her to possibly "hurt her baby." But the other child is restimulating her engrams, and vice versa. So they are caught in a dwindling spiral. But thanks to the doctor's gentle questioning (auditing) the mother has learned what the problem is and is now cleared of its charge.

Goleman will now argue the case for the necessity of Dianetic auditing:

"The Healing Power of Emotional Support

In The Merry adventures of Robin Hood, Robin advises a young follower 'Tell us thy troubles and speak freely. A flow of words doth ever ease the heart of sorrows; it is like opening the waste where the mill dam is overfull.' This bit of folk wisdom has great merit; unburdening a troubled heart appears good medicine. The scientific corroboration of Robin's advice comes from James Pennebaker, a Southern Methodist University psychologist, who has shown in a series of experiments that getting people to talk about the thoughts that trouble them most has a beneficial medical effect. His method is remarkably simple: he asks people to write, for fifteen to twenty minutes a day over five or so days, about, for example, 'the most traumatic experience of your entire life,' or some pressing worry of the moment... The net effect of this confessional is striking: enhanced immune function, significant drops in health-center visits in the following six months, fewer days missed from work, and even improved liver enzyme function. Moreover, those whose writing showed the most evidence of turbulent feelings had the greatest improvements in their immune function."

(Emotional Intelligence pg. 180)

This is Dianetics' auditing and he couples it with typically Hubbardian bravado while giving no citation for authority at all. But it's Goleman's use of the word "turbulent" which really caught my eye. A big word exclusive to Scientology is "enturbulating," which is used to describe disturbing thoughts.

Now let's watch Goleman attack traditional medicine like a true scientologist:

"[P]atients' emotional needs are unmet by today's medicine. Unanswered questions feed uncertainty, fear, catastrophizing. And they lead patients to balk at going along with treatment regimes they don't fully understand... [E]motional care is an opportunity too often lost in the way medicine is practiced today; it is a blind spot for medicine. Despite mounting data on the medical usefulness of attending emotional needs, as well as supporting evidence for connections between the brain's emotional center and the immune system, many physicians remain skeptical that their patients' emotions matter clinically, dismissing the evidence for this as trivial and anecdotal, as 'fringe,' or, worse, as the exaggerations of a self-promoting few."

(EI, pg. 184)

Of course there really is no "mounting data." He's defending Dianetics while attacking traditional medicine and that is standard Scientology MO, "attack the attacker," "investigate the investigator."

"[V]ivid, terrifying moments, neuroscientists now say, become memories emblazoned in the emotional circuitry. The symptoms are, in effect, signs of an overaroused amygdala impelling the vivid memories of a traumatic moment to continue to intrude on awareness. As such, the traumatic memories become mental hair triggers, ready to sound an alarm at the least hint that the dread moment is about to happen once again. This hair-trigger phenomenon is a hallmark of emotional trauma of all kinds including suffering repeated physical abuse in childhood... Any traumatizing event can implant such trigger memories in the amygdala... Human cruelties stamp their victims' memories with a template that regards with fear anything vaguely similar to the assault itself... The hijacking circuit discussed in Chapter 2 seems critical in leaving such a powerful brand on memory: the more brutal, shocking, and horrendous the events that trigger the amygdala hijacking, the more indelible the memory. The neural basis for these emotions appears to be a sweeping alteration in the chemistry of the brain set in motion by a single instance of overwhelming terror." (EI pages 202-203)

Once again the footnote cites LeDoux as authority for these false assertions. "Neuroscientists say...," is complete nonsense. There are no neuroscientists who say this not even LeDoux. These people are the slickest ever but they've left too much of a trail and they're busted. In the following quote Goleman is discussing these concepts as they relate to post traumatic stress disorder; watch as he shoots himself in the foot:

"But given the right experiences, even PTSD can lift; strong emotional memories, and the patterns of thought and reaction that they trigger, can change with time."

(EI pg. 207)

In Dianetics, Hubbard repeatedly uses the word "lift" regarding the removal of engrams from the "engram bank." He gives many examples of how different types of engrams will "lift" when they are audited correctly. Auditing, the practice of retelling your most horrible experiences over and over is the way they brainwash newcomers and legitimizing it is top priority for Goleman. Watch him work it out:

"Another step in healing involves retelling and reconstructing the story of the trauma in the harbor of that safety, allowing the emotional circuitry to acquire a new, more realistic understanding of and response to the traumatic memory and its triggers. As patients retell the horrific details of the trauma, the memory starts to be transformed, both in its emotional meaning and in its effects on the emotional brain."

(EI, pg. 211)

Anybody who has been involved with Scientology at all will recognize this for what it is... a description of auditing:

"The therapist encourages the patient to retell the traumatic events as vividly as possible, like a horror home video, retrieving every sordid detail. This includes not just the specifics of what they saw, heard, smelled, and felt, but also their reactions-- the dread, disgust, nausea. The goal here is to put the entire memory into words, which means capturing parts of the memory that may have been disassociated and so are absent from conscious recall. By putting sensory details and feelings into words, presumably memories are brought under control of the neocortex (the analytical mind)... The emotional relearning at this point is largely accomplished through reliving the events and their emotions, but this time in surroundings of safety and security, in the company of a trusted therapist." (EI pages 211-212)

It should say, "in the company of a trusted therapist who will make a record of all the things you say for a file which will be developed on you and which such therapist will use to blackmail you and/or torture you should you choose to stop your therapy which of course will cost you every penny you have."

Please! This is really happening. There isn't much time. If they win control of the House and Senate in November.... I need to know that you know there is a story here which is a matter of international importance. These people are everything you ever thought would never really happen. This is like a bad movie or something but we're still right in the middle of it.

This is war, but it's a war that can be won with words and pictures. We don't need any guns or violence to defeat them. All we need is courage and thought. Let's show them what the word "normal" really means. I have never felt the "emotion" known as patriotism before. But knowing that this entity exists makes me really appreciate the idea of democracy which this country was founded upon.

Please help....


CNN is crawling with Scientology. Rick Kaplan is a staunch Clinton supporter and has stayed in the Lincoln bedroom. So has Ted Turner. Dianetics was one of the major sponsors of Turner's Goodwill Games in 1990 (I don't know if this was the only year). CNN also has Greta Van Sustern, a self declared scientologist. Don't forget Kaplan's instructions to CNN reporters to reduce use of the word "scandal" when reporting the President's, for lack of a better term, scandals.

Clinton is weakening the military as much as he can get away with by cutting their budget and closing base after base. COSCO in Long Beach? Missile technology? Chinese army contributions to Clinton's campaign fund? The trip to China? The nation of Scientology will "clear the planet" by any means necessary including martial law. Look what CNN just did to the military's reputation. Retraction or not, it's still a major publicity blow struck to the military. The damage is much worse throughout the rest of the world than it is here. Your antennae should be way up on this. CNN is more than happy to cloud the public's trust of the media. They know the tough battles are coming up and when the press strikes out at Scientology they want that strike to be susceptible to doubt by the public who are being conditioned to mistrust the media.

There is a list of 861 people who used the Lincoln bedroom ( On that list are Ted Turner and Rick Kaplan the owner and number one man respectively at CNN. The publicity attack on the military by CNN followed by their weak retraction was the final thing I needed to see. I have postulated that Clinton is weakening our military while strengthening China's because he wants to impose martial law on the USA in the name of Scientology which is very similar to communism. CNN is helping by trying to ruin the military's reputation. The "Operation tailwind" story was a special operation. No news agency in their right mind would run that story unless they had ulterior motives. CNN is loyal to Scientology and I think I can make a pretty strong case that I'm right. Right this way.....

I did a web search and found all of the articles CNN has published through its website regarding Scientology. For purposes of this brief I've left out the articles which deal only with celebrities. Those articles are miniature advertisements for Scientology and they have absolutely nothing in their content which could harm Scientology.

The articles I have included in this brief are the actual real news pieces that CNN has done concerning Scientology. With all of the bad press Scientology has received, CNN has never written one single article attacking them or anything that they have done. The articles I will discuss with you seem to report objectively about the news involved, but when you look at all of them together a protective pattern emerges:

[Only two of the following CNN links still worked as of June 6, 1999. Both were pro-Scientology, and on one, CNN had a link to at the bottom of the page under "related links."

Church of Scientology protects secrets on the Internet (app 3)


Scientologists claim victory in Internet copyright lawsuit (app 4)


Judge rules Time can't be sued for calling Scientology 'cult of greed' (app 5)


Group that once criticized Scientologists now owned by one (app 6)

U.S. to list Germany for abusing Scientologists (app 7)


U.S. report backs Scientologists in dispute with Germany (app 8)


That's it. With all of the stories about Scientology floating around since 1995, those are the one's CNN chose to report. There's nothing about Lisa McPherson or any of the other strange deaths. The only headline above which reads as a loss for Scientology is the one about the Time article, but the text of that article is kind towards Scientology:

"The [Time] article was unusually tough and opinionated, even according to Time's own lawyer." (app 5)

Please take a few moments to read those articles. They are very short and easy to read. At the end of each article there is a list of related topics the reader can link to from the internet. With the exception of the first article from August 26, 1995, the rest of the articles almost exclusively list pro/official Scientology web sites while the vast number of anti-Scientology web sites are ignored.

The first article seems fair, but it is in no way anti-Scientology, and it gives the Scientology view point plenty of space to argue it's case. But other than that one, the rest of them seem to be favoring and protecting Scientology. The headlines, through the text and right down to the links to other sites are promoting Scientology.

Now I want to draw your attention to a collection of CNN Internet Almanacs dating from November 18, 1996 to November 22, 1996 ( The daily CNN Almanac lists "events on the horizon" and every almanac between November 17th and November 22nd has the following paragraph in it:

"On Friday, November 22, a verdict is expected in the trial of 23 members of the French Church of Scientology on manslaughter and fraud charges."

You would expect that they would run a story on November 23rd or 24th as to what the verdict was considering this week long build up. Out of all the possible stories CNN could preview in its Almanac section, they only choose 6 or 7 to list in the "on the horizon" section each day, and this story was mentioned from November 17 through the 22nd, everyday. CNN was hoping for a verdict in favor of Scientology. But the verdict was not in favor of Scientology, and was not covered at all by CNN. The following is is copied from a web page ( that reported the verdict:

"A court Friday sentenced the former head of the Church of Scientology in France to 18 months in prison for his role in the suicide of a member of the church. The court in the Southern city of Lyon also handed Jean-Jacques Mazier a further 18-month suspended sentence and fined him 500,000 francs ($100,00) after convicting him on charges of second degree murder and fraud.

The sentence was more severe than that sought by prosecutors... Fifteen other church members received suspended prison terms of eight months to two years for being accessories to fraud."

There's no mention of the verdict, handed down on November 22, 1996 at CNN's web site. Furthermore, CNN was reporting the charges as "manslaughter" when the charge was actually "second degree murder." It's also interesting to note that CNN ran these three headlines within 8 weeks of that verdict:

"Group that once criticized Scientologists now owned by one," December 19, 1996

"U.S. to list Germany for abusing Scientologists," January 27, 1997

"U.S. report backs Scientologists in dispute with Germany," January 30, 1997

Additionally, at around the same time as the last two articles listed above ran at CNN's web site a CNN viewer's poll

( ), asked people which of four listed stories the readers would like to see covered that evening on CNN. And one of the four topics was listed as follows:

"Germany Scientology - For true-believers in Scientology, no country tests the faith like Germany. In several states scientologists are already banned from Government jobs. Bill Delaney reports for the next year the church will be officially, nationwide placed under coordinated police surveillance."

Also, on October 17, 1996, only five weeks before the French convictions, CNN ran a strange story on its "WORLDS NEWS story page." You're going to love this one. The World News story in question consists of two lines which read:

"The following is the text of the ad placed by the Scientologists in The New York Times."

The rest of the "WORLD NEWS story," is three pages of the word for word copy of a paid advertisement which compares the Germany of today with the Germany run by the nazis during world War 2. ( They didn't have to pay CNN to run their advertisement. What kind of a story is that? And if it is a story which they felt was important, and they are not biased in favor of Scientology, than it is reasonable to believe that they also would have run the story about the Scientologists convicted in France, especially with the week long build up they had going in their almanac section.

Finally we come to a post from a newsgroup archive which discusses the fact that on July 22, 1996, CNN pulled out of an interview with Richard Behar, after he prevailed in the lawsuit the church filed against him for the article Behar wrote in Time Magazine in 1992:

"After talking to a church official... CNN killed the interview with Richard Behar. The reporter, who now works for Fortune magazine, is accusing CNN of 'cowardice,' saying 'this is exactly the chilling effect' about which he was interviewed.

CNN spokesman Steve Haworth denied that pressure from the church was involved, saying Behar did not 'advance the story' and made 'unsubstantiated allegations' against the church that the network did not have time to check out. 'We felt it would have been irresponsible to air those particular excerpts,' Haworth said."

( or at the end of this essay.)

CNN is crawling with scientologists who are protecting the President because he's one of them. When you look at this stuff in relation to everything else including the knowledge that Ted Turner and Rick Kaplan both "slept" in the Lincoln bedroom, the picture becomes eerily clear. We are in trouble, and we better act fast and smart and together.


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Here an article from the Washington Post. My comment at the end.


Taking a Swat At the Fly on the Wall

By Howard Kurtz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 22 1996

The Washington Post

[unrelated stuff on Woodward's book deleted]


When Time magazine won dismissal of a $416 million libel suit by the Church of Scientology last week, CNN asked the reporter involved if he would talk about the chilling effect of such suits on the press.

After talking to a church official, however, CNN killed the interview with Richard Behar. The reporter, who now works for Fortune magazine, is accusing CNN of "cowardice," saying "this is exactly the chilling effect" about which he was interviewed.

CNN spokesman Steve Haworth denied that pressure from the church was involved, saying Behar did not "advance the story" and made "unsubstantiated allegations" against the church that the network did not have time to check out. "We felt it would have been irresponsible to air those particular excerpts," Haworth said.

Debbie Blair, the church's national affairs director, said it was "absurd" to suggest that the church pressured CNN, saying the network made the decision on its own. "I can't tell anyone what to air or not to air," she said, adding that Behar seems to be "promoting himself" and "trying to make this into some kind of conspiracy."

Behar, who has filed a harassment suit against the church, says he got a different explanation from a CNN producer. He says the producer told him that the interview was killed, on advice of CNN's lawyers, after a church official expressed concern that Behar was making libelous charges without the Scientologists having a chance to respond.

Asked why CNN could not air Behar's remarks after further reporting, Haworth said it was news primarily on the day the suit was thrown out. He said Time Warner Inc., which was completing its merger with CNN's parent company last week, had "no editorial influence" on the story.

Attorney Floyd Abrams, who represents Time and was also interviewed by CNN, said the CNN producer later called him to say a Scientology official had told the network "that if they broadcast Richard's charges, one libel suit might be over, but there might be another one."

Behar says he told CNN what he reported in his 1991 Time story and is contained in his lawsuit: that private detectives for the church followed and harassed him and obtained his personal credit report. "It's every journalist's nightmare," he said.

My comment: this chicken-attitude of CNN may have two reasons.

1. Their inhouse-scientologist Greta van Susteren (the one in trouble for active solliciting of by lawfirm)

2. The fear of the costs. While TIME has won, their freedom of the press has nevertheless cost them $7,000,000 - and this price is too high for CNN. Obviously, the tactic to sue, regardless of the chance to win, is paying off for the evil cult. Very few newspapers take the risk to expose scientology for what it is - and they pay a high price. The others bow down to just the *possibility* of scientology starting a lawsuit.

CNN = Chicken News Network