Polly is a Maine Coon cat. Well, kitten. She was born in early July of 2001. Her name is short for Polydactyl, because she is. Depending on what you read, roughly 20% to 40% of Maine Coon cats are polydactyl. That means she's got extra toes on her feet. Check out these feet!

Polly was a gift, the good souvenir of that summer. I was out working with Alex, the details of which I won't get into. But he finally was, by the end of the summer, better enough to take a visitor, for the first time in four and a half years. A visitor other than the four people he's used to, anyway. China, another Sahajiya, breeds Maine Coon cats, amongst other things she does. She brought us five kittens, from a litter. These aren't show cats, evidently they're not "perfect" enough. Silly ideals. So Paul, the DS, got this very quiet, very sneaky dark brown kitten. Feather, our Verbena, got the lady of the group, a very assertive calico. Tom (aka Tom-tom), the (other) Sahajiya in our little band, got the very loud orange tabby. Alex got the most beautiful one - very affectionate, and almost all white except for a few delicate spots of black on her face and chest. I, of course, got the only polydactyl, and the most fiesty kitten of the litter. The only girl other than Feather's kitten, too.

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