The Basement

The public will not be made aware of the basement. It is not labeled in the elevator, nor do the stairs appear to go down. The way down can be found inside a small room labeled "maintenance", in the back of the office on the ground floor. In the room is a small elevator, which can only be activated with a keycard and numerical code. The basement is the secure area for Kindred. Only Kindred will be permitted down here, or ghouls with their domitors. Ghouls must behave impeccably. Only Camarilla will have cards and access, but acknowledged independents may be brought in as guests, though only if they agree to abide by the laws of Elysium.

There are a small room with chairs and tables for private research, and fold-down bunks in case this becomes an emergency haven. In one corner is a tiny shower, in case someone does need to stay at the Conservatory. There is a duplicate security room down here, with copies of all the taping from the cameras. There are meeting rooms here, both small and large. The phones here are secure. The computer can be connected to the internet, but it has highest security. There is also a lounge area, a games room and a tv/entertainment area, for Kindred who want to just relax around other Kindred.

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