The building is new, but built of old stones culled from a number of properties, so it looks far older than it is. The building sets a bit away from the road, but the property it is on extends back quite a distance, taking up roughly three to four acres, total area.

Cars enter through a circular drive. The center of the circle is a garden of local wildflowers, surrounding a classical fountain with a statue of three muses pouring the water into the fountain bowl. Around the fountain are stone benches, done in the same classical style.

There is a large parking area to either side of the the building. Spaces are allotted for the handicapped, and there are a few for VIPs. The entire place is handicapped-accessible, far more so than is needed by city code.

The Conservatory is designed to be a haven for flora of all sorts, as well as a soothing respite from the travails of daily (or nightly) life, for Kindred and Kine alike. Much of the building and grounds welcome any sort of being. In order to keep the place from any danger, Kindred are expected to behave with greatest care while in the public areas of the Conservatory. Nearly any type of being should feel at ease somewhere in the building or the grounds of the Conservatory.

According to the story that is given publically, the Conservatory has been built by Guilford Yates V according to plans laid out by the first Guilford Yates, in honor of his wife. Those who are in on the secret of the Kindred Prince know that Guilford is the original. Elizabeth Chapel Yates must, then, be his own late wife. Her picture hangs in a prominant place in the foyer, labeled Elizabeth Chapel Yates, 1844 - 1905.

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