As writen by Guilford Yates, Prince of Seattle, for the Elysium known as the Elizabeth Chapel Yates Conservatory, open on October the 31st, in the year two thousand and one.

1. There shall be no fighting of any sort in the Elysium, or on Elysium grounds. No weapons are to be raised, no threat of violence made, to Kindred or Kine. No disciplines may be used against another within the boundaries of the Elysium.

2. No feeding is to be done in any public area of the Elysium.

3. The Masquerade must be maintained at highest levels in the public areas of the Elysium.

4. Ghouls and Blood Dolls may be brought within the Elysium, even to the private areas. They may never be left without escort. Hosts are, of course, responsible for the behavior of their guests. Unsuspecting kine may never be shown the location of the entrance to the basement, or given access to the private quarters on the third floor.

5. The Elysium is neutral ground. Any and all parties, whatever they may be, must be treated with respect in Elysium. If any individual is unable to follow this rule, they should remove themselves from the Elysium, or they will be removed.

6. Access to the Kindred only areas of Elysium will be through key cards with numerical passcodes. No non-Camarilla kindred shall have cards, though they may be admitted in the company of members of the Camarilla, as guests. Misbehavior will result in access being revoked.

Any breaking of the letter or spirit of these laws will be subject to the harshest punishment.

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