The Second Floor

There are stairs that lead up to the second and third floors, located between spokes one and two on the first floor, and an elevator located between spokes three and four. The balcony area of the second floor contains plenty of spaces to sit. The right side of the floor is taken up by the Conservatory Restaurant. This place is fine dining. It's fusion cuisine - an exotic blend of Western and Eastern cooking, often within a single dish. Seating and decor are not that much different from the cafe below, but the lights are lower, and there are candles on each table. Rather than freshly cut flowers at each table, there is a delicate miniature rose plant, with the pots built into the tables. Dining is generally expected to be in groups of two or four, though one can eat alone, and they can accommodate larger groups when needed. There are two small private rooms, able to hold up to ten people apiece, which can be booked in advance, for a fee.

The other side of the second floor is devoted to function rooms. These can be booked for parties or meetings. Furniture is portable, and stored in a room behind the stairs. As with the first floor, there are stairs and elevators to get up.

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