This is the credit where credit is due department.

The pictures were primarily taken by me, though some were taken by Jim. The one of both Jim and I was taken by a nice waiter at Ndutu's bar/lounge.

The facts and information come mainly from Adam, our guide, or from Jonathon Scott's Safari Guide to East African Animals.

The font used in all the titles and buttons is Bete Noir, by Nick's Fonts.

The style of the journal entries was inspired by Cassie Claire's V. Secret Diaries.

Big thanks to Adam, our guide. He was great company, and so well-informed! He really made the trip great!

Thanks to Hoopoe Safaris, our travel agent in Tanzania, and to Al Arabi Travel, our agent here in Dubai.

Thanks to the folks at Kirurumu Tented Lodge, Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Ndutu Safari Lodge, Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge and even Ilboru Safari Lodge.

And last but not least, thanks to Don and Linda McKernan, whose pictures and stories of their trip the year before inspired us to take this trip!