There are 97 pictures for Day 3, all over the Serengeti, and at Seronera Wildlife Lodge.

Starting at dawn at Seronera,
we first found an elderly cape buffalo
and some vervet monkeys.
We saw our first lions.
There was a giraffe hanging out with the yellow-barked acacias.
when we got back to the lions, two of them were up a tree.
There were some hippos at the hippo pool.
We found a family of elephants.
There was a herd of cape buffalo
being watched by some lions.
We drove around some kopjes,
saw the elephants' mudbath
and got to get a close-up of a topi.
Then we stopped at a river which didn't have hippos
and one that did.
The best hippo viewing was at the big hippo pool.
We spotted another jackal
and a dik-dik.
A hippo was cutting across country.
we stopped to admire some giraffes
and finished off the evening at Seronera.