January 22nd, 2003

Survived night. Left light on as whole place v. creepy. Dogs barking at odd hours. Didn't get much sleep.

Toilet only works sometimes. V. frustrating. Shower v. bad. Jim wonders if breakfast good idea. Would say no, but need breakfast. Also wake-up call half hour late.

Survived breakfast, but not v. good. Don't know how toast w/butter & jam can still be dry, but was.

V. glad to leave. Adam asked for note to give Hoopoe about lodge problems. Said company can find much better lodge in Arusha.

Taken to meet shuttle. Driver speaks English. V. good. Shuttle bigger than one to Arusha. Were several at pickup point. Departing on time.

Man who spoke English not driver, but are bilinguals on board. Got better nap on bumpy ride than in creepy lodge. Passed through Tanzanian border no problem. Now at Kenya side. Jim dealing w/line. Am waiting in bus. Hucksters everywhere. V. agressive. Line about selling whole zoo cute, though.

At least border guards not going through luggage this time. And no problems with visa. So far, so good. Only problem is mob of hucksters peddling, won't take no for answer.

Trying to think of design for Tanzanite. No real ideas yet.

On way from Nairobi, road seemed v. bad. Now on way to Nairobi, road v. smooth. Is same road, hasn't been fixed. Perpectives different.

Masai on bicycles crack me up.

Arrived Nairobi. Traffic insane. Took hour to reach drop off, met and made it quickly to Carnivore Restaurant.

Ate hartebeest, waterbuck, ostrich, zebra, normal meats. Zebra yummy. Two shameless cats hanging around, v. well fed! Pork was dry, gave some to shameless cat. Cat agreed with assessment.

Dessert - brandy snaps - brown sugar waffle cone filled with brandied whipped cream (real, not sfoo). Nummy! Were two, so each had one.

Then to Karen Blixen's farm - aka Isak Dineson. Out of Africa. This was real place, not movie set - halls too narrow for cameras. Also too dark. Entrance fee had to be shillings, yet another time needed local currency!

Arrived airport plenty of time. No problem w/check in, security, passports, etc. Found get with plenty of time, did little shopping.

No jetway to plane, had to walk. Otherwise, trip home uneventful.

Back, safe & sound! Only sunburned little bit of finger where normally wear ring. Did not pick up any nasty diseases. Total 25 rolls film. All in all, great trip!