It's home, no matter what. And I love it. Gorgeous, isn't it?

The garden with the barn in the background.

The garden with the house and a little of the milkshed visible. Isn't the garden gorgeous?

More of the same.

And a different angle! I love the shadows in this pic.

Isn't the corn gorgeous?

I remember when that tree was tiny!

After a bonfire. Down to coals!

Isn't this gorgeous, too?

Jim and Dad, expanding the sandbox prior to a visit from the girls.

See, the place where the sand is isn't the best location. So they dug out some dirt and then refilled the area with sand.

Jim, you'd better wash your hair after that!

This is the back of our rental car and yet another angle of the property. The car was parked on the grass there so we could pack it up with our suitcases.

Mom's flowerbed. Also gorgeous!

And in closeup!

And another angle. If you look on the top of the well, to the left of the red car, you can almost see the row of tomatoes.

Closer, and now you can definitely see the tomatoes.

The full row of tomatoes. This is where I got the color I used for this vacation.

And a close-up. Aren't they gorgeous?
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