So what's up with this? There were a bunch of Tarot Outtakes in the Iowa section and now the Akron section gets a whole page of tarot outtakes. Well, I'm making my own deck. I'm using pictures of family and friends for the cards. Some of these are spontaneous, some are posed. The deck will be online, and the details will be there. But the outtakes are pictures that wouldn't be used in the deck, but are fun, taken from times when I was working on the deck.

Laura wading out for a Moon pose.


Fishie? Gone all fishies?

Different spot, wading out for another pose for the Moon.

A pity Laura's not the Star, this would be the perfect pic for it.

We used the skulls for Justice possibles, but they look cool like this.

Keeping the flame?

He's got LEGS!

Call this the "Witchy in the Night" sequence.

I love this expression!

Now this is cute. . .

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