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Dungeons of Daggorath Program:
© 1982 DynaMicro, Inc.
Licensed to Tandy Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.
This applications software for the Tandy Color microcomputer is retained in a read-only memory (ROM) format. All portions of this software, whether in the ROM format or other source code form format, and the ROM circuitry, are copyrighted and are the proprietary and trade secret information of Tandy Corporation and/or its licensor. Use, reproduction or publication of any portion of this material without the prior written authorization by Tandy Corporation is strictly prohibited.
Dungeons of Daggorath Program Manual:
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Table of Contents
Required Equipment
Loading Instruction
Playing the Game
The Display
Moving in the Dungeon
Levels and Climbing in the Dungeon
Object Types
Your Heartbeat
Parting Words
Appendix A - Summary of Commands
Appendix B - Partial List of Abbreviations
Appendix C. Saving and Reloading Games
LONG AGO, in the faraway hamlet of Rivenshire, there lived a gentle, simple folk. For many long years they lived, loved and labored in the seclusion of the peaceful valley, protected from the influence and danger of the outside world by the towering mountains of Daggorath.
But alas, no good thing remains untouched forever. And so it was, in the time now known as the Year of Darkness, that a monstrous Evil came to Rivenshire, and the shadows of Daggorath fell long upon the land. The crops, once healthy and strong, stood withered in the fields. The herds of cattle and sheep wandered in listless stupor and slowly wasted away. Even the children of the Shire became ill and did not respond to the most powerful potions.
In desperation, the people cried out for a reason, for understanding, for deliverance. Then a wise old master of the village came forth to speak . . .
"There is a tale," he said, "passed down for centuries and almost forgotten, of a time in the Olden Days when a curse such as this descended on the land. Deep beneath these towering crags, in the Dungeons of Daggorath, an evil Wizard made his home and grew in power But before his destruction of the land was complete, a brave adventurer ventured into the fearsome Dungeons and drove the Wizard away, saving Rivenshire from a devilish fate. The Wizard, however, was not destroyed and swore, even as he fled, that one day he would return with his legions of evil, more powerful than ever, to reinhabit the Dungeons of Daggorath and destroy all the land to avenge his defeat. I have heard rumors in recent times that this same Wizard has come into possession of the ancient and mighty Ring of Endings and is now more powerful than even I fear that this is true and that he has returned to destroy us."
And lo, the people of the village trembled and begged of the master, "What shall we do... who now will save us?" When the crowd was silent, the master spoke. "Behold this Book," he said, raising the ancient volume above his head for all to see, "for it is said to have been left by the adventurer and was passed down to me by my father's father's father. It tells of the mysteries and dangers of the Dungeon. The secrets of The Book I can share with you. But alas, where will we find one so bold as to face the deadly dangers of the Dungeons of Daggorath?"
To the amazement of all who watched, there came from the crowd a stranger whose face spoke of courage and wisdom. The stranger reached out a hand to take The Book. The master smiled slowly and said, "Even as it was prophesied. . . so be it. I shall teach you the ways of the Dungeon that you may venture forth and slay the Wizard. You must listen carefully and study well, for mistakes are deadly in the Dungeons of Daggorath." Thus began the lesson. .
The animated color graphics of this exciting adventure game make your task fearfully realistic. The Dungeon is a complex, multi-level maze deep within the mountains of Daggorath and tilled with evil creations of the Wizard - fearsome creatures that can snuff out your fragile existence in an instant. Beware... for once you have been transported into the Dungeon, there are only two ways out: DESTROY THE WIZARD or DIE!
  Required Equipment
To begin your adventure, you need the following:
· A Tandy® Color Computer with at least 16k RAM
· Standard TV (Color recommended)
  Loading Instructions
Turn power OFF before inserting Pak
1. Before inserting or removing a Program Pak™ cartridge, make sure the computer is off. Failure to do so could result in damage to the Program Pak.
2. Connect the Color Computer to the television set, and move the antenna switchbox control to Computer (or Game). See your Tandy Color Computer Operation Manual for further details regarding connections.
3. Insert the Dungeons of Daggorath Program Pak™, label side up, into the slot located on the right side of the computer. Press firmly until it engages securely, but do not force it.
4. Turn on the television, and tune it to Channel 3 or 4 (whichever is least active in your area).
  Playing the Game
To begin your adventure, you must first be transported to the Dungeon. After loading the program, a chilling preview of the mysteries of the Dungeon appears on the screen. You might even catch a glimpse of the Wizard himself! Read through The Book, and when you think you can successfully complete your task, press any key to be transported into the Dungeon. But first, you must know more of the evil sanctum you are about to enter.
  The Display

You can view the Dungeon at the top of the screen. A single line on the left and right sides of the screen shows what you are holding in your left and right hands. The center of the screen monitors your heartbeat. You can actually see your heart and hear its beating as you wind your way through the dark passages of horror. Enter commands at the tour line command entry area at the bottom of the screen.

To enter commands in the Dungeon, type the desired command, with spaces between the words of multi-word commands, and press [ENTER] If you make a mistake in typing a command, press the [<-] key to erase one character at a time and continue typing the command. It you enter an illegal or impossible command, ??? appears after the command, and no action is taken.
You can enter commands in rapid succession. Simply continue typing. The computer stores the commands you type and then displays and carries them out as rapidly as possible.
Commands can be abbreviated to the shortest set of letters that cannot be confused with another command word. For example, ATTACK LEFT can be abbreviated A L, and PULL LEFT SWORD can be abbreviated P L SW. SWORD cannot be abbreviated with just an S, as this can be confused with SHIELD. You must still enter spaces between abbreviated words. If you try to enter an abbreviation that is too short, ??? appears after the command.
The appendices at the end of The Book contain a Summary of Commands (Appendix A), a Partial List of Allowable Abbreviations (Appendix B), and the commands you need to use to save and reload a game (Appendix C).
  Moving In the Dungeon
Enter the command MOVE to step one cell forward in the Dungeon. If you are facing a wall, you will "bump" into it. You may move past a creature that is directly in front of you by moving forward. The creature, however, will follow you and attempt to move fast enough to jump back in front of you.
To step back, type MOVE BACK. You can also turn in either direction by typing TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT. Type TURN AROUND to turn completely around in the same cell. Use the commands MOVE LEFT or MOVE RIGHT to sidestep (move sideways without turning).
A TORCH will help you see which way to MOVE in the Dungeon. You can MOVE with no TORCH (in total darkness), but you will bump into walls. This is not a recommended method of traveling in the Dungeon, for you might bump into the dreaded creatures.
  Levels and Climbing In the Dungeon
The Dungeon is a multi-level maze. There are three known levels, but there are rumors that the real Wizard lives beyond in even deeper levels. If you want to explore the first three levels, you must find a hole or a ladder to move between the levels. Beyond that, you are on your own.
If you are standing next to a hole, type CLIMB DOWN. You are then on the level below and can see the hole you just climbed through directly above you. But be careful... if you climb down a hole, you cannot go back up.
It you are standing next to a ladder, you can move up or down by using the commands CLIMB UP or CLIMB DOWN. Be especially wary of climbing up... for it is said that if the Wizard senses you retreating up a level, he will punish your faintheartedness with the wrath of his most fearsome creatures.
The Dungeon is filled with terrible creatures, henchmen of the evil Wizard. You will encounter Vipers, Spiders, Evil Knights, the Smiling Blobs, massive Stone Giants, Scorpions, Wraiths, and the awesome Galdrogs. These demons of darkness will attempt to seek you out and destroy you. They grow more powerful and more deadly as you descend deeper into the Dungeon.
Each creature has a characteristic sound that it will sometimes make as it approaches from any direction. The sound grows louder as the creature approaches. Listen carefully in the Dungeon, for you can often tell which creature to expect from the sound you hear. If the creature is in the cell with you, the sound is very loud, and you will be attacked. You will hear the blow strike you if it finds its mark. This is extremely hazardous to your health.
If you have your wits about you, you can use the ATTACK command to fend off or destroy your attacker. Use an object (such as a SWORD) if you have one, but your empty hand is better than nothing.
One technique you might use to defeat creatures involves attacking several
times in rapid succession and then moving several steps and turning around. This method lets your heart rate slow down while the creature approaches. Then you are ready to attack again as the creature enters your cell.
Creatures attack faster as they become more powerful. Time your attack to strike the creature just as it enters your cell and before it has a chance to strike you. Entering several ATTACKS followed by MOVES in rapid succession (don't wait for the command to be displayed) helps to get your blows in and gets you out of danger before the creature has a chance to destroy you.
The Blob might require ten or so successful sword hits to kill when you first encounter it. The Stone Giant might take six or seven hits to destroy. You might be able to kill Spiders with only one blow, but Vipers will take two or three.
Both the Blob and the Stone Giant can often kill you with one blow - so be quick and move before they strike!
In the Dungeon, the victor of a struggle draws strength from the defeated foe. Be cautious, but master many creatures as you move through the Dungeon so your strength may increase. The stronger you become, the fewer hits it will take to destroy a creature. If you go to a deeper level without mastering most of the creatures on the levels above, your strength will be no match for the creatures you encounter. Eventually, if you survive, you will face the evil Wizard. Defeating the Wizard will be the ultimate struggle, for his strength is greater than all his creatures.
BUT BE WARNED... long before you face the real Wizard, he will send a demon in his image to test your worthiness and resolve. Only after defeating the Wizard's image will the true challenge begin.
Within the Dungeon there will be a number of objects which must be used in your quest. The creatures will have collected most of the objects in the Dungeon by the time you arrive. There are six object classes:
There are several types within each of these object classes. For example, a TORCH can be a PINE TORCH or a LUNAR TORCH. The chart below will clarify the various types of objects. The types of RINGs, however, will not be listed in the chart. You must discover them yourself.
Types of Objects
When you first enter the Dungeon, you will be given a backpack containing a PINE TORCH and a WOODEN SWORD. You can find other objects within the Dungeon and can get them when they are on the floor. At any time, you can see what objects are in your backpack and on the floor by typing EXAMINE.
You can look at the Dungeon by typing LOOK (but only after an EXAMINE command).
To grab something from your backpack, you must first have an empty hand. Then use the PULL command, as in PULL LEFT PINE TORCH. To place something you are holding into your backpack, type STOW LEFT (for left hand) or STOW RIGHT (for right hand). Your right or left hand is now empty and the object you are holding is in the backpack.
Creatures in the Dungeon are aware that objects are valuable and will gather objects they encounter as they move throughout the Dungeon. A creature will continue to carry the objects it has collected until it is destroyed. When a creature is destroyed, the objects (if any) will drop to the floor. The objects will remain where they fall, even if you leave the area, unless you pick them up or another creature comes by and picks them up. You can pick up an object from the floor using the GET command only if you have an empty hand (ex-ample: GET RIGHT SHIELD). You can drop an object to the floor from either hand by typing DROP LEFT or DROP RIGHT respectively. This leaves one hand empty, and the object you were holding now appears on the floor of the cell you occupy.
  Object Types
TORCH No rays of light penetrate the Dungeon. You will need the TORCH to find your way. When you first enter the Dungeon, you will see only darkness. If you want to see you must PULL the TORCH into either hand and light it by typing USE LEFT or USE RIGHT. You will hear the match strike, and the TORCH will be mounted on your backpack. Your hand is now empty, and you can see. If you EXAMINE your backpack, the TORCH currently in use is highlighted After an EXAMINE command you must LOOK to see the lit Dungeon.
In time, all TORCHes burn down and eventually die. As this happens, you can see less and less in the Dungeon. The PINE TORCH lasts fifteen minutes. The LUNAR TORCH holds some magic light and will last for thirty minutes. The SOLAR TORCH is the most powerful and lasts for sixty minutes.
It is vital that you find another TORCH before your light goes out, or you will be in pitch darkness and at the mercy of the Wizard.
SWORD The Dungeon is very dangerous. Only a fool would enter without holding close his best and sharpest SWORD. When facing a creature, you can attempt to strike him with a SWORD you are holding by typing ATTACK LEFT or ATTACK RIGHT, depending on which hand your SWORD is in. If you
miss, you hear the swish of your sword through the air. If you hit, you hear the blow strike and the command area shows!!! after the attack command to show that you have made contact.
Stronger creatures are naturally harder to hit. You will also find that you miss more often as the light from your torch grows dim. It becomes even more important to find other torches before your light burns too low.
As you grow stronger (if you survive), the force and effect of your blows increase. But do not expect the creatures of the Dungeon to fall from a single blow. And beware... for even as you strike, they will strike back, often with fatal results.
SHIELD When you hold a SHIELD in your hand, you are protected from some of the force of an attacking creature's blow. This may save your life! The effectiveness of a SHIELD depends somewhat on your strength and the strength of the creature you are facing.
You can also ATTACK with a SHIELD. The MITHRIL SHIELD is quite powerful and can be used effectively as a weapon.
Attacking with a SHIELD is better than attacking with an empty hand and makes a great noise. But BE CAREFUL.... jokesters tend to have very short careers in the Dungeon!
FLASK In the Dungeon you might also find various magical FLASKs, which may serve you in your quest. If you are holding a FLASK and type USE LEFT or USE RIGHT (depending on which hand it is in), you will pour the contents of the FLASK down your throat. Be careful... flasks may harm you or greatly aid you. Their effects may be striking or subtle, short-lived or permanent.
You may get a clue to the nature of a FLASK from its name when you are able to REVEAL it. But the only way to really learn the true effect of a FLASK is by trying it in different situations.
SCROLL It is said that in the Dungeon there are SCROLLs that may be of immeasurable value in conquering the Powers of Evil. To use a SCROLL you are holding, type USE LEFT or USE RIGHT.
RING RINGs are extremely magical ! They can serve as weapons of great power, and can strike down mighty enemies in a twinkling. But now that they are under a powerful magic spell that prevents their use by mere mortals.
Learn how to unleash the power of a RING in the "Magic" section.
The Dungeon is a magic place. Creatures, torches, weapons and certain doors in the Dungeon have magical powers. Creatures that are very magical (like the Wizard) are best fought with magic weapons and can only be seen fully under a TORCH that throws magical light. You must learn from the Dungeon as you proceed.
There is both Physical and Magical light in the Dungeon. The PINE TORCH, for example, radiates Physical light, so certain magic passages cannot be seen. Even though you cannot see these magic passages, you can move through them. So it will appear that you can step through the walls in some places. If you have magic light the passages will appear as triangles. Other passages will appear as rectangles and can be seen in any light.
As you proceed in the Dungeon, you must find more powerful magic torches to reveal the magic doors and creatures.
Objects in the Dungeon often have hidden natures that are not immediately known. To discover the full power of an object, you should always attempt to REVEAL it. To REVEAL an object, you must be holding it in either hand and type REVEAL RIGHT or REVEAL LEFT, respectively. For example, you may be holding a TORCH that can be REVEALed as a more powerful LUNAR TORCH. The more powerful an object, the more strength it takes to REVEAL it. If you are unable to REVEAL an object you have found, you should save it
in your backpack. After you have grown in wisdom and strength, try again to REVEAL it.
Like other objects, the full powers of a SCROLL or a RING cannot be used until you have REVEALed them.
Only RINGs can be INCANTed. Attacking with a RING (even after you have REVEALed it) won't have much more effect than a bare-handed slap. The RING will make its magical sound, but will hold no power until it has been INCANTed. You must use your wisdom to determine the magic name of a RING. Then you must INCANT the magic name to release the RING's awesome power. The type of RING that you may REVEAL serves as a clue to the magic name of the RING. For example, if a RING is found and REVEALed to be an IRON RING, a possible incantation is to type INCANT STEEL, and press [ENTER] If the incantation is correct, the RING transforms into a STEEL RING of great power. If the incantation is wrong (which it is!), nothing at all happens, and you are left to ponder the correct incantation.
After you have successfully INCANTed a RING, you can ATTACK using the RING as a magic weapon of great power. But use it wisely, for its power is not limitless, and use of a RING also puts a great strain on your heart. It is rumored that even the power of the evil Wizard is derived from a RING which he holds. If you manage to defeat the real Wizard, you must find the Wizard's RING, for it may hold the secret to your future. Remember ALL RINGs can be INCANTed.
  Your Heartbeat
Throughout your adventure in the Dungeon, you see and hear your heart beating as you continue the journey. Many things affect your heart rate. Moving fast or with a heavy load, swinging a SWORD or wielding a RING, being attacked and struck by a creature . . all these and more will make your heart beat more rapidly.
Time and rest, if you can find them, will bring your heart rate down. If you allow your heart rate to climb too high, you will faint. This stops you in your tracks, but alas, the creatures do not stop and will continue to track and attack you. If your heart rate climbs even further, your weary heart may simply burst, and you will have failed in your quest. The faster your heart is beating, the easier a creature's blow will kill you or cause you to faint. It is best to be rested before attempting to master a powerful creature. As you grow stronger, so will your heart, and activities which once would have killed you will become easy.
Go then, with caution, and grow in strength.
"Having studied hard and mastered The Book, " said the Master, "you are now ready to brave the Dungeon. Keep The Book with you always and refer to it often, for it contains much that can help you. Reread it after traveling in the Dungeon for a time, and you will understand much that may previously have been unclear. Remember to discover the nature of objects by revealing them, and strive to master the riddles of the rings. Seek out more powerful torches to see the magic passages and magical creatures of the Dungeon. "Study the Dungeon as you venture forth, for there is much about it that I do nor know and cannot tell you. Learn its ways and the ways of the creatures. Study their habits and use the knowledge against them. It is sometimes better to strike and run to fight again than to stand and bravely die.
"Avoid standing still for very long, especially in long corridors, unless you wish to attract unfriendly company. Creatures will track you down straight corridors, even through doorways. You can sometimes lose them by running in a loop or a zig-zag or by hiding. Try to rest between battles so you can better handle the many surprises of the Dungeon. Be sure to keep your wits about you... you will surely need them.
"Above all do not give up hope. It is foretold that success can be yours if you will persevere. Go then, for yourself, and for all that is good in the world. The Wizard can be vanquished and the power of the Wizard's ring can be yours. The future awaits you! Go forth, and triumph!"
  Appendix A
Summary of Commands
The following summary of commands serves as a quick reference to help you remember and use the commands. Each command is presented in the following format:
NAME (The name of this type of command)
Usage: (This shows the various forms the command can take and briefly describes the effect of each form. For more detail, refer to The Book.)
Note: When the word "object" is used, you may type either an object class (like TORCH), or a specific object type (like PINE TORCH). For example, GET LEFT object refers to the whole class of commands like GET LEFT PINE TORCH, GET LEFT SWORD, and so on.
Usage: MOVE - Step one cell forward
MOVE BACK - Step one cell back
MOVE LEFT - Step one cell left without turning
MOVE RIGHT - Step one cell right without turning
Usage: TURN LEFT - Turn left in the current cell
TURN RIGHT - Turn right in the current cell
TURN AROUND - Turn around in the current cell
Usage: CLIMB UP - Climb up a ladder
CLIMB DOWN - Climb down a ladder or a hole
Usage: EXAMlNE - Show a list of objects on the floor of the cell you occupy plus a list of everything you are carrying in your backpack
Note: Any lit TORCH is highlighted on the display.
Usage: LOOK - Look at the Dungeon after an EXAMINE command
Usage: GET LEFT object - Get an object from the floor with your left hand
GET RIGHT object - Get an object from the floor with your right hand
Note: The object you type must be on the floor of the cell you occupy, and the hand you choose must be empty.
Usage: DROP LEFT - Drop the object in your left hand (if any) to the floor
DROP RIGHT - Drop the object in your right hand (if any) to the floor
Usage: PULL LEFT object - Pull an object from your backpack with your left hand
PULL RIGHT object - Pull an object from your backpack with your right hand
Note: The object you type must be in your backpack, and the hand you choose must be empty.
Usage: STOW LEFT - Stow the object in your left hand (if any) into your backpack
STOW RIGHT - Stow the object in your right hand (if any) into your backpack
Usage: ATTACK LEFT - Attack with the object in your left hand (or with your empty hand)
ATTACK RIGHT - Attack with the object in your right hand (or with your empty hand)
Usage: USE LEFT - Use the object in your left hand (effect depends on the object)
USE RIGHT - Use the object in your right hand (effect depends on the object)
Note: The USE command can be used with three types of objects, and its effect varies depending on the object selected:
TORCH - To USE a TORCH is to light it and mount it on your backpack
FLASK - To USE a FLASK is to pour its contents down your throat
SCROLL - To USE a SCROLL, the SCROLL must be REVEALed. Try it!
Usage: REVEAL LEFT - Attempt to "reveal" the type of object in your left hand
REVEAL RIGHT - Attempt to "reveal" the type of obiect in your right hand
Usage: INCANT magic word- Attempt to conjure up the magic power of a RING by "incanting" its magical name
Note: When you INCANT, type only the single word you are in-canting, such as INCANT STEEL.
Usage: ZSAVE filename - Save the current state of the game on cassette with the filename that was typed in
ZLOAD filename - Load from cassette a game you saved earlier with the given filename
  Appendix B
Partial List of Abbreviations
Commands can be abbreviated to the shortest set of letters that cannot be confused with another command. Remember that you must still enter the spaces between the abbreviated command words, and always press E N T E R after typing the command. If you try an abbreviation that is too short, ??? appears after the command.
Full Command Shortest Abbreviation

  Appendix C
Saving and Reloading Games
By using a cassette recorder and the commands ZLOAD and ZSAVE, you can save the entire state of the game at any point and restart there at a later time.
Refer to the Tandy Color Basic Manual (Chapter 8) that came with your Color Computer for information on how to connect the tape recorder to
the computer and how to set the volume level. Be sure to follow the tips at the end of the chapter on how to make good recordings. To save your adventure at any point, have the cassette positioned on blank tape and have the volume set correctly. Then press the PLAY and RECORD buttons at the same time until they lock. Type ZSAVE "name" and press E N T E R. "Name" is the name you choose for the game you want to save. The quotation marks will not display on your screen as you type them, but they are necessary.
After the game has been saved, the cassette stops moving. Press the STOP button. Do not leave the recorder in Play/Record mode, as this can damage the tape. You may then move the cassette forward with the FAST FORWARD button for a couple of seconds and be ready to save another game at a later time.
To load an adventure you have previously saved, rewind the cassette to the start of the saved game, and press the PLAY button. Then type ZLOAD "name" and press E N T E R, where "name" is the name you gave to that game.
The tape then begins to move and load your saved game. If you saved and loaded correctly, you will find yourself back in the exact situation you were in when you saved the game. If there was a problem with the load (such as wrong name, wrong volume setting, or a faulty or unerased tape), the game simply starts over. We recommend using Tandy CCR-81 cassette recorder (or equivalent) for maximum reliability. It is best to note the tape counter setting at the beginning of each saved game and to leave a few seconds of blank tape between each saved game so that you can be sure you are positioned in front of the correct data (by checking the counter) when you attempt to reload.
Be sure to save early and often to prevent losing a long game due to a power failure or other mishap. It is advisable to do two ZSAVEs in succession.