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Many people have rediscovered the Radio Shack Color Computers and enjoy them, even though they are now very obsolete.
A lot of the software and hardware turns up in thrifts and on eBay and other auction sites. However, many times manuals are missing. As I have a collection of manuals, I am trying to post what I have for those who have items without documentation.
Be aware that Radio Shack stores may still have some of this stuff for sale. Look around in stores, especially dealer (independent) stores, and see what you can find. But there's no point asking to order anything from the warehouse. As far as I know, it's all long gone now.

Important Note
There is no software on this site, except for Public Domain or my utilities. Much of the third party Coco software has been put into the shareware/freeware domains, but you will have to find it elsewhere. All the Radio Shack material is still copyright.
Try a search for "color computer" here.
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