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Copyright is claimed to the HTML code which presents it as a collection.

It is our policy to immediately remove, upon first notification and identification, any specific image or sound file displayed on this World Wide Web site represented to be owned or copyrighted by other parties. Should you, or your organization, possess the copyright to any such image or sound file and be able to prove such a claim, please contact the webmaster at your earliest convenience. Use of this material is not intended as a copyright infringement on any of the artist or any other entity's copyrighted material. If you hold copyright to any material contained on this site and wish its removal or its recognition, please contact the webmaster. Provide legal proof of your right to demand removal. If verified, material will be removed immediately or the owner given recognition on this site.

Many items in this archive do not contain individual copyright notices. The lack of a notice does not necessarily mean that the work is not protected by copyright law, and items which are found to be copyrighted should not be used without the permission of its owners.

In using any items on this website, you acknowledge that the owner of this website is not responsible for the use of materials on this domain. All information on this Domain website is provided as a free public service, and is being presented as such, with no payment required (nor implied) to view or use any items.

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